Joanna Anastasia

summer salad

Easy Greek salad


This is my childhood favourite salad, the one that I would always eat and even ask for more. Sweet cherry tomatoes, fragrant basil and mint and salty feta cheese. It’s a perfect side salad! Works so well with any grilled meat or fish. You can even add some grilled chicken, and here you have a full protein and delicious meal :).

Boston lettuce
Cherry tomatoes
Feta cheese
Fresh basil & mint

Dressing :
1/4 olive oil
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon maple sirup
Salt & pepper

Cut all your veggies, cheese and herbs, add dressing and voila!

All green summer salad


If you are anything like me , then you don’t really feel like cooking when the weather is hot and sunny. Recently I’m all like : honey let’s grill something 🙂 ! Which basically means that my hubby takes care of the grill and I’m taking care of the sides. Preparing this delicious crunchy yet creamy salad takes not more than couple of minutes. It’s all green , super healthy and really really good! You have the crunch from almonds and cucumbers, the kick from rucola salad and the green olives, and the creamy taste of ripe avocado. It’s perfect :). And served with the slightly sweet maple sirup dressing it made my toddler surprisingly enthusiastic :).


Medium cucumber
1 ripe avocado
1/4 cup green olives
1/4 cup sliced almonds
2 cups rucola
Avocado oil ( or olive oil)
1/2 tablespoon maple sirup
Juice from half a lime

Cut cucumber and avocado in to cubes. Cut olives in to slices. Place veggies and olives on arugula, sprinkle with almonds and add the dressing. If you don’t use avocado oil you may add a bit more of maple sirup.


Enjoy this delicious salad alone with bread or as a great side dish :).

Orange, rasberry and kale salad


I got totally inspired by Aly GarlicHands and his Crunchy Kale Salad. I never made kale at home, I only had it at the fancy bistros and I thought that it requires some fancy preparation.. Well, it doesn’t ! So as much as his version looks delicious, I had a craving for something sweet, a bit acid and juicy. So mixing fruits of the season with my ultimate avocado oil and lime dressing turned kale in to a super treat, that not only us adults, but also our toddler loved!


Avocado oil
Lime juice
Maple syrup

Cut your fruits, mix with kale. Add dressing, let it stand for 10 min. Enjoy!

Cantaloupe summer salad


I created that amazing and super easy refreshing mix last summer.
I never liked sprouts but that salad is not only extremely healthy but it’s surprisingly delicious!
Give this side dish a try on a hot summer afternoon , I’m sure you will love it.

Sunflower sprouts

Sweet dressing :
Avocado oil
maple syrup
lemon juice

Cut, mix ,surprise yourself, enjoy!

Watermelon summer salad

Watermelon summer salad

Another hot summer day, another salad idea!
This one is such a lovely juicy and bursting in flavor side dish! And of course soo easy to make. I think its the best with maple sirup and avocado oil dressing. Yumm!

Mini mozzarella

Dressing :
Avocado oil
Maple syrup
Lime juice

Just cut and mix 🙂