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How to have more energy while breastfeeding

nursing mom energy

While this is my third baby now, it’s also my third postpartum time and my third breastfeeding period – and let me tell you, it doesn’t really get easier! I mean, it gets less stressful and more predictable, but it’s still all very exhausting! Keeping up with bigger kids, working on my own projects and being an open milk bar 24/7 is definitely not for the weak! But I’m still smiling and full of energy – at least most days!

nursing mom energy


The trick? It’s all about good habits:

  1. Sleep when you can ( don’t stay up late, since baby will wake you up anyway!).
  2. Let go of the unimportant things ( like keeping up with laundry ) and just assume the chaos is a part of life now.
  3. Eat well ( try not to skip meals, eat wholesome and nutritious food) 
  4. And stay fueled with the right snacks!

And as a breastfeeding mom who works part time, and has my baby babysit once – twice a week, the best snack for me is the one that can help with my milk supply!

See, I discovered these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies: Munchkin Milkmakers Lactation Cookie Bites at Babies R Us Canada – that have all the right ingredients to keep us moms (remove apostrophe) fueled! They are packed with the tested and trusted milk supply boosters and whole ingredients and it doesn’t hurt that they taste really yummy too!

Disclosure – this post was brought to you by Babies R Us Canada, all opinions remain my own.

nursing mom energy

nursing mom energy

They are really very handy when I have my work meetings and I have to skip  a nursing session- they come in snack sized portions and are perfect on the go! And I find them even more useful at home, when I’m starving between meals ( hello breastfeeding appetite ) and need a quick pick me up to regain energy ( hello middle of the night wake ups!)

And while this breastfeeding mom thing doesn’t get easier, I wouldn’t have it any other way- all the baby smiles, the snuggles, and the amount of love a baby adds to home makes it all worth it! And when the breastfeeding is easy and the baby full and happy then mama life is so much easier too!

nursing mom energy

This post was brought to you by Babsie R Us, all opinions remain my own. 

Why do people get offended by nursing in public ?

Normalize breastfeeding

So let me tell you one thing. It’s all because of porn. And baby formula. There, I said it.
Now you’re probably sitting there, choking on your coffee, asking yourself since when do I write about porn, and what does this have to do with harmless, sometimes life-saving baby formula ?

Ok, so think about this for a minute. Around 100 years ago, nobody had ever heard of porn. There were no formula-fed babies either. Of course most women didn’t nurse in restaurants, but they didn’t hide in toilets either, and most people would have seen their mother nursing a baby, or their sister, or a neighbour. It was normal to use breasts for feeding babies. Every one was doing it. It was as obvious as the sun above us.

At the same time, porn didn’t exist. People didn’t see naked bodies a lot. Actually exposing a knee or an ankle was quite sexy. Some rich and educated men had access to the first nude photos or could find some kinky literature, but there was no media bombarding them with images of half-naked bodies.

What they did see were women nursing their babies. Using their body parts: breasts. And if they saw a knee, they got excited.

And here we are now. The twenty-first century, progress and all that…
Women are hiding in nursing rooms or behind covers to feed their babies. If they don’t, they risk being told that they disturb, that they are offending others or that they are seeking attention. At the same time, you can walk around in shorts that show your butt. Media that are heavily influenced by porn are showing erotic images everywhere you look. Women in underwear are the ultimate images that sell it all: from cars to cosmetics. And porn aesthetics shape our behaviour.

Why no, you say, you are by no means influenced by porn, you don’t watch it; you don’t approve of it! Well, the images in which young women in their underwear pose for a perfume or apparel ad are influenced by porn. Wanting to buy these items after viewing these ads means that you are influenced by porn. We all are. Shaving one’s bikini area demonstrates the influence of the porn industry which first started it. It’s mainstream culture that is responsible for over-sexualizing women’s bodies in general, and their breasts in particular.

The funny thing is that the stereotypically appealing breast shape in Western culture is the one of a breast full of milk. How ironic. Porn stars, actresses, and women who believe that they to need to be sexy above all go under the knife to have breasts that look just like the breasts of a nursing, full-of-milk mom. Yet full-of-milk mom is not supposed to show her breasts any more. She should hide.

Of course, she has the choice to bottle feed in public like all women do in media, in movies, tv series. Do we see nursing mom breastfeeding on TV? Not really. So why should we see them in real life?

That’s why I say that it’s all because of porn and formula. Porn has over-sexualized our bodies and influenced mass media. The existence of baby formula has allowed people the choice to switch to a “decent” way of feeding.

And the generation that was bottle fed doesn’t have the reference that the generations before did. They are not used to seeing women nurse because they weren’t. They didn’t see their mothers, aunts and neighbours nurse. They learned to believe that breasts are for sex and that milk comes from a bottle.

That’s why it’s all because of porn and baby formula. Breastfeeding in public is called offensive because of porn and baby formula. And I refuse to agree with that. I refuse to feel like I’m doing something wrong or socially incorrect by simply feeding my baby in the oldest, simplest and most natural way possible.

I feel that it’s a black path of history that we’re walking now. I know that one day it’ll be only history, but for now I feel that we need to normalize breastfeeding.
Nurse in public, especially around kids so they’ll grow up seeing women’s bodies as fantastic life-giving, food-producing organisms rather than sexual objects that exist to please others.

10 things You didn’t know about breastfeeding


I’m nursing my second baby right now, my first was breastfed for over a year, and it was her who decided that she was done with it. So no wonder I’m quite interested with the subject :). And since most information that we hear talks about the general health benefits for the baby, and extra cuddle time with mummy, well I wanted to go a bit beyond that, and look into the advantages for both woman and child. So here are some cool facts, some from research and some from my personal experience, that you might have not known about breastfeeding :

1. It is linked to prevent breast cancer , so basically the longer you nurse the lower are your chances to get breast cancer.
(more info :

2. Poop of a baby exclusively breastfed does not really stink.

3. Exclusive breastfeeding is associated with less colic .

4. Breastfeeding is also associated with baby’s longer nocturnal sleep thanks to melatonin that is present in mothers milk .

5. Each time you nurse your body is giving you a gift; a feel good hormone (oxytocin) is being released. As an effect you feel content, satisfied and happy as if you would have had chocolate or been kissing a lot !:)

6. If you are nursing at night lying in bed on the side:
you almost don’t need to wake up, so you sleep better.

7. It can be more difficult than you thought it would be. You might need help of a lactation consultant, who actually will help you solve your breastfeeding problems.

8. Research shows the link between breastfeeding and lower risk of allergies.

9. There is no pattern, if you were struggling with your first child, second one can pleasantly surprise you. You might have more milk and your child might latch better.

10. Breastfeeding is associated with better cognitive development of children.
(More info :

And if you ever wondered  why do people get offended when you nurse in public, click here.