5 reasons why your child needs merino wool clothing

I discovered merino wool 5 years ago when I was in New Zealand with my at-the-time fiancé ( now hubby). We spend almost 4 months in that amazing place, hiking, exploring and having the best time in our lives. That is, until our daughters came along, because obviously the best fun ever is being a parent 😉 .

Why merino wool clothing is the best choice for active kids and busy moms

Back then, everyone had something made from merino wool and I remember that it wasn’t until I got myself a long sleeve shirt when I understood why. It’s the perfect keep-me-warm-yet-never-too-hot garment of clothing! It lets you breathe, it feels soft against your skin, keeps you warm and cozy and never, ever gets to smell bad!

So obviously as soon as I had kids I wanted a merino for them too.

Something to keep them warm, but never too hot, something soft, cute and perfect for any occasion. The only problem was that, merino wool is usually used in high-end sports wear for adults. As if kids wouldn’t be in constant motion, getting dirty and smelling funky!

And then, one day I found thorough Instagram Luvmother . Sourced in New Zealand and Australia, and then made in Canada. And best of all : designed especially for kids!

Why merino wool is the best choice for your child

These beautiful basics have all of the best merino wool characteristics: soft, warm and breathable with the cutest kid friendly features. The hoodies are longer in the back, with pretty prints, soft hues and practical little pockets. No big distracting logos, just a subtitle double stitch in the back.

Why merino is the best choice for your child

I actually contacted them and said that I really, really want to try their clothes. And so I took Lili for a mother-daughter date. We went for a walk by the river, where the wind blows and it feels like vacation ( my daughters words!). We looked at the boats passing by. We run. And it was great knowing that even when the wind was blowing harder she wasn’t to cold, and when the sun was coming back she wasn’t too hot neither. I could really concentrate on her.

Why it's the best choice for your child

And so, here are the reasons why I love merino wool on kids:

1. Merino keeps kids really warm.
Merino has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, so it’s trapping body heat similar to the way a sleeping bag warms its occupant.

1. But they never feel too hot, or wet in it!
Merino wool draws sweat away from the skin. Since this fabric is slightly moisture repellent it helps to avoid the feeling of wetness.

2. It never smells bad.
It’s because merino wool has antibacterial properties ( so you get to do a bit less laundry, yay!).

3. It’s really soft, so kids can wear it directly on bearskin.
Merino is one of the softest types of wool available, so it doesn’t scratch.

6. It’s a perfect garment for active lifestyle : aka for being a kid.
Thanks to it’s properties it’s used a lot in high-end athletes clothing. So it’s a perfect choice for anyone who runs/climbs/jumps/and guests dirty a lot.


And then we went apple picking. I really wanted to test these cloths in both colder and warmer weather, to see if they are really as great. And they are. It was a sunny fall afternoon, with a bit of clouds, and my girls seemed to be very comfortable.

Why merino wool is the best choice for your child best choice for your child

My younger one got all wet from all of the apples that she had (just imagine a messy creature bursting in to a very juicy fruit. 10 times in a row.) And her cute birdie sweatshirt dried so fast that I didn’t even had to change her!

Why merino is the best choice for your child

As for Lili, she didn’t even know we were testing anything here. She was just happy that I let her climb that tree and wear her dad’s hat. And that her little sis couldn’t climb that high!

Side note : luvmother clothing is made to fit. But my almost four year old is a very tall little girl, so I got her a Aha Hoody in a 5-6 size. She totally rocks it as a tunic, but originally it’s meant to fit tighter. As for my almost-toddler Rose, she’s officially wearing 18 to 24 moths, and so I got her the smallest available size 2.

Why merino is the best choice for your child

Disclosure : I received this product free for review, all opinions remain my own.

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