Cozy colorful holiday home tour- how to decorate your home with thrifted and hand made pieces

Welcome to my colorful and full of thrifted finds holiday home tour! This year I decided to use only what I already had and to put my thrifted finds in the center of my holiday decor!

This year I decided- no more big stores trips for me. I’m done with supporting big CEO’s and their yachts- I want to support my local community instead. And thrifting locally is a great way to do exactly that! Also, thrifting is not only better for my pocket and let’s me stay on the budget- it’s also much better for the planet as we stop creating more waste- and we reuse what others bought before us. And in the end I always end up with more original finds than anywhere else!

And now, welcome to my home!

My front door is decorated with a faux greenery and a handmade wreath I made out of a thrifted wreath base and dollar store items- and the vintage santas where thrifted last spring! Spring and summer are great for finding amazing bargains on holiday decor!

Let me guide you to the heart of the home now- my kitchen.

My kitchen this year is very colorful as I painted it yellow in the summer but kept the island light pink. I decided to add red and green accents for the holidays and with the more is more attitude I decided to decorate it with mostly thrifted glasses and kitchenware – and my santa mugs collection of course! And with the hot chocolate station on the island it definitely feels very festive don’t you think?

On the other side of my kitchen there’s our family table right in the middle of our open space – this year it’s dressed with faux greenery and chipped vintage chairs- the chairs where a find of the side of the road- the greenery was thrifted- and the table was painted white earlier this year!

My living room this year is a mix of greenery and pops of color. We dressed our tree in thrifted vintage glass ornaments and lot’s of handmade decorations- paper chains and ornaments that my kids made over the years. I switched art prints too for winter themed prints and pillows for the white green and red ones- but if you’ll look close one pillow cover is actually a thrifted colorful sweater!

My kids rooms have tiny trees next to their beds- they love falling asleep with twinkle lights during the holiday season- and I must say it motivates them more to keep their rooms tidy!

In my own bedroom I keep a tree next to my bed- I know I know, it’s a bit over the top but I struggle with seasonal mood disorder- and the soft glow of the tree makes me feel so much better! This year I dressed my tree with thrifted glass ornaments and dollar store faux flowers- and I must say I love the floral holiday vibe!

If you’d come visit me you’d come and leave by the front entry- its’ covered with bold blue wallpaper so I decided to add colorful and unconventional decor here. I made this white fluffy tree two years ago with a thrifted metal tree base – I simply rolled white yarn around it and glued on some pompoms!

From here you can have a sneak in to my craftoffice- I decorated my mantle with my collection of thrifted teapots and some mini trees- plus a pom pom garland- and I think it gives the perfect british eccentric vibes don’t you think?

5 tips for decorating your home with colour and thrifted finds

  1. Don’t be afraid of colour– paint the front door, paint the mantle, paint your kitchen island- you don’t need to paint your walls to have a colourful home- permanent colour in your home will be the base that will make your holiday decor pop!
  2. Thrift for the holidays in the spring and during the summer months- this is the time when you might find the best treasures for lowest prices.
  3. Start a holiday collection – it could be mugs, plates, old prints, tin cans or maybe santa figurines- anything that is grouped together always makes a bigger impact, and thrifting over the years for items of a collection brings great satisfaction- much bigger than buying stuff in target!
  4. Think outside the holiday box– the mantle in my office is decorated with mostly teapots- the one in my living room with mostly plants and art- holiday decor doesn’t need to be the main meal- it can be the cherry on top!
  5. Transform– thrifting is great to find items to transform- like my front door wreath, the fluffy tree in my entryway or a pillow cover I made off a sweater- go thrifting with some craft ideas and I bet you’ll find what you need!

I hope you enjoyed my home tour and my thrifting holiday tips!

Now make sure to check my friends fabulous ideas for more thrifting inspiration- they have a ton of fabulous ideas and hacks!:

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  1. Love your colorful vintage decor Joanna, it’s all so inspiring. Thanks so much for joining us this year for “Thrifting with the Gals.”! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your home is amazing. I love it. In fact, I love your checkerboard rug so much that I added one to my cart while reading your post. Thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas.

  3. Your account is new to me so looking through this tour had me smiling from ear to ear. Pink is my favorite color so the pink island in the kitchen, the pink lampshade, the pink tree in your bedroom, and on and on were exhilarating! I can’t imagine having a sad day anywhere in that house. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, and btw, I love how you put you are over – supporting big CEO’s and their yachts. I’m with you!

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