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Pumpkin cheesecake brownies


pumpkin cheesecake brownies

Like every fall, pumpkin spice everything takes over the world, and I couldn’t help but share this amazing Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownie recipe with you, along side a group of my favorite blogging friends! From pull apart pumpkin cinnamon rolls, to a healthy pumpkin spice snack, we got you covered! You’ll find all the recipes at the end of this post!

Coming back to my Pumpkin cheesecake brownies: they have been on repeat in here since late summer! It’s a perfect dessert for both pumpkin-everything-lovers, as the more reserved, only falling for chocolate types ( like my younger daughter).

Also, and that’s a big plus in my opinion, it’s super easy recipe, that you can whip up on a weekday afternoon! Even with kids around! Actually, let them help! And by help, I mean let them lick all the spoons!

pumpkin cheesecake brownies

What you’ll need:

  • brownie base ( you can do your brownies from scratch using your favourite recipe, or make a box brownies, like I did! ) 
  • 2/3 cup pumpkin pie filling 
  • 1 egg
  • 2 packages of cream cheese
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1\4 cup chocolate chips 

Prepare a brownie base, don’t bake it yet.

Mix the soften cream cheese with pumpkin pie filling, brown sugar and one egg. Mix it all together well, and pour over the brownie base. Now bake for around 35 to 45 minuets on 350F. Don’t over bake!

Once the Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownie is cooled down, melt your chocolate chips, and pour them over ; I usually use a small zip bag with a tiny hole, to get a thin layer.

Serve and enjoy! Jut be carful not to eat them all at once! They disappear very fast!

pumpkin cheesecake brownies

pumpkin cheesecake brownies

pumpkin cheesecake brownies

And now, grab yourself a nice cup of pumpkin spice latte and go check these amazing recipes freshly posted by my dear friends! I can’t wait to try these pumpkin and ricotta stiffed shells and the French toast over the weekend! Not to mention the Pumpkin cinnamon rolls!

amazing pumpkin recipes round up!

Here are 6 more delicious pumpkin recipes!

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Keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

And just like that the days are getting shorter, and the weather colder. The leaves are falling and my kids are beyond exited with Christmas approaching. And my older daughter keeps on reminding me that soon we’ll have snow and that she just. Can’t . Wait!
And that makes me worry about the cold, and about them not getting sick again (it might be obsessive. Please don’t judge me!)

But after last two cold and long winters, I did found ways to keep them warm on the days when my kids spend more time playing in cooler weather.

My plan for the days of playing outside during fall and winter:

1.Starting their day with a warm beverage.

While I was growing up in Poland I would always drink hot fruit herbal tea ( made from dried fruits) and this is what my girls love. But they also love to start the cold days with hot chocolate!

2. Dress them in layers.

Instead of one big polyester pull, that doesn’t really breathe, I go for a couple of layers. It’s just so much easier to control their body temperature that way.

3. Look for natural fibers while shopping for kids.

I like to choose cotton for layers touching body, and merino wool for the layers that are keeping them warm . Add then depending from how cold it really is, I’ll either add a wind/rain coat, or a real snowsuit for kids.

4. Cook soups that kids will like to warm them once they’re back home.

Nothing warms up as a bowl of soup, and if you can sneak in some veggies and a bit of garlic, ginger or turmeric, then for sure your children will warm up and stay healthy!

So this is what I learned after getting through many Canadian winters, and this is what works best for my kids. So this year, I decided to get some new merino clothing for my growing daughters. Because if there’s something that’s essential for cold Canadian weather, it’s merino wool.

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

I just love how Lili feels in her soft pink hoodie. It’s her go to piece, perfect for her kindergarten days when they play in the yard, and for long walks with me in the park. It’s perfect for playing outside in the fall leaves. And it’s so pretty and soft!

As for Rose, I got her a simple and cozy gray merino sweater,that looks great with everything. So I don’t have to worry if she’s warm or freezing. I know she’s good. And she just loves her pockets!

Oh and of course these girls love matching, so they got the same (one size really fits all) super warm and soft merino beanies.

What I love about merino it’s that it’s a natural fiber, keeping kids warm like nothing else. But it’s also evacuating the heat better then any other fabric, so your kids are always warm but never too hot!

It has really been a while now that I love Luvmother. Their products are designed locally, and outsourced ethically, they’re pretty in every little detail and really made to last. And with great quality comes great comfort!

