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Easy valentines day toddler activity

Valentines toddler craft

This is so simple, that I almost feel embarrassed to tell you, but in case if like me you didn’t think about it before.. So guess what, toilet paper roll is actually a very versatile stamp ! And since we are still in the mood for valentine day crafts , here it is, a simple and fun activity for your child: toilet paper roll heart stamp:) My little girl had fun stamping and then painting with her fingers, so honestly we didn’t create nothing amazing, but she enjoyed her afternoon, and so did I 🙂

Toilet paper roll
Adhesive tape
Finger paint

Simply create heart shape, and tape it so it’ll hold while being manipulated by these little hands. Put a bit of paint on let’s say a plate, tray or anything , and let them stamp !


Potato stamp valentine toddler craft


With Valentines day approaching , I decided it’s about time to prepare some cards with my two year old. I wanted it to be something that she can do entirely alone ( or almost ). So potato stamp is one of these cheap, easy crafts that any toddler can do, and it will actually turn out quite nice !


So first I cut these stamps for her. After she played a bit with them, we made actual valentines cards.


I used hand paint, to add her original signature :


And when I asked her if she wanted me to add I love you , or Xoxo , she chose the second one. After all, it was her card 🙂


All you need for this craft is :
Card stock
Finger paint

Have fun!

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