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Studio kitchen reveal

studio kitchen reveal

This is the story of the table that I found on the side of the road over 6 years ago. It’s also a story of my local thrift shop that supports people in need with the profits made. Though I guess you could also say it’s a story about a DIY project that that have helped me set up my new studio kitchen space while being on a tight on a budget!

So if you’re following my stories on Instagram, then you must have seen the glimpses of my new studio that I’m renting with my bff – blogger friend Maca. You might have seen that the space we choose was completely empty – nothing but gorgeous light! We knew that the kitchen space was a priority, but we had to stay on the budget!

So I decided to take things in my own hands, and with a little help of my favourite spray paint Krylon, I managed to transformed the old and uninspiring pieces in to colorful and useful kitchen essentials! We needed a kitchen island, so I decided to use the old table for that purpose. We also needed a colorful glass collection to add a punch of colour to our otherwize very basic kitchen!

Let me show you where I started – what you see here is that old table that I found on the side of the road. I was keeping it in my basement knowing that one day I’ll find the way to bring it back to life – though you must admit that it looked quite hopeless. But I new that with a bit of colour and some ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer Enamel paint, I can bring it back to life!

This post was brought to you by Krylon, all opinions remain my own.

studio kitchen reveal

Another part of my vision was this colorful glass collection – and while we did have a couple of pieces, it was far from calling it a collection- and here is where my local thrift store comes to the story. I went there and got all the vases I could find and have spend a total of 20$ ( the lady at the case looked at me really funny) and decided to fake the colorful glass look. Here’s how mismatched they where:

studio kitchen reveal

I used the same ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer Enamel paint for both project- it’s my favourite spray paint that I already used in my own kitchen. What I love the most about it (apart from the amazing collection of vibrant colors)  is that there’s no preparation needed ! I just wiped the table a little bit ( it was really dusty) and that was it.

And this same paint works on all surfaces- from wood, to glass!

Pro tip- when spray painting small objects, put them inside of a carbox, and spray without worrying!

studio kitchen reveal studio kitchen reveal

Are you in to jadite glass? I love it but it’s so expensive! But see, with a bit of spray paint this candy bowl looks totally like a jadite glass bowl!

Just make sure to let the surfaces dry completely before moving them around!

Note that spray paint should not be used for any object that comes in contact with food and painted objects should be used for decorative purposes only.

Now, would you believe this table used to stand useless in my basement for years?

studio kitchen reveal

studio kitchen reveal

I just love how it turned out! I feel like my soul sings when I look at all these colours! As Matisse said “Purer colors… have in themselves, independently of the objects they serve to express, a significant action on the feelings of those who look at them.” – simply said color brings emotion ! 

studio kitchen reveal

studio kitchen reveal

And now, let me show you my hacked colourful glass collection- can you tell which pieces where spray painted and which are original?

studio kitchen reveal

studio kitchen reveal

studio kitchen reveal

studio kitchen reveal

To say that I love our little kitchen space would be an understatement- and all it took to make it so cheerful was some spray paint! 

studio kitchen reveal

Disclosure – this post was brought to you by Krylon, all opinions remain my own. 

Kitchen makeover reveal

Here’s a little secret: if I follow my heart it always leads me to the fridge! Because quite frankly, the kitchen is the true heart of our home! And any healthy breakfast, yummy snack or amazing Holiday feast, they always start right here: in the kitchen. Just like my daughter’s first cooking lessons: the art of scramble eggs, and the romantic dishes-cleaning with my hubby ( because once you’re a parent here’s where you catch up on your relationship). Oh and also the girls night in – well, no who am I kidding? It’s actually the middle-of-the-day  play date. Everything happens in the kitchen.

And even if the said heart of the home is as small as mine, life still revolves around the kitchen.

And it seems like during the Holiday season the kitchen is even more important then ever! Here’s where we bake cookies and decorate the gingerbread house, here’s where we pour the punch and serve our guests the vine, and here’s where we make our DIY from-the pantry gifts!

So here is how it used to look:

kitchen makeover- before

To improve the very essence of our everyday lives we decided it was about time to finally update our dated and not matching together appliances and to add open shelving to this small space! Our old dishwasher was white while the range and the fridge where in stainless steel. Every appliance was a different mark and on top of it, we were missing the over the range fan! And the classical kitchen cupboards just made the space look even smaller then it was.

When I was looking for the new kitchen appliances I knew I needed a good quality first, with the technology that helps families in their every day! And I must say, I we are more then happy now with all KitchenAid matching appliances!

And so here’s how we made our small kitchen feel bigger, and more practical :

kitchen makeover

kitchen makeover

kitchen makeover

So now our kitchen is ready to take on the load of the Christmas cooking, baking and washing! You can see it all and read all about the best appliances for small spaces here, in the new Hello Holiday guide. I’m also sharing my favorite DIY gift idea -made with the ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry- and more details of the makeover!

If you’re looking for Christmas kitchen and dining room inspiration, then I’m sure you’ll love our guide! It’s packed with the Holiday cheer!

Disclosure: this post was brought to you by Leon’s furniture, all opinions remain my own. Photos without a watermark: made by Scarlet O’Neill  

Kitchen print to print at home

Free kitchen printable

If you follow me for a while now then you know that I just love styling and redecorating my home! So no surprise, I’m working on two secret makeovers now, and one of them involves my kitchen! I won’t tell you any more for now, but I will share with you my new print that I made for this space!

I was looking for a pretty calligraphy style print for my kitchen, but since I couldn’t find what I want, I decided to design it:

“This kitchen is for dancing, coffee sipping and sweet kisses giving! Dishes can wait.”

Because I really believe that everyday moments of happiness happen right here in the kitchen, and for me they consist of my morning coffee, my kids sweet kisses and of seeing them dancing spontaneously while I make dinner!  Also, If you’ll look really close you’ll se what I really deeply believe in:  Dishes can wait. It’s a reminder to live first, and worry about things being cleaned second.

It’s a reminder to enjoy these everyday moments with family, because in the end of the day, that’s what we’ll remember most: kitchen dance parties. And once the kids will grow up, they most likely won’t remember if the sink was always clean or not. But they will remember time spent with us!

Free kitchen printable




free kitchen printable

So you can just click here to download your own kitchen print!

Free kitchen printable

And because free printables are my jam, you can be sure I’ll be adding new ones soon! Because a good quote can make my day, and I’m sure many of you feel the same!

And if you’re on Instagarm please do share a photo of how it looks in your kitchen, and don’t forget to tag me in your photo, will you please? Now excuse me while I’ll go dancing in my kitchen!