Joanna Anastasia

fast no cook summer dinner tacos

fast no cook summer dinner tacos

It’s extremely hot in Montréal, and all I want to do is to crawl next to AC and stay there.I definitely don’t feel like cooking , more like ordering or just not eating at all.But there is hubby, and la petite who do needs to eat.So i was looking for an inspiration of no cook summer meals, and I decided that even BBQ is too much heat to stand.But mixing some veggies and rolling in the pita bread is easy, generates no heat, and with cilantro and lime is yummy and soo refreshing!

Cherry tomatoes
Yellow sweet peppers
Cheddar cheese
Olive oil
Lime juice
Pita bread

Cut It.Mix it.Add Olive oil, salt and lime juice. Spread some hummus. Add veggies. Enjoy.

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