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DIY inspiring quote prints

I said it before and I’ll say it again: the easiest way to add some energy and colour in to any space is by switching up the wall art! And adding an inspirational quote may be the simples way of all ! And while there are plenty of on line shops out there selling affordable prints, when it comes to art prints with quotes I prefer to make them myself. Ad then share them with you of course!

DIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote prints

Click here to download the “You Are Amazing” print !

So lately I’ve been eying a lot the pink and red colour combo quote prints that have appeared all over Pinterest earlier this year.

It may be because Benjamin Moore has announced red as a colour of the year, and maybe it’s because this energetic combo is just so good: full of energy and paired with a positive message ” You are amazing” it really makes an impact!

And so I made these three new printabes, that you can print at home in any size you wish.  I printed the ‘You are amazing” to fit my largest frame, and then there’s also the ” she believed she could so she did, and the good vibes only” both perfect for girls rooms and boss babes offices!

DIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote prints

Click here to download the “She believed she could so she did” print ! 

Now, I hope you’ll enjoy these prints at home as much as I do!

New Christmas Printables

If you follow my blog for a while now then you know that I just love printables. I love pinning them on Pinterest, I love printing seasonal decor printables, I love the printable tags and printable activities for kids, and I just love printable quote prints.

I love how easy and cheap seasonal decor is thanks to the printables, and I love how they can reflect any thought or idea- in a pretty way. And since I love changes, I just love changing my prints. And while changing art prints is a bit more complicated and expensive, changing kitchen prints doesn’t have to be- thanks to printables !

So today I have four different printables for you, all perfect for adding a bit of that holiday cheer into your kitchen! The first one is for hot cocoa lovers! I printed my favourite one out, and have a set a hot cocoa station in my kitchen, but just in case you’d like to add a pop of color to your kitchen , I made two more options for you to choose from.

christmas kitchen printables

And here’s the Hot Cocoa Bar print in red, for the traditional in heart:

christmas kitchen printables

And here is the pink version, for the pastel and all white decor lover:

christmas kitchen printables

Click here to get the all three hot cocoa prints.

I also made this a pretty little reminder: “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” print:

christmas kitchen printables

Click here for the ” Have yourself a merry little christmas” and if now you have this song in your head on repeat, you welcome 🙂

Now, whether you are the Christmas obsessed person like I am and you put the holiday touches in every single room, or if you’re all about simple Christmas decor, I hope that these holiday kitchen printables will bring some cheer and warmth to your home! Happy holidays! 



Fall printable

fall printable

Fall is officially here and so I have made a new fall printable for those of you who love switching seasonal prints around the house just like I do!

After all, home is where life happens, and I just love to wake up to a different print every season of the year. I know, i’t a bit excessive, but new prints make me smile in the morning and make cleaning the kitchen way more bearable!

Though I must admit that this year I wasn’t very exited about fall at the beginning: we had a rather chilly and short summer after a very long and really cold winter – I should get used to that though, that’s what life in Canada is after all So I just felt like I’m not really ready for that new season yet. But since I can’t stop time, and I didn’t want to be unhappy about something as uncontrollable as a change of weather, I decided to make a list of all the things that I love about fall, and this is where this print came from!

Pumpkin  spice
Cozy  scarves
Apple  cider
crunchy  leaves
scented  candles
crisp air  walks

.. love you fall

Now, every time I look at it, I actually get excited about fall and what it brings! The time spent outside, the crisp air and all the fall smells and spices! Not to mention the fall fashion and accessories!

free fall printable

fall printable

free printable for fall

You can print your fall printable HERE ! And if you’re on Instagram, please do tag me in your photo so I cans see how you styled your print! Enjoy!

Let go of the parenting guilt

let go of the parenting guilt: free worksheets to help you get rid of the guilt- and become a happier and better mother

“Guilt is to the spirit, what pain is to the body” – Elder David A. Bednar

Parenting guilt is not a helpful feeling, it makes us feel physically heavy and it clouds our thinking. And in reality it doesn’t really shape us to be the better version of ourselves!

So why do so many of us struggle with it daily?

The reasons may vary from one person to another, but for sure the society standards of a perfect parent (especially a perfect mother) are a part of it. Then there are our own personal standards. Some mothers feel not good enough when they don’t play with their kids daily, and others feel guilty when they go to work. Some when they raise their voice and get impatient, or when they don’t cook healthy meals everyday. There’s probably as many reasons as parents, but they all make us feel not good enough and guilty.

I wrote about parenting guilt here, where I shared more about how I live with this feeling and how I try to deal with it.

And today I have a tool to help you let go of it! These free printable worksheets are designed for all moms who struggle with this feeling of guilt, and who wish to finally let go of it and move forward!

get rid of parenting guilt

let go of the parenting guilt: free worksheets to help you understand, let go and forgive yourself!

let go of the parenting guilt: free worksheets to help you understand, let go and forgive yourself!

You can get the “Let go of the parenting guilt” worksheets here!

Just download the file and print at home. Find a calm spot  as much as I know it’s difficult to do around kids!), get yourself a mug of a hot coffee or a glass of vine, and fill them out with your first thoughts and ideas.

These worksheets are designed for your use only, but if you feel that your friend might need a little help, print one set for her too!

And you can read more about guilt and it’s effect on our body and mind here here

Free winter prints to print at home

free winter print to print at homeYou might not now it, but I really love changing decor around my home, and I love updating prints and pillows above all! I just feel like every time I do so, my entire home looks different, and I feel much better in the space that changes with the seasons.

And since I really love the style of the hand calligraphy ( I even took a calligraphy course once! ) and motivational and inspiring quotes, I decided to design some new prints with winter vibes in mind.

So with the snow out the window, and my need to cozy up our space for the cold months ahead, today I have two winter prints for you that you can print at home! The first one is a quote that I love so much, by a British poet Edith Sitwell, as its describes perfectly how I feel about winter:

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

And the second one is for all snuggle weather people like me! Perfect for any space!

free winter prints

free winter prints

free winter print to print at home

free winter print to print at home

So just click here for ” the winter time is..” print.

And click here for the snuggle weather print.

And if you’d like t update your gallery wall without spending a cent, then like me you can use some framed material, old calendar pages and a free printables. I even used a print from an art-book that I had though never looked through!

Tip: I suggest using good quality paper and a good printer set on printing on mat paper settings.

I really hope these winter prints to print at home will brighten your home and make your space feel a bit more cozy and inviting during the cold winter months! Enjoy!

free winter prints