Transitional living room for a busy family-how to design one yourself in 3 easy steps

Today I want to share with you the last makeover of the series! It’s all about transitional style and living with a lot of young children! The family that received this makeover is a large one- with six busy boys in ages from one to eleven years old there’s always a lot of movement in the house!

This makeover wouldn’t have happened without the generous sponsors who donated furniture and wallpaper- I’m so grateful that made this family dream come true!

So from the design perspective I knew we needed sturdy family friendly furniture, that would be perfect for fort building while being sophisticated enough for adults- as it’s their only living room and they host a lot! The mom told me that ever since they had four kids people stopped inviting them over- that’s why she started to host every weekend!

Let me show you the before:

And here is the after!

I decided on a colour palette of the blues and greens for this room- they evoke the nature that this family loves and are the boys and parents favorite colors!

And I decided to start with ample seating options. They needed a lot of setting space but I didn’t want it to look boring and so I decided to mix and match different styles here.

I started by choosing this beautiful navy blue sofa from Cozey ( from Altus collection) – which is large enough to sit all kids together! And then I choose this very sturdy two seater from Ciello collection – in the most perfect charcoal colour- that is just so cosy and comfortable- perfect for snuggling up with a book!

I also added these beautiful green velvet chairs from the Altus collection – they look so elegant but they are very sturdy and so conforatbel!

I decided to add wallpaper on the wall behind the tv- it was a bit awkward as it has an unusual angle and it’s first thing you see when you walk in – but by adding this wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct, all of a sudden it have become a great focal point for this unusually shaped room! And it adds a fun punchy vibe – while being very sophisticated with it’s geometrical pattern!

And since every transitional space needs a bit of wood-because wood adds warmth and a traditional vibe- so here I choose the Stella coffee table, side tables and the media units. They all share a common fresh and contemporary shape, and the lovely color of wood balances the cool blue tones of this room. Plus with a liftable top they can be used for drawing and homework- or working from home days. As for the media unit, it has so much storage it’s perfect for all the family games the boys have!

How to design a transitional living room :

  1. Choose furniture in traditional shapes and materials.
  2. Decide on a colour palette of neutrals mixed with pops of rich colours.
  3. Add wood accents – wood adds warmth and traditional vibe to any space!

And if you’re designing with young kids in mind make sure your furniture are sturdy, keep your tables tops minimal, and make sure you have lots of storage!

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Again, a huge thanks to our sponsors who made this series possible!

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