3 simple ways for adding character to kids bedroom

Small but light and airy, this all in pastel shared girls bedroom is super functional and so pretty

When I was redoing my girls shared bedroom, I was sure I wanted their furniture and wall colour to be neutral and calm, so I wouldn’t have to redecorate and change the furniture anytime soon. I decided for all white classical style, thinking of it as my first layer of decoration, the layer that’s there to stay. But then, as much as neutrals are gorgeous, I felt like my girls room needed some fun accessories for this extra punch of character!
So here’s when I decided to add colours, and of course accessories.

adding character to kids bedroom

Because when you need to add character to your child’s bedroom, here’s all you have to do:

1. Choose a colour palette.

Decide on 3 to 5 colours that you’ll be repeating in bedding, prints, pillows and rugs.
My pallet for my girls room is white, pastel yellow, mint, pastel blue and coral.

2. Get cute pillows.

Instead of investing in pricey bedding that you’ll be stuck with once your kid will get bored, get some simple and neutral bedding and accessorize it with cute and fun pillows!

I found mine at Two Little Tadpoles, and my daughters love them! They’re extremely soft, and they add the whimsical touch that this room needed!

3. Let the prints make a statement.

Instead of painting your kids room in flashy colors (that are more likely to annoy you after awhile) choose a neutral wall color and hang lots of fun and colorful prints ! I got mine on Pinterest, all for free! (you can check them here)

adding character to kids bedroom


And if you’d ask my girls what is it that they like the most about their bedroom, they’d probably say that they love falling asleep in the same room. And waking up to cloud pillow fights!


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  1. I stumbled upon your post and I love it! Your color palette and decor is spot on! I do prints in the same style. Love to follow you!❤

  2. hi i’d love to know where the blue/pale blue/choral/gold tassle wall hanging is from? Am looking for one just like it! Thx!

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