Joanna Anastasia


Easy harvest vegetarian pasta


So since I’m a lazy mom, sometimes I’m so lazy tired, it’s my hubby who cooks. And his absolute favorite family weekday dish it’s that : easy vegetarian saute, made with fresh veggies from the market,aromatic basil and children’s favorite: pasta. Obviously it is also one of my favorites, especially that it’s not me who’s cooking 😉

One big red bell pepper
green and yellow zucchinis
half of a cauliflower
2 tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
fresh basil
olive oil
cooked fettuccine or spaghetti

Cut your veggies, and saute them on olive oil ( tip: start with the hardest ones like cauliflower and peppers, and add zucchinis,garlic and tomatoes later on ) When all is nice and tender, yet still crunchy mix it with your pasta. Add fresh basil on top. Simple, fast, and so good !

Simple & yummy ratatouille


It’s a very simple dish that with a bit of olive oil and a lot o patience turns in to delicious comfort food of fall. Since all the harvest best is just waiting for us at the market, I couldn’t but hear the call of nice ripe tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Therefore I opted for one of my partly french-Canadian family favorites : ratatouille. My toddler loves it because all the veggies are given this new, sweetish and delicate taste since they have been all sauteed separately in olive oil. And that’s when you’ll need your patients, cause once you’ll cut your veggies in nice cubes,you’ll need to keep them apart one from another and place them on the pan with olive oil to cook them until they are nicely soft before mixing everything together. I usually use two pans to speed the process a little. But, I assure you, it is totally worth the job! So go ahead and give it a try 🙂

4 bell peppers of different colors
4 big ripe tomatoes
1 big eggplant
6 medium carrots
3 medium onions
4 cloves of garlic
Olive oil
salt & pepper

Cut your veggies in to cubes. You can start with carrots and peppers, and while you saute them on two pans separately, with a good dose of olive oil, you can cut the rest. When carrots and peppers will get soft, you can mix them together, and start with another veggie. Don’t forget to mix them together only once the are nice and soft. Add crushed garlic in the end,let it mingle a bit, and serve with crunchy toasted french bread. For a full meal couple it with one of my soups 🙂 Yum!