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Winter gallery wall

winter gallery wall

I strongly believe that Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be over the top expensive nor difficult! And I think that one of the easiest ways to add interest to any room, is by simply adding some new and fresh prints to the gallery wall and transforming it in to a winter gallery wall! And I really love it when not only the textures, pillows and accessories change with seasons, but also these visuals, prints and wall decorations. And so for me Christmas decorating means not only dressing up our small Christmas tree, but also updating my gallery wall.

Honestly, visuals in the room are almost as important for me as the furniture themselves, since they can add the vibe and the atmosphere to the space like nothing else really. They can transform a boring and uninteresting wall in to a stunning and inspiring one, and best part, is that it’s so much cheaper to change prints then furniture!

But of course, since I don’t poses unlimited decorating funds, I had to find a way to make these gallery wall changes affordable, and easy.

winter gallery wall

winter gallery wall

So I came up with some simple, and mostly free ways to change your gallery wall and make a winter gallery wall like I did! Including a free to download, calligraphy style printable, ” Baby it’s cold outside” ( do you know this Christmas classic song? It’s one of my favorites!). And there’s even one surprise print in french!

You can read my step by step guide and get the printables by visiting your Hello Holiday Christmas guide! Just click on the “free printable” on the page 10! It’ll take you directly to it!

And if you’re looking for more festive ideas, simple DIY projects and decor inspirations, I’m sure you’ll find them all you need in our guide! Happy festive preparations!

Easy DIY advent calendar

This easy DIY advent calendar is a great way of adding some festive cheer to your everyday! Come grab a free printable to make your own easy advent calendar

I always wanted to make my own advent calendar. I loved the idea of counting down to Christmas with kids, of building up the excitement and adding a bit of magic do dark and cold winter mornings. But I couldn’t imagine myself sewing up 24 little bags or buying a ton of small and useless toys. I needed an easy DIY advent calendar idea. So when I figured out how to make this easy advent calendar, I new I needed to share it with you!

Because I really think that counting down to Christmas, one day at a time, is one of the best joys of childhood, and one of the pleasures of motherhood. And looking at my kids exited faces in the morning is what I love the most during the holiday season!

And now, it’s not surprising that getting the advent calendar out off the living room coffee table, is one of our very favorite family traditions! Every day of December, in the early morning, my two daughters will be getting up all exited and will wake me up, begging to finally go downstairs and see the advent calendar. Some days they’ll find candy (just don’t tell them it’s their Halloween leftover candy!) and some days they’ll find stickers, temporary tattoos, or tiny little figurines.

Honestly I don’t think it really matters what they find , as the magic lays in anticipation and surprise! And so, thanks to the advent calendar, the excitement for Xmas builds up gradually. And their huge smiles brighten my dark December mornings, as we go downstairs to count the days left until Xmas!

So this year I made this printable that you too can use to make your own easy DIY advent calendar!

easy DIY advent calendar , and a free printable

You can find the full detailed tutorial as well as the printable to download at home, in our Hello Holiday Guide, here!

And I think that for kids the magic of Christmas lays in the little things, in time they spend with family and in the excitement and preparation! So don’t worry if you don’t have time to do all the Christmas activities from Pinterest, and bake all the cookies and prepare Elf on the shelf, because sometimes what kids will remember the most are the little family rituals like this one. Happy holidays!

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