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Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese hack


In case you haven’t noticed, I love grilled cheese. Honestly, I never get bored with it. I even consider it as quite healthy lunch solution .. Ok, I’m pushing it a bit, but cheese is healthy, right? And whole grain bread is, so if you combine it with a lot of butter.. Well then you shouldn’t eat it too often, that’s it ;). So back to my not that healthy addiction, I just love the sweet and salty combination of this gooey and chewy grilled cheese. And instead of adding raisins inside I used raisin bread, so it’s super fast!

Raisin bread

Place mozzarella slices in between two pieces of raisin bread, melt butter on the pan, and grill your sandwich until golden brown. Enjoy !

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Apple & endive grilled cheese


Everyone loves grilled cheese, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Sometimes though it feels like it’s not the healthier lunch option. But if you add some crunchy apples and fresh endives it becomes a bit healthier, right? Ok, maybe I’m just fooling myself :). Anyway this grilled cheese made with Havarti and Oka cheese, is the most chewy, yummy and delicious I had in ages! I imagine that if you prefer a more classic cheese it’ll do as well, although I truly suggest to try it with this divine combination.


Havarti cheese
Oka cheese
4 medium endives
1 big apple
lemon juice

Slice apple and endives, and toss it together on medium heat with lemon juice for around 3 to 4 minutes:


Place Havarti slice on the bread, add some sautéed apple and endives, and top with slices oka cheese and another slice of bread:


Now heat your sandwich on butter until it gets golden, and the cheese starts to melt.


Serve with cold beer :). Enjoy!