Perfect mom bag

Are you looking for a perfect diaper bag, that'll fit all that you need, and won'y look as a diaper bag? Well, this is it!

I was looking a long time for a perfect mom bag. The type to fit it all : endless snacks,wipes , change of clothes for my both daughters, water bottle and a sippy cup, a couple of toys for a long car drive and my own belongings of course!

My girls are out of diapers now, but as a mom of young kids, I still need a diaper bag to be honest. It’s just that I didn’t rally want to carry my old and stained diaper bag anymore! I needed a chic version of a diaper bag, something that wouldn’t get me the I’m-sorry-you-lost-your-style-when-becoming-a-mom look! But as you might already know, it’s really difficult to find a bag that’s both practical and pretty!

perfect mom bag

And then I found this one. Newlie diaper bag. It’s big enough to fit it all. It comes with a little changing pad, it has a pocket to keep the snacks cool, and two bottle holders! It’s basically a perfect diaper bag in disguise!

perfect mom bag

This summer I was carrying my Newlie diaper bag everywhere with me. And here’s what I’ve learned:

1. A perfect mom bag is more then a simple diaper bag.
One bag that works both for raspberry picking, restaurant outings and road trips. Perfect for both the baby essentials as bigger kids things. Looking like a perfect accessory and yet practically fitting all the things. It’s more of a life saver if you ask me!

perfect mom bag

2. Organizing mom essentials.
A place for a changing pad? Yes. Snacks stored in a coller-type pocket? Yes. Bottle holders? Yes! Zipped pockets? Yes and Yes!

perfect mom bag

3. A place for everything.
I think we can all relate- a crying baby or a screaming toddler in one hand, and a messy bag full of things where you can’t find nothing when you need it, right? Well, honestly I’ve just learned it doesn’t have to be that way!

So now, even though I’m definitely not a fashionista, I kind of feel like a pretty well organized chic-mom!

perfect mom bag

And if you happen to be a Canadian resident, you can now find these bags at ChaptersIndigo.

Disclosure:I received this product free for review, all opinions remain my own!

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