What I want my daughter to learn about beauty

What I want my daughter to learn about beauty

Before my daughter will go to school and learn that pretty kids are considered better kids, and before she’ll join the Disney princesses fans team, I want her to learn that beauty is not the skinny and wide-eyed ideal. That beauty can come in different shapes and colours. And that what’s really beautiful is the inside not the outside.

I want to teach her that she is much more than a pretty face. That when people say that she’s pretty, it’s because they try to be nice, since they don’t know how funny/ smart/ creative she is.

I hope that when my daughter will be be growing up, she won’t let how she looks or how other people think that she looks, affect her feeling and what she can or can’t be doing.

I hope that she’ll learn that there is so many more things to do and see in life, then just staring in the mirror and looking for flaws or perfection.

I hope that she’ll like being feminine but that she won’t feel like she has to be feminine all the time, to please others.

I hope for her to live intense live experiences in which she can forget the time passing by, and people around her. The kind of experiences in which she won’t care for how she looks. And that the memory of these moments will help her go through the times where she might feel people judging her looks.

And when my daughter will grow, I want to teach her that it’s ok to feel and look sexy, but that it’s not necessary to be like this all the time.

And that how you look should please you, not others. That people who love you, and care for you, look much deeper in you, and will like what they see because they like you in the first place.

I hope to teach her that chasing the beauty ideals is a waste of time and money. That this isn’t the path for happiness.

I want her to know that happiness comes from healthy relationships, creativity and helping others. And that exploring, learning and understanding is so much more important than just being pretty.

That real relationships are so much more important and rewarding then the lust that men may feel for the perfect body.

That they don’t need to be perfect in order to be happy.

I hope that I can set the good example.

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  1. thank you for sharing this!!!!… here, on the other side of the world… I have the same concerns about my little girl… and I hope she grows happy and I give her a good example! ❤️

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