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Vintage fall mantel decor

I’m not sure I have ever mentioned it before but ever since moving to Canada from Poland over a decade ago my favorite season became fall and not summer as it used to be – and now I’ll sound like every other immigrant but summer is really different back where I’m from. Let’s just say less heat waves and more summer breeze! But fall in Canada- now that’s the most beautiful season of all! Unlike fall in central Europe- that’s mostly of rain and more rain- here fall is beautiful, sunny and crisp! And so, I love fall most of all! And I guess that’s why decorating for fall is so fun- it’s the season for cozying up at home but also a season for enjoying the nature ( without sweat!) .

And when I stumbled upon this poem by Emily Brontë I thought it portraits perfectly well that cozy nostalgic feeling I was going for in my decor!

Emily Brontë

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night’s decay
Ushers in a drearier day.

And I so this year that vintage fall vibe has been my main inspiration- vintage finds, moody art natural elements- all that you can find in my vintage fall mantel decor that I’m sharing among twenty other talented decor bloggers!

( Make sure to go check their inspirations and ideas- I left you link below!)

Also, ever since I painted our mantel dark last month I think it looks even more cozy now- perfect for hygge months ahead! And now make sure to see what my blogging friends have been up to!

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Kitchen before and after on a budget

When we first moved here last year the kitchen was what has drawn me in to this home- and what was first on my makeover to do list! While it was renovated recently and the size of it was perfect for our family of five, some finishes where just very not me. The yellow bamboo island countertop, the lack of open shelves and most importantly the old 80ties floor tiles where on top of “annoying” list. But while I was sure I wanted to get rid of all of them and add more character to our kitchen- my budget was very limited!

I started by painting the counter top with White Appliance Epoxy Paint that still holds great after almost 6 months of everyday use! Then we took down some of the cupboards and installed simple diy shelves, and I changed the hardware from simple black to more elegant gold ones. I also painted the kitchen island with Country Chic Paint with a custom mix of Dune Grass and Crinoline- a perfect seaglass shade in my opinion!

But the worst of all was the floor- impossible to clean properly, rough on the mosaic edges and not my style. And that tile floor was all over the kitchen and dining room area- since it’s the open space we have here it felt like it was the main characteristic of the house! But after checking in with the local contractor and realizing that it would cost well over 3K to have it done by him- plus the materials- we decided to tackle it on our own!

Here’s the before:

However even though we decided to do it on our own we didn’t want to remove the entire tile floor, because first it would take eternity to diy and second it’s a very complicated and messy process if you do it alone! So we needed a floor that could easily go over the existing old tiles, that would be water resistant and that would look like wood – I’m a sucker for wood flooring in the kitchen and I was dreaming about white cabinets and wood floors for years now!

We decided to opt for the Rigid Core Engineered SPC Vinyl Plank in Toffee from Golden Select – as I have seen some of my friends also use it in their homes. It’s fully water-resistant and so it’s perfect for kitchens- and the rigid core of the slats gives high durability and resistance against scratches and dents so it’s perfect for a home full of kids and pets like ours! And best thing is that you can lay it directly over existing floor!


As you see right next to the kitchen island is the rest of our open space and the dining area. I just love how the wood floor is grounding the space now and how white furniture pops now! It took my hubby and his dad less than two days to put it up, and they both said it was the easiest floor to put ever. And I justI love how easy it is to clean and how beautifully it looksnow!

I can’t wait to put it up in the hallway that’s leading to this space now- it’s such a beautiful shade and finish that I could seriously have it all over my home. And it’s a budget friendly option ( available at Costco!). So stay tuned for the entryway reveal in a month or so!

Disclaimer- this post was brought to you by Golden Select, but all opinions,enthusiasm and judgment are entirely my own!

Whimsical & magical bedroom reveal

It’s the final week of One Room Challenge and I’m so happy to show you how I transformed my daughters bedroom!

When we first moved here 10 months ago this room was painted dark brown, had old stained carpet and looked really really sad. So the first step of making it inviting was putting vinyl flooring and painting it creamy white. I then hang her gallery wall and got her the princess canopy over her old bed. I new I wanted to make it more interesting with wallpaper at some point, but since the entire house needed attention I just made her those heart decals back in the winter and called it a day. So her room was ok- cute and she liked it but but it was very unorganized and messy. And, since our house is surrounded by trees and her room is facing north it was still a very dark space to be in. If you have a shady room you can either try to lighten it up, or embrace it by adding more colour and pattern.. So this May I decided to do the latter! ORC have been a perfect motivation to finally finish it as I intended form the start, and to organize it so it can accommodate her toys, art supply and clothes. And to make it a bit cuter too!

