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I remember when I was pregnant first time around, and I was having this mental list of the-things-I-won’t-ever-do-as-a-mom. And believe me, it was a long one. And no screen time before the age of two was somewhere between the: my kids won’t eat fries, I’ll never raise my voice and I won’t let my daughter play with that skinny and unrealistic Barbie.. As you can imagine non if it is still on my list.

I learned to see screen time as a special mix of a cheap babysitter and an opportunity to learn and discover. And I think that it depends from us, parents, which component will be the dominating one.

As you might have read already here, I raise my kids bilingually, so if they watch kids shows, it’s only in Polish and usually on YouTube. It’s always me who’s choosing what they watch ( for now at least). And my three and a half-year old has different rights then my 18 months old. Actually, my baby turning in to toddler can watch a maximum of 30 minutes of animated songs and not more than 3 times a week. And my older one can watch a max of three hours of kids shows a week. And I do count playing on my iPad as screen time. ( And of course, event thought I try to stick to my rules as much as possible, sometimes we do have one of these days when you just let go the rules..)

And believe me, I’m really picky when it comes to choosing apps for my kids. I don’t like it when they don’t teach nothing , or when the illustrations aren’t pretty or when the music isn’t calm and nice ( as a parent I have to endure too much noise!). And being honest, I would like them to play only classical music because it’s stimulating the brain, and because I never get to listen no it anymore.

But I do have a couple of favourites, and DuckieDeck series is one of them. Funny illustrations, calm music and the educational aspect have totally win my heart.

Educational screen time

Playing bird houses was a great opportunity to explain how different birds live in different places, and what are the names of different trees. And then she got to create a bird house. A cute one, to be exact!


First she got to choose a tree and a bird house shape.


And then she got to paint it and decorate it. And she even cleaned her room to play it again!

Educative screen time

The Sharing app from DuckieDeck is another one that we played recently.

Educative screen time

There are 6 games to choose from,ball concentrating on equal sharing between kids, and my daughter really liked it!

Educative screen time

The last one that we enjoyed playing was the Collection app, with also 6 games to choose from.

Educative screen time

I think that this one is perfect for a toddler: they can feed animals ( and learn what they eat) clean, decorate cakes, create funny monsters and pick fruits and veggies to see if they have seed or maybe if you eat their or roots.

Educative screen time

What are your favourite children’s apps?

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Healthy pancakes with home made strawberry jam

Quinoa pancakes

These fluffy, easy and healthy pancakes are a breeze to make, even in the rush of a busy morning! With the health benefits of quinoa and the home made strawberry jam, they make for a perfect breakfast. And the best part is that they are made from a GogoQuinoa pancake mix, which means that the preparation is less then 5 minutes!

I got to discover them recently, and I’m so nicely surprised: they are made with only natural and healthy ingredients ( whole grains, gluten free and vegan) and yet they taste really good! ( because let’s face it, a lot of times super healthy products taste like carton, you know that right?) And I really loved how the comfort food all of the sudden became the healthy food!

And for the home made jam, I think it’s so worth making one! Especially now, in the strawberry season. You just have more taste, and less preservatives, and if you have kids they can help and feel like they accomplished something great.

Home made French style strawberry jam

Strawberry jam:

1 litre of cleaned strawberries
1 cup sugar
Juice from 1 lemon

Cook to together on low heat for around 2 hours stirring occasionally. Eat within 2 weeks and keep refrigerated.

Healthy pancakes

Healthy quinoa pancakes :

1 package of GogoQuinoa Pancake Mix
1 egg
1 cup milk ( can be soya milk)

Mix it all together, and place a spoonful on a pan with a bit of butter, cook from two sites until golden. Eat warm with home made strawberry jam or maple syrup.

Healthy pancakes

I got this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Deli style, garlic roasted pork sandwich

Garlic roast sandwich

Did you ever wonder how to save yourself time and money while cooking? I did, plenty of times. So one of the answers that I came up with, is to cook once and eat twice. And with this garlic roasted pork, you’ll have a super easy to prepare, yet ultra comforting dinner one night, and enough leftovers to fill at least two delicious lunches!

Garlic roasted pork sandwich

Second way of saving time and money would definitively be bringing your own lunch to work. And Yes, I’m a SAHM, but my hubby does work, and he also hates preparing his own lunches. He doesn’t mind eating the leftovers that much, it’s all the preparation in the morning that discourages him ( and me).

