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This week of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE we started by doing what most of people would do at the very end. We hang the gallery wall.

Not because I usually start by the very last thing, but because I’m still waiting or my wall mural to come, and for the furniture to be put together.

However, I won’t show you how it looks from close just now, since we still want to paint a thing or two, and that way add more contract to the gallery wall – so you’ll have to wait a little to see how it turned out!

But what I will share with you is the watercolour print I painted for Julien’s nursery – a rainbow. No, he is not a rainbow baby – though I love this metaphor and I hope that a rainbow baby mama will use this print at her own home!

I painted it simply because a rainbow it’s a sweet and whimsical image for a boys room, that fits perfectly well with a Forces of Nature theme I have going on :  the waves, the cloud print, the colours of sun and the sea- ok it’s a very loose theme but a rainbow fits!:)

baby boy eclectic nursery PART 2

baby boy eclectic nursery

you can upload it HERE

Stay tuned for next week when i’ll show you what pieces of furniture I painted and how!


DIY inspiring quote prints

I said it before and I’ll say it again: the easiest way to add some energy and colour in to any space is by switching up the wall art! And adding an inspirational quote may be the simples way of all ! And while there are plenty of on line shops out there selling affordable prints, when it comes to art prints with quotes I prefer to make them myself. Ad then share them with you of course!

DIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote prints

Click here to download the “You Are Amazing” print !

So lately I’ve been eying a lot the pink and red colour combo quote prints that have appeared all over Pinterest earlier this year.

It may be because Benjamin Moore has announced red as a colour of the year, and maybe it’s because this energetic combo is just so good: full of energy and paired with a positive message ” You are amazing” it really makes an impact!

And so I made these three new printabes, that you can print at home in any size you wish.  I printed the ‘You are amazing” to fit my largest frame, and then there’s also the ” she believed she could so she did, and the good vibes only” both perfect for girls rooms and boss babes offices!

DIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote printsDIY inspiring quote prints

Click here to download the “She believed she could so she did” print ! 

Now, I hope you’ll enjoy these prints at home as much as I do!

Kitchen print to print at home

Free kitchen printable

If you follow me for a while now then you know that I just love styling and redecorating my home! So no surprise, I’m working on two secret makeovers now, and one of them involves my kitchen! I won’t tell you any more for now, but I will share with you my new print that I made for this space!

I was looking for a pretty calligraphy style print for my kitchen, but since I couldn’t find what I want, I decided to design it:

“This kitchen is for dancing, coffee sipping and sweet kisses giving! Dishes can wait.”

Because I really believe that everyday moments of happiness happen right here in the kitchen, and for me they consist of my morning coffee, my kids sweet kisses and of seeing them dancing spontaneously while I make dinner!  Also, If you’ll look really close you’ll se what I really deeply believe in:  Dishes can wait. It’s a reminder to live first, and worry about things being cleaned second.

It’s a reminder to enjoy these everyday moments with family, because in the end of the day, that’s what we’ll remember most: kitchen dance parties. And once the kids will grow up, they most likely won’t remember if the sink was always clean or not. But they will remember time spent with us!

Free kitchen printable




free kitchen printable

So you can just click here to download your own kitchen print!

Free kitchen printable

And because free printables are my jam, you can be sure I’ll be adding new ones soon! Because a good quote can make my day, and I’m sure many of you feel the same!

And if you’re on Instagarm please do share a photo of how it looks in your kitchen, and don’t forget to tag me in your photo, will you please? Now excuse me while I’ll go dancing in my kitchen!




Free prints for coffee lovers

free prints for coffee lovers

I’m a coffee lover aka an obsessed and addicted mombie ( commonly known as a tired mom-zombie), and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Actually I love my coffee so much, that I have made these two prints for my home, that you can download and print at home for yourself too!

Because let’s be honest here, parenting wouldn’t really happen without a big dose of caffeine in the morning! These sleepless nights and early wake ups are only bearable because of coffee ( I admit it could be tea too). So to celebrate that little magical bean, today I give you not one, but two free coffee lovers prints!

First is the simple reminder of life priorities as a mom :

” But First Coffee”

And the second sums up the dynamic in my home pretty well:

“This home runs on strong coffee & lot’s of sweet cuddles!”

And since I’m still pretty much obsessed with calligraphy style prints, both of them are just that, black and white quotes, that blend in with any decor! So just pick your favorite, download and print!

free prints for coffee lovers

free prints for coffee lovers

free prints for coffee lovers

free prints for coffee lovers

So you can get the ” But First Coffee” here, and the “This home runs on strong coffee & lot’s of sweet cuddles!” here.

And a little reminder: when printing at home, try using thicker and better quality paper, that way your prints will look like from a print shop!

Now, let’s have some more coffee, shall we?

free prints for coffee lovers

Free winter prints to print at home

free winter print to print at homeYou might not now it, but I really love changing decor around my home, and I love updating prints and pillows above all! I just feel like every time I do so, my entire home looks different, and I feel much better in the space that changes with the seasons.

And since I really love the style of the hand calligraphy ( I even took a calligraphy course once! ) and motivational and inspiring quotes, I decided to design some new prints with winter vibes in mind.

So with the snow out the window, and my need to cozy up our space for the cold months ahead, today I have two winter prints for you that you can print at home! The first one is a quote that I love so much, by a British poet Edith Sitwell, as its describes perfectly how I feel about winter:

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

And the second one is for all snuggle weather people like me! Perfect for any space!

free winter prints

free winter prints

free winter print to print at home

free winter print to print at home

So just click here for ” the winter time is..” print.

And click here for the snuggle weather print.

And if you’d like t update your gallery wall without spending a cent, then like me you can use some framed material, old calendar pages and a free printables. I even used a print from an art-book that I had though never looked through!

Tip: I suggest using good quality paper and a good printer set on printing on mat paper settings.

I really hope these winter prints to print at home will brighten your home and make your space feel a bit more cozy and inviting during the cold winter months! Enjoy!

free winter prints

Winter gallery wall

winter gallery wall

I strongly believe that Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be over the top expensive nor difficult! And I think that one of the easiest ways to add interest to any room, is by simply adding some new and fresh prints to the gallery wall and transforming it in to a winter gallery wall! And I really love it when not only the textures, pillows and accessories change with seasons, but also these visuals, prints and wall decorations. And so for me Christmas decorating means not only dressing up our small Christmas tree, but also updating my gallery wall.

Honestly, visuals in the room are almost as important for me as the furniture themselves, since they can add the vibe and the atmosphere to the space like nothing else really. They can transform a boring and uninteresting wall in to a stunning and inspiring one, and best part, is that it’s so much cheaper to change prints then furniture!

But of course, since I don’t poses unlimited decorating funds, I had to find a way to make these gallery wall changes affordable, and easy.

winter gallery wall

winter gallery wall

So I came up with some simple, and mostly free ways to change your gallery wall and make a winter gallery wall like I did! Including a free to download, calligraphy style printable, ” Baby it’s cold outside” ( do you know this Christmas classic song? It’s one of my favorites!). And there’s even one surprise print in french!

You can read my step by step guide and get the printables by visiting your Hello Holiday Christmas guide! Just click on the “free printable” on the page 10! It’ll take you directly to it!

And if you’re looking for more festive ideas, simple DIY projects and decor inspirations, I’m sure you’ll find them all you need in our guide! Happy festive preparations!

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