Let me show you how it looks now! :

Another thing my little Rose asked for where COLOURS! And while at first I suggested her a pastel rainbow themed room ( all giddy with the prospect of painting a diy rainbow you see!) she said not that. What my little creative spirit had in mind was a magical colourful room full of fairies. At first I was a bit startled but then I seen that as a perfect challenge- colorful but not too overwhelming, magical but not too princessy, whimsy but being able to grow up with her- challenge accepted! So with that in mind I decided to get creative with colours and patterns! And I must say, we both love it so much now!

So I got the most whimsical wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct– and that was what have set the tone in the entire room. When choosing wallpaper I gathered my favourites ( you can see them here) and presented them to my daughter- she felt head over heels for these whimsical fairies, and that’s how our colour pallet got decided upon!

Then I reached out to my favorite furniture paint brand, Country Chic Paint,and they kindly agreed on partnering with me for this makeover. I used Sage Advice to paint over the Ikea wardrobe and the shelf over the desk, and I mixed Cricoline and Oh La La for the custom pink shade for the old wood bed I found one the side of the street 2 year ago! I just love how painted furniture and the wallpaper look together now!

However the item that really pulled this big shady room together is the rug from Mohawk Home. I just love how soft and luxurious it feels, and how amazingly it holds in place thanks to the rug pad. And the colours and design on this rug are just beyond! It looks as it was meant to be in this room!

And while we kept a lot of her things here- the idea was to update her room not to get everything new- I did add a couple of new decor pieces that really set the tone now!

First, I found the cutest daisy pillow and a pompon basket in my new favorite local boutique Fillettes et fiston – the sweetest addition according to my daughter!

Then, I got the Unicorn alphabet print from Lorna Freytag– with personalized colors so it would fit the wallpaper!

While we still need to add art supplies to her desk shelf, I’m so happy with how this room turned out- her toys are all neatly organized inside of the green wardrobe, she has the softest rug to play on the floor now and as she says, the room just feels magical!

Thank you to my sponsors for helping me putting this vision to life:

Wallpaper Direct– wallpaper

Country Chic Paint– furniture paint

Mohawk Home– rug and rug pad

Fillettes et Fiston– accessories

Lorna.Freytag– print

Other resources for accessories in this room:

PeppyLu – ballerina basket

Urban outfitters- floor pillows

HM-Unicorn head

Patio summer tour – 5 tips how to decorate outdoor space

Welcome in our outdoor space! I’m so excited to show you our patio this year- as you might remember we moved from our old house last september and this space is one I haven’t shared with you before!

One of the reasons why we decided to move here was the surroundings of our home. The huge mature trees make me feel as if we’d live in the middle of the forest and the pine trees in our backyard make me think of vacation by the sea back in Poland. I just love to sit here in the morning with my coffee, before it gets too hot admiring the trees and looking at kids playing in the backyard.

However we haven’t really updated this space since moving in. The deck needs a painting job and wood needs to be replaced in a couple of spots- I would also love to add a pergola or a mini outdoor bar – or both! But despite what I’m envisioning for the future, for now it’s a double deck with a lovely view, perfect for our family. And since my mantra is to love the house you live in now despite the imperfections, I wanted to share with you how to make even an older deck a lovely place to spend time!

5 tips to decorate an outdoor space

  1. Create different seating areas – creating different zones makes any spaces more interesting and inviting! We have a dining zone and lounging one- and even though the second one is still a work in progress it creates a cozy feeling and gives us extra space to sit with a book and a coffee.
  2. Add outdoor textiles. Just like inside of your home throw pillows and blankets create a sense of comfort and coziness- textiles will make your patio look more inviting and comfy too!
  3. Mix and match. What makes any space look more interesting is the collected look- same applies for outdoor spaces! Plus by mixing and matching you can score better deals on outdoor pieces!
  4. Bring the indoor plants outside. I used to get new potted plants every year for the summer until I realized that they won’t ever live through the winter ( I tried to save them so many times!) and that I’m basically throwing money away. Now except of fresh herbs and one floral arrangement at my front door I don’t spend money on potted plants- instead I bring my indoor plants out for the summer months- which makes the plants happy and my wallet too!
  5. Add little decor pieces. Just like inside accessories make the vibe of your space. So think fun planters, stone sculptures and outdoor candles and lanterns!

I could also add that placing an outdoor rug underneath a table will make your space instantly stylish! Except if you’re a parent to young kids- adding any rug underneath a table with kids around will only add cleaning to your list- hence, no rug on my patio underneath the table!

And if you’re looking for more ideas and tips for outdoor spaces make sure to check what my friends have shared!

This week I’m joining some of my talented blogging friends for the Summer Seasonal Simplicity Series: Outdoor Spaces Tours! Be sure to check out all of the beautiful inspiration by visiting the links under the images below.


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Family photo gallery wall hack

If you have been here for awhile now you know I love gallery walls- in our old house we had a ton of them! But even though I can mix and match frames and prints like my life depends on it I’m hopeless when it comes to making a family photo gallery wall. Not that I haven’t tried- when my first daughter was one I printed out 3 of my favorite pics and put them in frames- but the quality wasn’t amazing, and the size of photos in the frames was totally off. And while I love making photos and I love making photo books, the action of printing the right size of photos. making sure the quality is good for the size and then finding the right frames was just a bit beyond me.

