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Clothes that little girls like

Clothes that girls like

Little girls want to move and dance and run, and they need to feel comfortable in their clothes! And the little girls that I know, they also love colours and little animals, sweet and fun patterns and of course, their favourite characters on their clothes. Believe me, I tried dressing my daughters in trendy grey, black and white clothes, but truth to be told, my older one, she loves colour. And my younger one, well all she wants, is to copy her sister!

So I was beyond exited when I got to visit the all new Giant Tiger Store in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and found such a great kid section, with only soft cotton, lots of sweet dresses and lots of Peppa Pig prints! It’s a brand new store, and I was so surprised to see such a vast choice in all the departments!

Now, of course I had to stop by the decor section, and I found lot’s of choices for decorating your outdoor space too – and got myself the prettiest outdoor rug ever!  Stay tuned, as I’ll share it on my Instagram once the weather will cooperate!

And of course, I used this occasion to do small grocery shopping too, as they have really everything that you need.

So now Lili want’s to only wear clothes with Peppa Pig on them and these super soft leggings, and I’m wearing my jeans dress from Lily Morgan on repeat, because it’s so comfy and diverse!

clothes that girls like

clothes that girls like
Les petites filles veulent bouger, danser, courir et ont besoin d’être confortable dans leurs vêtements. Et les petites filles que je connais, eh bien elles aiment les couleurs, les petits animaux, les jolis motifs amusants et bien sûr leurs personnages de télévision préférés. Croyez-moi, j’ai essayé d’habiller mes filles en vêtements tendance gris, noir ou blancs, mais sérieusement, ma plus vieille adore les couleurs. Et la plus jeune, eh bien elle veut toujours faire comme sa sœur!

Alors j’étais plus qu’excitée d’être invitée au nouveau Tigre Géant de St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, et j’y ai trouvé une superbe section pour enfant. Il y avait de jolie robes entièrement faites de coton et beaucoup de Peppa Pig! C’est un tout nouveau magasin et j’ai été très surprise de voir autant de choix dans tous les départements!

Évidemment, je ne pouvais pas passer à côté de la section décoration. J’y ai trouvé un tas de choix pour décorer vos espaces extérieurs – et je me suis choisi le plus joli tapis extérieur. (Restez à l’affut, il sera bientôt sur Instagram si la température coopère!)

Et bien sûr, j’ai profité de l’occasion pour faire mon épicerie puisqu’on y trouve tout ce qu’il faut pour ça aussi.

Depuis ce jour, Lili veut seulement porter ses vêtements Peppa Pig et ces leggings. Et moi, je porte ma robe de jeans à répétition parce que c’est tellement confortable et facile à agencer.

clothes that girls like

clothes that girls like

Though my biggest joy was shopping for little girls outfits ( I even started wishing I had another baby, as their baby selection is the cutest ever!) and founding so many things that my Lili will actually like- for such good prices.

Malgré tout, mon plus grand plaisir a définitivement été de magasiner des tenues pour petites filles (j’ai même souhaité avoir un autre nouveau-né tellement la sélection de vêtements pour bébé est cute!). Je suis vraiment contente d’avoir trouvé autant de choses que ma Lili va réellement aimer porter à un si bon prix.

clothes that girls like

Clothes that girls like

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Giant Tiger, all opinions remain my own.

Ce post est fait en collaboration avec Tigre Géant, toutes les opinions sont exclusivement les miennes.

3 things you didn’t know about cork bags

3 things you did't know about cork bags and why you really need one1

Recently I was finding myself in front of my closet full of clothes and accessories, with an overwhelming feeling to have nothing to wear. A closet full of items bought on sale and online, without trying them on, of spontaneous finds and of trendy yet already out of style pieces. A wardrobe full of bad quality made in China clothes and cheap purses and accessories. A wardrobe that didn’t make me smile. And I’m sure you can relate, you must have been there too!

We all buy too many of the bad-quality-made-in-china-things that we don’t really need.
So I finally decided to start my year right with a cleaned wardrobe and a new attitude! I purged my closet from everything that didn’t make me happy. And I decided from now on to only buy pieces that are beautiful, made to last and preferably ethically made!

And so when when last month I found EveCork I really fall in love! Their accessories are beautiful, made to last and are made from cork! Yes, just like the one in the vine bottles. But I bet you didn’t know that they are also:

1. Fashion forward and functional.

With plenty of beautiful styles to choose, from satchels and totes to cross-bodies and wallets!

2. Sustainable sourced and vegan.

Which means that no animal suffered during the process of making these.

3. Ethically handmade in Portugal.

And for me that means a better quality, made to last product and a piece of mind!

So while I added to my wardrobe this gorgeous Black Shanxi Tote and a new lovely Pink Reza wallet, I made sure to get rid of the clutter and keep only what I really love.

And if you still don’t have a cork bag, then I’m sure you’ll love discovering their quality and texture! I couldn’t be more happy about mine!

Fall style on a budget

When it's time to shop for everyone in the family, it can get really tought, but I found a place that has fall essentials for everyone on my list, including me! And I can even shop online!

And just like that it’s fall again. My kids have outgrown their clothes, and as with each change of season, I see it more clearly how much they have changed and grown. And it means that as every fall, it’s shopping time. But finding fall style on a budget isn’t always easy for me. I want my kids to grow knowing that they can run and get dirty, but I also want them to feel comfortable and pretty. And me, I want to feel cozy and warm while running around these two!

Because I believe that little girls should have the right to run around and explore without being told to look out all the time. I believe they should’t feel obliged to stay clean, and perfect. And I want them to remember how we all had fun together, felling good and now worrying about a thing. That’s why I’m always on the look out for sweet and pretty, but functional and comfortable kids clothing!

And since I’m rather budget continuous, I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes. I know, some see putting money in to objects as an investment, but for me a real investment is spending time with my kids!

Fall style on a budget

Fall style on a budget

Fall style on a budget

And so stressing over fall shopping, isn’t my thing. I really appreciate places where I can get it all! Places where I can easily find pretty essentials for both my kids and for me. It’s such a time saver!

So this fall I decided to try a new place, and I discovered Giant Tiger. And for less then 140$ I got complete outfits for both my daughters and for me! Lili got the cutest pair of moccasins, new leggings and a poncho sweater, Rose got new jeans and the cutest owl tee, and I got this lovely plaid dress, warm pair of leggings and that bohemian cozy sweeter that I absolutely adore ! ( Plus, not pictured, lots of new undies for these two: because new princess panties are what little girls love!).

And I just loved the choice of plaid dresses, cozy sweaters and cute jeans in the Lily Morgan collection! Because for me, fall is about enjoying the cool outdoor weather, staying cozy and warm! And honestly, I feel my best when I can rock a cute dress and wrap myself in a soft sweater. And I know that my girls feel their best in stretchy pants, cute tops and matching with each other!

So this year our annual pumpkin patch visit was a great opportunity to test our new fall looks, to get a bit dirty, and to make fall memories together!

Fall style on a budget

Fall style on a budget

Fall style on a budget

Fall style on a budget

Fall style on a budget

So while my daughters Lili and Rose loved picking their very own pumpkins, I loved our stress free fall shopping, leaving me time for what matters most: making fall memories with my kids!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.