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Collected eclectic living room reveal

If there is one thing I was dreaming about for my home it was to have a comfortable and cozy sitting room with no TV. The type of a space where we could catch up with family and friends, cuddle with books in front of the fire place and finish emails in the evening while sipping on hot tea underneath the blankets. A no-tv space where coziness and connections are the focus! 

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you’ll notice that I never shared this part of my living room with you before. The reason being that this is where there was a big ugly tv and my old kijiji find that I always wanted to paint but never got to it. Two big brown and black pieces that were just blah.

But when I finally moved the tv to the basement to make room for my new small sofa I decided to paint that old piece of furniture too – and with the new mirror I think it looks absolutely gorgeous next to that blue velvet piece! It took me probably around three hours to paint it, and to be honest I still can’t understand why didn’t I do it before! 

Here’s the before photo so you can see the transformation!

I also dreamed about a bold sofa for this room – a show stopper piece, dramatic yet timeless. Comfortable, but beautiful. I know it sounds as If I’m describing a unicorn but I found it!

The Sven Cascadia Blue velvet sofa from Article is everything that I was dreaming about and more: extremely soft and so comfortable, it looks elegant and timeless – yet the bold color brings drama and adds style to my small living room! I love how this velvet sofa feels and even more how it looks! The loose bolsters are such a chic feature and the upholstery is simply gorgeous!

I also added a new gallery wall here – the black and white and blue theme ties perfectly well with the Sven sofa, don’t you think? I usually like balancing the conceptual art with some graphic prints and a hit of colour- and so I have a mix of abstracts and pretty drawings on here. I absolutely love how it all ties up together! 

Now every corner of this room makes me smile- and the new blue velvet piece is the perfect place to cuddle with tea in front of the fireplace! 

Disclosure- this post was written in collaboration with Article, all opinions remain exclusively my own. 

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

We all know that a colour can make or break the room. It can add depth, character and light, or it can make a space look drab and uninviting. And I believe there are no ugly colours, its only about a good fit! So ever since I did my living room makeover last year, I knew that I had to change the wall colour. All of a sudden my living room looked dark and so serious with my new furniture, while all I craved was a bright, modern and airy look!

So it was time to paint these walls a new colour. Now, choosing a right white is never easy. While the purest, whitest whites may look flat and cold, the vast choice of off-whites can be overwhelming! There’s so many shades, some are more yellowish, some bluish, some greyish, and it may seem like the choice is simply impossible!

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

So I have rounded up my very favorite off-whites,that add depth and interest to the room, and a simple guide to help you choose:

  1. Warm or cold tone- which one to choose? If your room is rather dark opt for a warm tone, as it’ll brighten up your space. If your room is full of natural light, you can choose the cold or neutral tones, they’ll all look great!
  2. Choosing the right colours for your furniture. Usually we pair cool tones with cool tones, and warm with warm. So black wood pairs great with cool tones, while light and yellowish wood looks best with warm tones. If you have a mix of both, go for the neutrals! 
  3. Airy and bright, or cozy and moody? Generally speaking, warmer and more pigmented tones add the cozy aspect to your room, and bright and cold tones will create the airy and bright feeling.

So my living room usually doesn’t have direct sunlight, all of my furniture is in warm colours, and I wanted to have that bright and airy feel. I was trying to decide between the warm and sunny Snowy Owl and the cold and bright Polar Bear. I ended up chooseing the warm tone of Snowy Owl, as it matches perfectly my warm colour palette and it reflects light much more than my previous wall colour.

Now, as for the painting the space, it went really smoothly. This Premier Infinity paint that I used, is a one coat paint + primer colour formulation, with super saturated pigments, providing really an amazing coverage! It’s also stain resistant, easy to wash and has a lifetime warranty!

best off white

perfect off white

Here’s the before, with the graige paint :

the before

And here is the bright and airy after:

Best off white paint colours

3 tips for choosing the best off white paint

off white paint


I just couldn’t be happier about the result: this room is finally airy, bright and warm, looks bigger and modern, just as I imagined! Now that I know how easy painting can be, I feel like painting the rest of my home too!


Choosing the best off-white paint colours

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Canadian Tire, all opinions remain entirely my own.