Potato stamped gift tags


In my attempt of putting the Christmas cheer in to a discusting, gray and cold morning, we made these simple, Scandinavian inspired potato stamped gift tags:). It’s such a simple craft, looks really nice and can be made even with a toddler!

Personally I love this simple black and gray palette, a bit rustic and a bit modern, but I’m pretty sure it would look great with a white cardboard and green or red paint.


Cardboard gift tags

Stamped gift tags

Cut a shape of your choice from a half of a potato. We opted for a Christmas tree shape, but a star would also be nice! Now let your kid get creative and dirty :). Just remember that these potato stamped gift tags look the best when there isn’t much paint on your potato stamp! It might be difficult to explain this to a toddler, but otherwise you’ll just end up with a black stain on your gift card (what happened to us twice 😉 ).


When you’re done just write a name with a pretty pen on the othe side, and you’re done !


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