You know, that morning rush, when there is 3 more minutes left and the lunch is still not packed, because you can’t find a lid that won’t leak? Yes, that’s what was discouraging. But I did found a solution to that problem as well :).


You see, I believe that lunch boxes are not only for kids. They are so practical, they keep the lettuce crispy and they most certainly don’t leak! And this Rubbermaid LunchBlox comes with blue ice on top of it! So you can be sure that this meat sandwich will stay fresh! And you can personalize it the way you want to:

Garlic roasted pork sandwich

So, this is the easiest meat recipe I know, that when served with mashed potatoes becomes the ultimate comfort food:

Garlic roasted pork :
3 pound of boneless pork shoulder
8 cloves of garlic
1/4 teaspoon Freshly grounded pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix pressed garlic, salt and pepper in to a well blended paste, then spread it all over your meat. Roast slowly on 265F for 4 hours. When it’s ready, take it out of the oven, and let it cool down for around 20 minutes. Serve with mashed potatoes and a simple green salad.

Garlic roasted pork sandwich

Deli style garlic roasted pork sandwich :
Sliced garlic rosted pork
Boston lettuce

Dressing :
1/4 cup of mayo
1 teaspoon of ancient style French mustard

Garlic roasted pork sandwich

Preparation :
Put a generous amount of dressing on your bread slices, add meat and lettuce. Don’t forget that you need to serve it with a dill pickle! It’s deli style :).

Garlic roasted pork sandwich

And since there is a container for a side, a fruit and a snack, you can add what you wish, although I suggest to keep it healthy : grape tomatoes, apple and nuts are a great and nutritious choice! But, if you really feel like cookies, go ahead, the little green box will help you keep your portion moderate :).

Garlic roasted pork sandwich

Here, you might find me a bit over the top, but I like to add a little note from time to time. You know, it takes only 3 minutes to brighten someone’s day :).

Garlic roasted pork

Do you take lunches to work? Or do you prepare them for your spouse and / or kids? What are your tricks to save time and money? I’d love to know !

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Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

Here is a fun little project inspired by my daughter Lili : a little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet, that was the reason for which we decided that we needed one in the first place. You see, in my parenting philosophy girls should have the freedom to be as girly or as tomboyish as they feel. They should be free to express themselves, their passions and interests, and free to change their mind too ;).

So when I was proposed one of these cute CHARM IT! accessories, I didn’t really think twice. I love jewelry, and Lili is always trying to play with my necklaces and earrings. Our love for jewelry is as real as our love for chocolate :). But you see, what is special about this product, is the choice of charms : from girly and sweet, to funny and geeky ! You can find a charm for every occasion, milestone or hobby. Ours came with a range if the cutest charms :


When I gave it to her, ( as a gift for a particularity good behaviour 🙂 ) she instantly fell for the little dog with pink glasses, actually insisting that it was a cat! Well, we do have two cats, so obviously she wanted it to represent one of them.

And I love the quality and the thoughtful details : it’s adjustable, the charms are super easy to attach and detach and there is so many different ones to choose from!

Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

So then, I decided that it’s a great opportunity to put all of her little girls accessories in one place. I was tired of trying to find a hairband early in the morning, while she’s supposed to be dressing for daycare, but is screaming that she doesn’t want to have her hair done, or that she needs to have two perfectly braided pony tails! (One or the other, depending from her mood).

Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

We used an empty spice box kit : a metal box and two little metal spice containers. I give Lili a choice of pretty crafting paper, and we went with a mix & match attitude :). And we didn’t even bother to use Mod Podge , just a simple glue !

Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

And voila, a little girls jewelry box, fast to make, and easy to open by these little chubby hands :

Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

Honestly, all it took for her, to be more patient while I do her hair in the morning, was this little box that she’s bringing to me now with a smile. And while I do her hair, she’s taking out her adorable CHARM IT! bracelet, playing with it, and inventing stories about the little cat (I know, I know, it’s a dog, but try explaining it to her!) that was wearing glasses and drinking milk..

Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

I really think that this is the cutest little girls accessory! Since you can add any funky, funny charm that you can imagine, it truly makes for a lovely gift, and you can get them at any GAP Kids :).

Little girls jewelry box & CHARM IT! first bracelet

Do your little girls wear jewelry ? And what are your tricks for keeping them calm while you do their hair?

Disclosure: I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

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