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Christmas craft

Printable Christmas gift tags & wrapping paper set

Christmas is only a month away and in my books it means that it’s about time to start the preparations! I know there’s still time for the cooking and baking, but when you’re an usually busy adult then during the holiday season ( full of activities, obligations, parties and extra magic- and much more parenting effort then usually!) then you’re basically on the edge of a breakdown! Unless of course your start early, get your gifts ahead of time, wrap them and tag them right away and hide away before the real holiday rush starts!

So this year I decided to make my own printable Christmas gift tags- and some wrapping paper that goes with it, in an effort to :

  • always be ready to wrap a gift ( just press print and voila)
  • be more eco friendly ( I already have lots of paper at home, and I don’t need to buy any new wrapping paper or tags!)

I couldn’t be happier with this little printable set I created- it’s cheerful, joyful and perfect to mix an match! I made two shapes of tags for you, 9 different designs of tags, and 4 different wrapping paper sheets!

I printed everything on regular paper, and I just love how it turned out! My girls where helping me cut out the gift tags, we have put on some holiday music and with the snow outside it felt like christmas is only days away!

Clearly I’m obsessed with red, white and blue this season- also, everything hand lettered and cute! I hope you’ll like my little wrapping set as much as me and my girls we love it!

You can get the PDF file HERE – simply download it, print at home, cut out the tags and get wrapping with the wrapping paper sheets!

And make sure to share with me how you wrapped your gifts with my set – just tag me on your Instagram photos ( @joanna.anastasia_ ) I can’t wait to see how you’ll be using them!

Recycled cardboard Christmas tree: easy winter craft

Easy winter craft

When the first snow appeared out the window we decided that it was about time for a winter craft. Because homeschooling isn’t only about letters and numbers, but also about fine mother skills, creativity and simply having fun together ( and making mess, just wait and see!).

This little winter craft is really fun for all ages. If you have toddlers on your hand, let them paint the cardboard Christmas tree. If you have preschoolers, they can even cut the tree out and assemble everything all alone. And if you don’t mind cleaning the glitter for days and days to come, then both of them can sprinkle their trees with glitter ! (Yes, I did have glitter for days after.Yes, it did drive me crazy..)

What you’ll need:

Cardboard ( can be old envelopes or a cereal box)
Paint ( green and white)

Winter craft

Cut out the Christmas tree. Cut two at the same time, so you have two matching shapes.
It doesn’t need to be perfect! If you’re using a cereal box, or an old cardboard envelope, just glue the printed sides together, and then cut out the tree (this is what we did with one of the pre-assembled-tree-in-making)

Now cut a line from the bottom up in the first one, and from the top down on the second one.

Winter craft

Paint them in green or white, and sprinkle with glitter. Although if you don’t want to have glitter everywhere, just skip this step. Although it’s much more pretty with glitter..

Winter craft

Slide the matching tree sides together, and let it sparkle!

Winter craft

If your kids are older (and I’m assuming more patient then mine are) you could give them some mini pompoms to glue to their trees, or cut out little stars and add them too.

Winter craft

Whatever you decide, I hope you’ll have fun!

Potato stamped gift tags


In my attempt of putting the Christmas cheer in to a discusting, gray and cold morning, we made these simple, Scandinavian inspired potato stamped gift tags:). It’s such a simple craft, looks really nice and can be made even with a toddler!

Personally I love this simple black and gray palette, a bit rustic and a bit modern, but I’m pretty sure it would look great with a white cardboard and green or red paint.


Cardboard gift tags

Stamped gift tags

Cut a shape of your choice from a half of a potato. We opted for a Christmas tree shape, but a star would also be nice! Now let your kid get creative and dirty :). Just remember that these potato stamped gift tags look the best when there isn’t much paint on your potato stamp! It might be difficult to explain this to a toddler, but otherwise you’ll just end up with a black stain on your gift card (what happened to us twice 😉 ).


When you’re done just write a name with a pretty pen on the othe side, and you’re done !


Clay Christmas ornaments

 Easy Christmas ornaments

I’m really holding my self from listening to x-mas music , my all time favorite :Last x-mas.. and all the others. I usually try to stick to 1 of December rule: no Christmas fever before that date. But since we had first snow 2 days ago, I just couldn’t stand the temptation any more, and I started making some clay Christmas ornaments, that are also great as a Christmas gift.

 Easy Christmas ornaments

All you need is some cornstarch, baking soda and water, and it gives you this great, easy to handle, even by the little hands clay-like mixture. We had a great activity together with my daughter, and now I can’t wait to decorate our Christmas tree :).

2 cups baking soda
1 cup cornstarch
1 1/4 cup water

Mix it all, and put on the stove , on medium heat, just keep on stirring until it boils. When it’ll get thick , take it of the heat, and let cool down before manipulating. I used some cookie cutters and earnings 🙂 After I cut my forms, I pressed gently with an earning to add this extra texture that you see in the corner. But you could also use stamps. Cut your forms on the surface dusted with cornstarch, so it doesn’t stick. When you’ll be done let them air dry, it should take around 24 h.

Clay Christmas ornament

And then, I packed them in little boxes, and they made for a lovely hand made gift :).

Clay Christmas ornament

Just don’t forget that this is a very delicate clay, so for storage, wrap them very carefully!

 Easy Christmas ornaments