And so, this fall and winter I’ll be feeding my kids lots of soups, and dressing them in merino layers. Because I’m sure they’ll stay warm and cozy that way.

keeping kids warm

Disclosure : This post was brought to you by Luvmother, all opinions remain entirely my own.

Staying healthy this fall

stay healthy this fall

Every year, fall comes and so does the flu and cold. Every year it’s the same story of a very sick family and a mom who just can’t handle it anymore. Since my kids go to daycare three times a week, they do play with other kids, and then they get sick. They stay sick for a week, and then I get really sick. For at least three weeks or so. And we all know that when the mom get’s sick, then the home turns in to chaos, and nothing get’s done, right? So this year I decided that it’s about time that I’d try something different to actually stay healthy. Because I just can’t have the same fall as last year, and two years ago! I’m way to busy for that, and my kids really need me to be there for them!

That’s why I decided to try the ColdQ this fall. What I like about it, is that it’s all natural and herbal , and it’s an oral spray ( so it’s really easy to use on the go!). It’s made to attack the cold and flu virus at the very firs sings of symptoms and it’s also free of pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, and is non-GMO ! So in my books, that’s a huge win!

And since its formula has antiviral and immune boosting properties, it actually can be used as a part of a fall routine in order to avoid getting sick all together! You just have to spray it at the back of the throat, right at where the germs and viruses are!

So I decided to keep one in my living room for now, to use it daily in the afternoon, and when I work. Since I’m a rather busy mom I tend to really forget about myself, so keeping ColdQ where I can see it is actually the only way for me to remember about it!

And I also have another ColdQ is in my bedroom, so I never forget about it in the evening. I really believe that prevention is the most important and effective way to stay healthy, so this fall that’s what I’m all about.

stay healthy this fall

stay healthy this fall

stay healthy this fall

There’s this proverb that I love : ” He who has health has hope, and who has hope has everything”. So this fall, I plan on having everything!

stay healthy this fall

stay healthy this fall

Disclosure: This article is brought to you by Cold Q. All opinions are my own and based on my own experience.

Roasted pepper and peanut squash soup

This roasted pepper and peanut squash soup is so easy to make, so healthy and so full of flavor! It's my new family favorite! #soup #healthy

I think that making soups is one of the best things about cooking in the fall. And squash soups are my absolute favorite! Honestly, this roasted pepper and peanut squash soup is my new busy week time saver!

Today I tried a new squash, the Delicata squash, called also the peanut squash. It’s sweeter then other squashes, and paired with roasted red peppers tastes amazing! And this is such a great recipe for one of those busy evenings! Because while the peppers are roasting, I cut the squash, and while the soup is simmering, I have time to take care of other things, like read to my daughters!

And while I like my soups hot and spicy, my kids prefer them just warm enough and mild. So with this soup I leave all the fixings on the table, so everyone can spice it as they wish! My kids pick a bit of cumin seeds and a bit of crumbled feta, while I add lots and lots of cumin, some grounded ginger and lot’s of Sriracha souse! And my hubby loves adding some fresh cilantro and bit of cream.

What you’ll need:

– 3 red bell peppers

– 1 carrot

– 1 medium peanut squash

– 1 litter of organic chicken broth

– olive oil


– cumin seeds

– Sriracha souse

– fresh cilantro

– cream

– crumbled feta

Cut the bell peppers in big slices, the carrot in a couple of pieces,add a drop of olive oil and let it roast on 400F for around 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile cut your squash in cubes. Put it in the pot with chicken broth, and cook until soft. Add roasted peppers and carrot, and mix it all together with a hand mixer. Let it simmer all together for a couple of minutes before serving.

roasted pepper and peanut squash soup

You can either add spices in a pot, or let everyone choose how they want it, sweet or spicy. here are my best tried and tested ways of adding more taste:

1. Add some cream and garlic croutons.

2. Add cumin seeds, cilantro and Sriracha.

3. Add some crumbled feta.

Or simply enjoy it as it is, sweet and comforting!

roasted pepper and peanut squash soup

Make sure to make a double batch and freeze half, as I’m sure you’ll love finding this roasted pepper and peanut squash soup, ready to serve on one of these busy weeknight evenings!