But a couple of weeks ago Best Canvas reached out to me to see if I’d like to test their products- and you know I jumped on the occasion! Because yes I do have a ton of my favorite family pics- I just never got to hang them!

And this gallery wall was the easiest ever to make- it actually feels like a photo gallery hack! I uploaded my favourite photos. Choose between canvas prints or framed photos. Then I choose my frame colours. They got shipped to my doorstep printed and ready to be hang! And that’s it!

And I just love how our dark upstairs hallway looks right now! Before it was just a blah space between our bedrooms and the kids bathroom that we’d pass in a rush- and now it’s a lovely spot with framed pictures, filled with memories and love that we linger around when passing through!

Disclosure- I have been gifted this gallery wall by Best Canvas – however my love for it and enthusiasm are entirely my own! And if you’d like a family gallery wall too, you can use my code JoannaAnastasia15 for 15% off canvas prints – to use on top of their existing sales!

Cottage summer decorating – 2021 home tour

Welcome to my summer home tour! It’s finally the summer home tour week, and I’m already blown away with all the beautiful homes shared by my friends! If you’re coming here from Lucy at Craftberry Bush, welcome, I’m so happy you’re here!

Now before we start, grab yourself an iced coffee and remember- my home is not always clean, there are currently two messy offices ( mine and my hubby’s ) not shown in the tour and kids rooms are a disaster as always! I just figured you should know 🙂

I painted our front door last year for winter and to be honest I have already bought yellow paint to switch it up for the summer- but with all the renovations we have been doing and the ORC it simply got pushed away. I still love red though so who knows maybe it’ll actually stay that way a little bit longer? Though I did update an old wreath with some yellow & pink flowers and a Cricut made “Welcome” sign! It makes me smile every single time now!

Our kitchen, dining room and living room are actually one open space – so let’s start with the kitchen and dining area shall we?

Our dining table is right in the middle, with doors leading on to the patio on one side, and my floral hutch on the other. I’m pretty obsessed with ceramics, mugs and china so this hutch is one of my favourite things in here- and feels so summery now!

I made this ” pick your own strawberries” sign two weeks ago for my kitchen with my Cricut, added some fresh flowers and took out my favourite floral dishware- little summery updates that feel so fresh!

And the biggest change happened in our living room! I have always dreamed about a white sofa so when Cozy have asked me if I’d like to test their new ship-in-the-box sofa I jumped on the occasion! I always loved living rooms with two sofas side by side, and now it just looks so cozy and comfy in here! And honestly, this sofa is so comfy and was a breeze to put together!

Disclaimer – I received this sofa as a gift, but my enthusiasm and opinions are completely my own!

As you can see I decided to style this space with mostly coastal vibes – I really miss the sea, and there’s no beach vacation in my near future so at least these cool breezy vibes here make up for it! With white and blue colour scheme, coastal art, and lot’s of flowers and plants this calm space feel like vacation – but at home! And the new white sofa is my new favourite spot for sipping iced coffee in the morning while my toddler plays and the nautical inspired mantel is my little girlies favourite feature!

I painted this sea scene on my mantel and added a piece of framed nautical wallpaper and a little diy wreath- I feel it adds just the right dose of interest to the room now!

And then if we go to our bedroom you’ll see that I found a perfect thrift find for above my bed- because here to I went for subtil coastal vibes- with blue throw pillows it feels perfect for summer!

And here are some simple ideas that you can implement in your home for a fresh summer decor:

  1. Paint your front door a fresh new colour
  2. Decide on a new colour palette for your living room- pillows and textiles are a great way to change a vibe of a room! Blue and white, green and pink, or simply white for summer are always a great choice!
  3. Add a summer sign to your kitchen or living space
  4. Switch up decorative pillows and throws in your bedroom
  5. Look for nautical art in thrift store
  6. Buy fresh flowers
  7. Display colorful mugs and plates in your kitchen
  8. Add some new potted plants
  9. Upcycle an old wreath
  10. Add floral wallpaper in an unexpected place

With all that I hope I have inspired you to add some fresh summer touches to your home too! Because loving a home and making it ours shouldn’t wait for the time when all the renovations are done, kids have grown, and everything is perfect- the time is now, and you deserve to live in a home that makes you smile and feel happy! And now, enjoy the tour of Willow Street Interiors, Laura has a gorgeous home that I’m sure you’ll love! And make sure to see the other beautiful home tours too!

This week I’m joining some of my talented blogging friends for the Summer Seasonal Simplicity Home Tour Series! Each day from Monday through Thursday six bloggers are sharing part of their homes all ready for summer. Be sure to enjoy all of the beautiful inspiration for adding a little summer to your home by visiting the links under the images below.

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