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Toddler room update

This past weekend I decided that it’s time for a little toddler room update! We where all a bit tired with the blue mural that was on the wall and while I’m not ready to take Julien out of the crib- he’s a year an a half and I still need him contained in that crib – he does need more space for toys and play.

When I first design this room over a year ago, I wanted a statement wall that would set a tone for his room. But the thing is that sometimes statements are a bit too strong, and after awhile you get tired of them! 

So this past weekend, with a bit of help from my mother in law, we did a makeover in Julien’s nursery! 

 We painted the walls this fresh mint green, that funny enough was not my first colour choice! It’s actually a proof that sometimes design mistakes are positive coincidences! See, I was picking up paint on a whim, with 3 kids in tow, and was sure that the sample I choose was more blueish and greenish. I compared all the samples in pale natural light of my local Canadian Tire and decided that this should do. And while this is not the pale bluish green I was going for, and it’s definitely mint and nothing else, in end we all like it anyway !

Then we moved furniture around, and all of the sufdden the room feels much bugger!

And I added these rainbow decals from Rocky Mountain Decals! They where super easy to instal, and I think they look really cute in here! Best thing about these decals is that they are easy to take off and stick somewhere else, so for a serious redecorator like me they are the best option! ( plus, they don’t damage walls!)

 I’m really happy with those colourful rainbow decals and the half wall of colour – they’re fun together and add character to this room- but don’t overwhelm the space as the big mural did!

And now this room feels fresh, is more toddler friendly and definitely feels a bit bigger! ️And all it took was a bit of paint and fun decals!

Eclectic nursery – One room challenge- the big reveal !

Today is the day! It’s the One Room Challenge big reveal day! I couldn’t be more happy about this eclectic nursery – it’s colorful, bright and cozy all at the same time, and makes for a perfect space that will grow with my little boy and his needs!

And while this room is far from spacious, I managed to fit all the essentials in here! I might even add more toys in colorful baskets in the future!

I think that what really defines this space is the wallpaper from A New Wall – these contemporary waves make me think about the vintage japanese drawings and are both dramatic and calming! I must say, I just love how they look in this boys room!

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge revealeclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal There’s a lot of hand made whimsy going on in here- from my hand painted watercolours ( the rainbow, the cloud and the milky way) the pom pom felt garland from Project Whim to the hand made wooden name sign from Studio.Noel – I think that the handmade little things make this room feel so unique!

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal

I got the structured rug from Lorena Canals, and I just love how it fits the space- while being ultra practical ( it’s machine washable!)

As for the furniture they are a mix of old and new. I got the crib and chair new- but on sale! The changing table was scored on kijiji and repainted. And the side table was our old vintage piece that I repainted.

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal

Since it’s a very small room every inch of space matters- so I used the little corner wall of the closet to hang shelves for books and I store baby blankets in the toy storage basket !

I painted an old vintage side able the same blue as the wooden name sign and the wooden hooks that hold little teethers.

I think that the repetition of this moody blue adds cohesion to this otherwise eclectic room !

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge revealeclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge revealeclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge revealeclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge revealeclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge revealeclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal


And while I may still be cosleeping, this little boy sure enjoy his room during his awake time and day naps!

eclectic nursery makeover- One room challenge reveal


one room challenge week 4 – eclectic nursery

This week of One Room Challenge was all about the removable wallpaper. To be honest, my entire plan fOr this room was centered around this wallpaper, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally put it up!

At first I couldn’t decide between these two removable wallpapers, I even asked my followers on Instagram to help me decide, and funny thing, there were no major winner here! I loved the design and originality tiger one, and I imagined it would look great with the yellow crib. But I was worried if my kids wouldn’t be scared of them! And then the blue one seemed to be a bit too popular on Instagram, but I just loved it so much!


See, this room was painted in a slightly purple shade of blue, which looked perfect when it was my daughters shared bedroom. And I really didn’t wanted to paint it – let’s just say that with a three month old baby to take care of, blogging and doing a makeover  ( me ) and full time job ( my hubby) and two older kids , painting a room would be the best way to a couple problems. So no thank you.

I wanted however to highlight the blue tones in the paint, and  so I went for the blue wallpaper in the end. Also, I love the wave pattern, and how it ties itself to my ( very loose) forces of nature theme !

So finally my hubby has installed it! ( After some quite difficult three hours to be honest though- this pattern is definitely for the experienced wallpaper pros!)

And now I can’t wait to show you how it looks! But for now, here’s the sneak peek, and baby Julien, quite fond of his new nursery room – aka the nap room, since let’s face it, he might stay in my bed for a little while..


Kitchen makeover reveal

Here’s a little secret: if I follow my heart it always leads me to the fridge! Because quite frankly, the kitchen is the true heart of our home! And any healthy breakfast, yummy snack or amazing Holiday feast, they always start right here: in the kitchen. Just like my daughter’s first cooking lessons: the art of scramble eggs, and the romantic dishes-cleaning with my hubby ( because once you’re a parent here’s where you catch up on your relationship). Oh and also the girls night in – well, no who am I kidding? It’s actually the middle-of-the-day  play date. Everything happens in the kitchen.

And even if the said heart of the home is as small as mine, life still revolves around the kitchen.

And it seems like during the Holiday season the kitchen is even more important then ever! Here’s where we bake cookies and decorate the gingerbread house, here’s where we pour the punch and serve our guests the vine, and here’s where we make our DIY from-the pantry gifts!

