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Valentines day tablescape

Every year we do something fun with my girls for Valentine’s day- because why for many this is another made-up holiday, for me it’s a great opportunity to celebrate love and family in the midst of our cold canadian winter!

Now, if you prefer making gifts for your loved ones, or simply watch romantic movies and eat heart shaped cookies – you do you boo! I think all that really matters is to take this day as an opportunity to talk about why we love each other, what we appreciate about each other and how we should be grateful and appreciative of all the little things all year round.

However setting up a cute Valentines day table for breakfast or an afternoon tea is definitely something fun to do for/with kids! And for me, seeing my girls eyes getting big out of excitement when they see what I have prepared for them is what makes my heart full!

It doesn’t need to be expensive to be fun- here are my simple ideas for a Valentine’s day tablescape:

  • hand written paper table runner
  • paper heart hearts layered on the table
  • felt heart hearts spread around the table
  • heart shaped chocolates and cookies layered in a colorful mess
  • hot milk with marshmallow hearts
  • cake with marshmallow “cake toppers” ( store bought or baked- whatever works!)
  • valentines balloons
  • heart garland
  • ceramic lanterns
  • some fruits

And I found most of this set up in my local Dollar Store- it took me around 10 minutes to set it all up. And I had so much fun! Because celebrating doesn’t need to be over the top difficult to set up nor expensive!

Now I hope I inspired you to throw a simple Valentine’s day celebration in your home too! Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


Winter pastel birthday party

Winter pastel birthday party , ideas and tips for busy moms!

While celebrating Lili’s 5th birthday, I felt stronger than ever before how “the days are long but the years are short”. I just couldn’t stop thinking about all of the birthday parties I made so far, for this not-so-little-any-more girl of mine.

The first, over the top, with a hundred or so home-made cupcakes and all our friends, the second with boxes everywhere right before moving to our first home and while pregnant with our second girl. The third and fourth, with way too many kids high on sugar and me feeling all stressed after baking and cleaning like a mad woman.. Actually every year I would bake way too many cupcakes and stress too much over the the little things.

So this year I decided that I wanted to be more present and not in a rush and stressed. I planned this birthday party differently. I asked my big girl what party theme she liked, and this winter born baby said she wanted a winter party, with all the rainbow colors. So we decided to make it a pastel winter themed party, with pastel tassel garland and confetti’s and the colorful, rainbow-like birthday cake!

And for the first time since my girl was born, I decided to let someone else do the baking!

Winter pastel birthday party

I got cake and cupcakes at Le cake Studio , cookies at Johanie Creative and party decor at Genwoo Craft. I felt a bit more than usually like a Lazy Mom, having it all done for me, but I think that every one loved it nevertheless! And Lili, well she was so happy!

Winter pastel birthday party

Winter pastel birthday party

Winter pastel birthday party

Winter pastel birthday party

The cake and cupcakes where melt-in-your mouth pieces of art. With rich buttercream frosting and all-the-decorations, they have made my little girls birthday feel so special!

And the cookies where simply the sweetest little winter themed animals and snowflakes, that all kids and adults likewise, where fighting for !

Winter pastel birthday party

Winter pastel birthday party

Winter pastel birthday party

Winter pastel birthday party

So here’s my recipe for a simple winter pastel birthday party for kids:

1. Decide on a color theme.

We went for pastel rainbow. But it could be as simple as blue and white, all white or white and pink. Decorate with tassels and add confetti.

2. Get or make your cake and cupcakes, and decorate them with all things pastel and winter.

It can be a simple one layer cake, with buttercream frosting, but if you’ll decorate it with lot’s of white candy, lollipops, feathers, and pastel white chocolates, it’ll look gorgeous and winter-themed like mine!

3. Get or make winter animals shaped cookies.
Or just stars. And tell kids it’s snowflakes. They shouldn’t mind!

4.Let them listen to Frozen.
Yes, once they’re high on sugar, and after they have run around and broke things and screamed, let them listen to Frozen. They’ll remember they watched a winter Disney movie and will be saying for days what a great winter party they had!

5.Serve blue milk.
I called it the Elsa drink, and it was simply milk with some blue food colorant. ( I know it’s not pictured, and I know it’s not healthy.. but kids loved it!)

And lastly, don’t stress to much. You kids will love the party even if it’s not picture perfect!