How To Design A Tropical Inspired contemporary Family Room- 3 Easy Steps

 Today I want to show you how to add a big color punch to your home- without it being “too much” and how to add a tropical vibe to a contemporary room. Also I’m going to share three easy steps that will help you transform any space into a tropical yet contemporary space of your own!

The family living here are your typical second generation of immigrants dad married to an immigrant mom- working hard, teaching their kids their native language and renovating on the weekends the fixer upper they got four years ago. She was working in the front lines during the entire time of pandemics too and so I think they where really deserving to get this makeover- and let me tell you – they where really grateful !

This transformation wouldn’t be possible without our amazing sponsors – Cozey, Decor Veronneau and Wallpaper Direct!

Now let me show you the before!

As you see this family room was very normal- they have just put in new flooring and the room was already painted a fresh white- but the old sofa and the ikea kallax where not doing nothing for atmosphere in here. They really like contemporary style and clean lines though so they wanted to keep this space simple- but interesting.

When I was designing this space the number one aspect was function- everything needs to be easy to clean as this is a family room right off the kitchen. And then it’s the vibe- the parents wanted to feel more energy and they wanted this room to be happy and kid friendly. So I decided to start with a modern colorful sofa from a local brand- Cozey- it’s from their new the atmosphere collection – it’s a modular sofa that you can design to fit your exact needs!

And here’s the after:

Or as I should clarify, one of the possible afters since the sofa I chose for this room is a modular sofa from Cozey that can be arranged and rearranged again- and with two different colours of washable covers this modular sofa can become a settee with two chairs and a pouf, a huge family friendly sectional, a chair and a sofa- so many possibilities with only one piece of furniture!

This sofa has 9 different colors to choose from– so I decided to give this family two different looks- for two different moods- one with the big bold cheerful splash of yellow- and one more neutral.

And remember- pillows are a must for a cozy comfy space! And I love that Cozey has all these bundles of pillows and throws – so it’s easy to mix and match and make your room extra cozy! I choose pillows that are really textured and add yet another layer of visual interest to the room.

The wallpaper is called Banana Palm, and it’s from Wallpaper Direct– I just love how it’s graphic and contemporary- and it looks so fun and cheerful with the yellow sofa- but once you switch the covers on the sofa to creamy white then all of a sudden with the wallpaper you have these organic modern vibes! 

And as for this magnificent tropical tree- I opted for a beautiful faux plant from Decors Veronneau – with a busy family life faux plants are a great solution as they always look amazing and require no work at all- and kids can’t never destroy them either!

And since this family needed lots of storage space for all the games, books and toys- this modern piece underneath the tv was perfect for all that. It’s called Stella media unit and it’s also from Cozey! I love how a touch of wood adds some warmth to the space- and since it’s modular it can also be transformed in to a smaller media unit and a coffee table!

So my number one tip for creating a space that will always fit your family needs is to choose modular furniture with switchable & washable covers!

That way you can change the seating arrangement, make more space for dance parties and play if needed, add more seating in front of the tv or rearrange it all for a holiday family gathering!

So here’s how you too can Design A Tropical Inspired contemporary Family Room– 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Opt for modular furniture
  2. Add interest with a tropical inspired wallpaper
  3. Decorate with tropical plants and rattan

I hope you enjoyed seeing this family room transformation! It was such a pleasure to be able to gift this makeover!

Here are the resources:

Modular sofa- Cozey

Modular media unit/coffee table- Cozey

Wallpaper- Wallpaper Direct

Fau plants- Decors Veronneau

Rug- Ruggable

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