So here is how it used to look:

kitchen makeover- before

To improve the very essence of our everyday lives we decided it was about time to finally update our dated and not matching together appliances and to add open shelving to this small space! Our old dishwasher was white while the range and the fridge where in stainless steel. Every appliance was a different mark and on top of it, we were missing the over the range fan! And the classical kitchen cupboards just made the space look even smaller then it was.

When I was looking for the new kitchen appliances I knew I needed a good quality first, with the technology that helps families in their every day! And I must say, I we are more then happy now with all KitchenAid matching appliances!

And so here’s how we made our small kitchen feel bigger, and more practical :

kitchen makeover

kitchen makeover

kitchen makeover

So now our kitchen is ready to take on the load of the Christmas cooking, baking and washing! You can see it all and read all about the best appliances for small spaces here, in the new Hello Holiday guide. I’m also sharing my favorite DIY gift idea -made with the ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry- and more details of the makeover!

If you’re looking for Christmas kitchen and dining room inspiration, then I’m sure you’ll love our guide! It’s packed with the Holiday cheer!

Disclosure: this post was brought to you by Leon’s furniture, all opinions remain my own. Photos without a watermark: made by Scarlet O’Neill  

Makeover sneak peek

I couldn’t be more exited about the changes coming together here at out small city cottage! As you all know, I love improving out tiny home and making it more cozy, practical and comfortable, and so I have partnered up with Leon’s furniture again this year for a two exiting makeovers!

Firstly, our small playroom that often plays the role of a guest room, really needed an update! I was dreaming about a smaller and more comfortable sofa bed for this room, since the one that was there was overwhelming the entire space, and my guests didn’t really like sleeping so low on the floor. As well as a better way to display big girl toys that my daughters have accumulated over the past year. . And also, a place for my little kindergartener to do her homework and draw or craft whenever she wants too! But since its a small room with a lot of functions, a good design and well adjusted furniture where the key to success!

Here’s my mood board with the new furniture from Leon’s and bohemian accents that are colorful enough for a kids playroom and sophisticated enough for adult guests to feel welcomed!

makeover moodboard


And since I couldn’t find this quote print with winter flowers ( since the summer in Montreal is already over, and I like it when my art matches my mood and the seasons) I made a printable version!: free printable


If you’d like, you can print it here!

And secondly our small kitchen was in need of new appliances, an over the range fan and more display shelf space! Our old appliances where mismatched and didn’t work that well anymore. So I’m over the moon to be replacing them with the all new Kitchen Aid and to finally be adding open shelving around my kitchen sink!

Here’s a mood board of what look I hope to achieve in our tiny kitchen. You can see the photo of my old kitchen situation, and the big white cupboards that I’m finally exchanging for the open shelves, and my choice of the appliances from Kitchen Aid!


It’s never easy to choose the right appliances, and believe me, when you live in a small home with a small kitchen it’s even more complicated! Finding the right dimensions and great functionality for the family life was my biggest challenge, but now I’m beyond exited to share with you what I found, and how it will match my kitchen! If you too have a small kitchen, then stay tuned! 

So now I can’t wait to show you these makeovers! You can follow me on Instagram to catch more sneak peeks, and while you’re there go check the Leon’s feed as it’s full of gorgeous decor inspirations!

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

We all know that a colour can make or break the room. It can add depth, character and light, or it can make a space look drab and uninviting. And I believe there are no ugly colours, its only about a good fit! So ever since I did my living room makeover last year, I knew that I had to change the wall colour. All of a sudden my living room looked dark and so serious with my new furniture, while all I craved was a bright, modern and airy look!

So it was time to paint these walls a new colour. Now, choosing a right white is never easy. While the purest, whitest whites may look flat and cold, the vast choice of off-whites can be overwhelming! There’s so many shades, some are more yellowish, some bluish, some greyish, and it may seem like the choice is simply impossible!

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

So I have rounded up my very favorite off-whites,that add depth and interest to the room, and a simple guide to help you choose:

  1. Warm or cold tone- which one to choose? If your room is rather dark opt for a warm tone, as it’ll brighten up your space. If your room is full of natural light, you can choose the cold or neutral tones, they’ll all look great!
  2. Choosing the right colours for your furniture. Usually we pair cool tones with cool tones, and warm with warm. So black wood pairs great with cool tones, while light and yellowish wood looks best with warm tones. If you have a mix of both, go for the neutrals! 
  3. Airy and bright, or cozy and moody? Generally speaking, warmer and more pigmented tones add the cozy aspect to your room, and bright and cold tones will create the airy and bright feeling.

So my living room usually doesn’t have direct sunlight, all of my furniture is in warm colours, and I wanted to have that bright and airy feel. I was trying to decide between the warm and sunny Snowy Owl and the cold and bright Polar Bear. I ended up chooseing the warm tone of Snowy Owl, as it matches perfectly my warm colour palette and it reflects light much more than my previous wall colour.

Now, as for the painting the space, it went really smoothly. This Premier Infinity paint that I used, is a one coat paint + primer colour formulation, with super saturated pigments, providing really an amazing coverage! It’s also stain resistant, easy to wash and has a lifetime warranty!

best off white

perfect off white

Here’s the before, with the graige paint :

the before

And here is the bright and airy after:

Best off white paint colours

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

off white paint


I just couldn’t be happier about the result: this room is finally airy, bright and warm, looks bigger and modern, just as I imagined! Now that I know how easy painting can be, I feel like painting the rest of my home too!


Choosing the best off-white paint colours

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Canadian Tire, all opinions remain entirely my own. 

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