Apple crumble coffee cake

this is hands down the best fall desert ever! Such an amazing cake, full of flavor, and smelling amazing too! #fall, #apple #coffeecake

If there where only one apple cake recipe I’d have to choose it would be this apple crumble coffee cake! It’s super moist, chock-full of walnuts and apple chunks, and generously finished with lovely crunchy oat crumble. And it’s a baking hack!

You see, when I was growing up in Poland, my grandmother used to bake this apple cake called “Sharlotka” or Charlotte, that would look and taste exactly like this cake here. Except that it would take her much more time to prepare!

And if you now me a bit, then you know that I really enjoy baking from scratch. It’s just that sometimes life, aka kids and work get between me and my hobby, and turn me towards a box cake!

Yes, I used a box cake to whip up this amazing cake, and I’m not afraid to admit it! And you too can prepare this cake in less than 10 minutes!

apple crumble coffee cake

What you’ll need:

For the cake layer:

– 1 yellow box cake ( replace oil for melted butter and water for milk, quantities like on the box)

For the apple layer:

– 3 big apples cut in chunks
– 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
– 1 tablespoon brown sugar
– 1 tablespoon cinnamon

For the crumble:

– 1 cup quick oats
– 1/2 cup flour
– 1/2 cup brown sugar
– 1 table-spoon melted butter or margarine
– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Prepare the cake layer as on the package, just remember to replace the water by milk and the oil by butter.

Pour the batter in to the pan. ( But don’t pour all of your cake batter, since there needs to be place left for apples and crumble. I used one round cake pan and two mini ones for this recipe.)

Mix apple pieces (no need for perfect cubes) with walnuts, cinnamon and brown sugar. Pour the apple filing over the cake batter.

Mix the quick oats with flour, brown sugar, butter and vanilla extract, and sprinkle the apples with the crumble.

Bake as indicated on the box! ( Unless you’re using mini pans, then cut the time in half.)

apple crumble coffee cake

Serve warm or cooled down. You can even add some vanilla ice cream on top, I promise it’s simply amazing together!

Apple crumble coffee cake, amazing dessert that you need to try this year! #applecake #fall #dessert

apple crumble coffee cake, amazing dessert to try this fall! #easycake


Easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

You don't have to shop a lot, to add that cozy fall vibe to your living room! 3 easy steps and a free print, to make your space fall ready!

It’s always the same, with each season change, I feel like I want to change everything in my home, and decorate everything around! I really feel that the best way to welcome the new colors that I see out the window is by adjusting the inside of our home too.

I just really believe that the way we live, and what we set our eyes on every single day, hugely affects how we feel and how we’re motivated! And that’s why my home decor is so important for me.

But at the same time, I don’t have unlimited founds, and I don’t feel like accumulating countless seasonal decoration from Target, only to store more and more boxes in the basement! And so I found these easy and cheap fall decorating ideas!

Because I believe that there’s plenty of other ways to welcome the change of colors, than with buying all the things!

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

Here’s how it work’s for me:

1. Change the textures and add warm tones.

While summer decor was all about blue airy accents, fall is about turning back to warm tones and colors. I choose yellows and natural tones, but you can go for reds, oranges, plums and deep greens too! I added textured pillows, a new rug fluffy rug from BabaSouk and blankets on every chair!

2. Change the print and add free printables.

This is the cheapest way to change the vibe of the space. Of course, you could go ahead and buy some and pricey amazing artwork, but you can also check my Pinterest printable board for some great free prints! Or you can shop on Etsy for inexpensive and whimsical finds.

Also, I’ve made a calligraphy inspired print: the October quote from Lucy Mound Montgomery, that you can download and print at the end of this post!

Easy and cheap fall decorating ideas, and a free Lucy Maud Montgomery printable for fall #printable #freebee #falldecor

3. Add natural elements.

Nothing adds more texture and life as real branches, sunflowers and a couple of real pumpkins!

Adding natural elements is the easiest on your budget, and can add more charm then anything else! Because let’s face it, natural elements are the decor trend of the season!

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

I really believe that cozy doesn’t need to be expensive! Happy fall decorating friends!

And if you’d like to print your own “Ann of Green gables quote”, just click here to download!


Furniture: Leon’s furniture

Rug: BabaSouk

Prints: free printables ( check my Pinterest bard for more), the watercolor quote print from here, and the big calligraphy poster from here.

Pillows: HomeSence and West Elm.

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