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Teaching kids about the months of the year with art

Teach your kid about the months of the year with this one easy trick! #homeschool #preschool # education

I find that now, at four years old, my daughter is more than ever eager to learn and comprehend. She’s a very creative little creature, full of energy and enthusiasm who claims to know it all too. But obviously she doesn’t. And I’ve been trying to teach her about the months of the year for a while now, with no success. But recently I got an idea that changed it all.

It all started with Tuta&Coco, an online service that transforms children’s drawings and paintings in to beautiful, high-quality art objects. As soon as I found out about them, I knew that I want to finally reuse all of my daughters creations from the past months! Because really, how do you display it all? I have no place left on my fridge!

So I’ve set my heart on a calendar. And that was the best choice I could have possibly made because I managed to get rid of the clutter of old drawings and paintings, and I got a great tool to teach Lili about the months of the year!

Teach kids about months

First we laid all of the months down. Because Tuta&Coco’s calendars are printed on separate, thick and beautiful paper sheets, kids can manipulate them and change months on their own (talking about a great design!)

I was really surprised to see that she remembered the meaning of each of her painting and drawing, and she even remembered which ones were made by her sister.

So I realized, that its not just a calendar for her: its a collection of memories and stories that she imagined. A collection that helped her finally gasp the notion of time.(Because kids learn best when their emotions and imagination is involved. And this is obviously what happened here.)

I helped her count the months and we separated them it to the seasons of the year. We talked about how seasons change, and how many months are in a season.

Preschool activity

Then we where looking for important events, like Christmas and Easter and birthdays. She remembered a couple, and was surprised to see that her drawings where matching with some events, like valentines day or summer visits at the lake.

Here's a great trick to teach preschoolers about the months of the year

I really wanted Lili to understand that a calendar is used as a planning tool too, so we took a crayon and started marking days of the week, the play dates, the family visits, the days in her part-time daycare. And just like that she understood what a calendar is all about.

Finally she said that she knows why we need calendars: to know when things are going to happen! And I could tell that she was really proud of herself, naming the months and the seasons!

Simple ways to teach kids about the months of the year

And I couldn’t be happier knowing that I managed to do two things that I was struggling with at a time: I organised my kids art, and I thought Lili about the months of the year using her own art!

Teach kids about the months of the year with art #preschool

For more ideas for reusing kids art, check Tuta&Coco Instagram account!

Disclosure: I got this product for a review, all opinions remain my own.

How to make homeschooling and homework easier

How to make homeschooling and homework easier, less stressful land more structured

It’s been a while now since I’m looking for homeschooling solutions and support. As you might know, my situation is a bit unusual, since I raise my kids bilingually. That’s why I make sure that everything they learn in their educative day care, they’ll learn with me in my language. And that’s why I homeschool. And maybe I’m overthinking things, but I’m already worrying about school. I mean, homeschooling a preschooler is rather easy, I really enjoy it and she loves it too. But soon, it’ll be more then just teaching her numbers and letters, and I know that I’ll need more help then just a printable that I found on Pinterest.

I believe that the key to succeed in homeschooling, is thoughtful preparation and methodical support. I know that many of successfully homeschooling moms were teachers themselves, but my educational background is psychology, and when it comes to structured teaching techniques, and science, I’m really null!

So when Andrew from contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their teaching and learning system, I got really exited! Their site offers tailored learning solutions for kids as young as kindergarteners up to 12th graders, and structured learning methods in Mathematics and English. You can use it for many kids at a time, track their progress and even contact a tutor if you need extra help. Their program material is aligned with over 20 countries curriculums, so you can choose yours and just follow the lessons at home, at your child’s own speed!

How to make homeschooling and homework easier

And the best part? Is that you can try it for free for a month! So you can check if it really works for your family needs!

How to make homeschooling and homework easier

At first you need to create your child’s profile, and choose a program that they’ll follow.

How to make homeschooling and homework easier

Then you can choose subjects and lessons, and track their progress.

How to make homeschooling and homework easier

After practicing , there are assessments and tests, and if you need more support, then your child can contact a tutor!

How to make homeschooling and homework easier

So if you’re a homeschooling parent, then this tool takes all the weight of teaching mathematics and English off your back! And if you’re a busy parent who’s helping kids with homework, then this is a perfect tool to revise the problematic material and keep track of your kids progress.

I’m pretty sure that when it’ll come to me helping my daughter with mathematics, I’ll be using this tool. Because I think that a peaceful and stress-free homeschooling and homework is really worth it.

How to make homeschooling and homework easier

Disclosure: I reviewed this product for a compensation, all opinions remain my own.