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This will improve your kids health now

You know you’re a mom when you worry about kids health more than you worry about your own wellbeing, am I right? Because let’s be honest, a kid that feels bad, doesn’t eat well and is in a bad mood will influence everyone at home- and make your mom heart ache. . So I think one of my biggest role as a mom is to prevent their health issues.

Now we all know that gut health is important- and how it affects our mood, skin, metabolism and immune system , right? 

But it’s not always easy to convince our kids to eat food that can help with gut health. Then there are the oh so important omega-3, that are essential to cognitive health and the maintenance of bones and teeth.

That’s why I was really excited when I discovered the Genuine Health-y Kids line made especially with the little ones in mind! From the amazing supplements to gut superfoods, they have our kids needs covered!

Disclosure; this post is brought to you by Genuine Health, all opinions remain exclusively my own.

I had the pleasure to try with my girls three new products, and I’m happy to say that they are easy to implement in our daily diet!

First up, the omega3 kids + D3- is our easy go to health fix- I keep it on hand, and my girls just see the bottle and ask me to have some (it’s so yummy!) It was made to deliver nutrients that are critical to your child’s development: the intake of EPA & DHA, Lutein and Vitamin D- all sustainable, pure and safe!

Then, the fermented organic gut superfoods+ kids in form of a powder, that you can mix with water for a super healthy shake that will boost your child’s nutritional intake, or add to your morning smoothie!

And lastly, we tried the advanced gut health probiotic kids with 5 billion CFU from 7 balanced strains specifically chosen to support their overall and gastrointestinal health. I was so happy to try this with my girls, as the tablets are chewable and finally it was a gut health product that they really liked! 

Taking care of our kids’ health is a huge responsibility, and I often feel overwhelmed, it’s good to know that these products are all natural so our kids can thrive and feel great!

Disclosure- this post was brought to you by Genuine Health, all opinions remain entirely my own.D

Feeling better from the inside out

Probiotics for the win

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”

― William Shakespeare

Centuries have passed and this quote is as accurate as ever before! And in our busy modern lifestyle, being a gardener to our inner garden is one of our biggest daily challenges!
Because while we try to take care of our body and our mind, it’s never really easy to find time for self-care. We may try to exercise and eat healthy, moisture our skin, and nourish our soul. But none of that will really work in our benefit if we forget about our inner garden: our gut and it’s unique bacterial flora. With the processed food surrounding us and with our sterile environment, there’s less and less good bacteria in our diet and in everyday life. And newest research shows that the right bacteria can help us with our digestive health, boost our immunity, our skin, and even mood!

Probiotics for the win

So while each of us has its own highly diverse ecosystem – the intestinal flora – most of us don’t know that we have less diversity in it then we should! And that in order to flourish it needs a balanced biodiversity!

So even though I’m still figuring out the balance of self-care while caring for my crazy little family, I did make some changes that help me feel better. I drink more water starting from the morning. I take try to slow down a bit, and go outside daily. And I start everyday with my probiotic!

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

And I chose Advanced Gut Health Probiotic 15 billion CFU daily care because they have the highest strain count, targeted delivery and their shelf stable blister pack ( meaning that they don’t need to be refrigerated!) . Also, the friendly bacteria that are in these advanced health probiotic don’t simply add 15 bacterium for the short period of time: they actually allow other depending on them bacteria to flourish! Plus, they are non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan and soy free, so basically everyone can take them!

So now, even when my mornings are always busy and my kids seem to always want something from me (like another chocolate chip muffin, a different color of a cup or a batch of home-made play-dough before breakfast! ) I try to remember about my body and my self-care too. So I teach them to drink water with me, and I take my Advanced Gut Health Probiotic.

Probiotics for the win

If you’d like to try them too, and start to feel better from the inside out, you can find them in your local health food retailer and here online . I’m sure your inner garden will thank you!

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Genuine Health, all opinions remain my own.