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Embrace the mess

you're not doing it wrong if you feel like your life is a mess, life with kids is messy, and it's fine, here's why.

Motherhood is full of the mess. It’s learning that things don’t go as planned. It’s realizing that the only control in life we have is over our own reactions, and nothing else. It’s realizing that we can’t control our kids or force them to do anything they really don’t want to do. It’s learning to let go. It’s learning what’s really important and what we can live without.

Motherhood is mess. Real life toy mess. Kitchen and laundry mess. Mom hair mess. Dirty diaper mess.

Motherhood is emotional mess. The postpartum tears. The babyhood exhaustion of a mom who haven’t sleep in months. The toddler-hod confusion of a mom facing first tantrums and meltdowns. The mom of a bigger kid realization that there is always something to learn and that it never get’s really easy. That they change, and we can’t tell in which direction it’ll all go.

It’s the mess of our own reactions. Realization where are our patience limits are. Learning to embrace the unplanned.

Motherhood is a mess in relationships. It’s the sadness over loosing contact with friends that are childless and that we see way too rarely.. It’s the relationship with friends who have kids and with whom we can never finish a sentence during a play date. It’s a mess in friendships, that while so so very important, just have to fall after motherhood.

Motherhood is a mess in a couple. The tired days and exhausted evenings. The conversations unfinished, the I know-you-feel-it too-look. All the feelings shared, though not over a romantic weekly date but over a messy kitchen table with whiny kids around.

All that mess. We can’t run from it. And let’s not believe in lies that if only we’ll clean enough, try harder, parent better, self care more, date and just really try, that then all that mess mess will be gone.

embrace the mess

It wont. This is the time of our lives. The time of mess. Let’s embrace it. Lets smile at it. Lets giggle and accept.

This is the time when our emotions are the heaviest but also the fullest.

This is the time when we love our babies and they love us to the moon and back.

This is the time when we need our fiends like never before.

This is the time when we need out couples to stay strong. In that mess, not without it.

Lets just embrace it. The blurry photos where nobody looks at the camera. The never-really-clean-home. The unfinished conversations. The-I know-you-know-look. The tears and loughs.

And remember, if you feel your life is a mess, don’t ever start thinking that you’re doing it wrong!

Through the ¬†mess of early spring mud, the plants and flowers grow, through the mess of everyday life with kids, you’re growing as a mother and they learn to be happy in the present real life!.

There may be simple solutions for keeping a house clean, and meal plan on point, lunches prepared, and laundry all done, kids calm and obeying and self care, couple connection and social life on point. But the reality is that, while it can be done, it can’t be done all at once. And it’s fine.

Kids don’t need to live in a perfectly set life with a perfectly organized mother. They need to see you happy, and they’ll learn what happiness is.

Kids don’t need a perfect surrounding to thrive. They need love and attention. And a happy mom. So don’t beat yourself up for being a mess. Just embrace it.¬†

How to make cleaning with kids easier

how to make cleaning with kids easier, even if they aways make mess, and even when you don't feel like cleaning all the time!

If you ever wondered why do I call myself a Lazy Mom here it is: I’m not good in housekeeping work. Actually, let me tell it as it really is: I simply don’t like it. And we all know that with kids the amount of housework triples! The laundry, the toys everywhere, and the crumbs.. Oh the crumbs, they where always driving me crazy! I even considered getting a dog at some point, only so he’d eat the crumbs ( I now, it’s not a good reason. No, we’re not getting a dog, don’t worry). So I’m sure you can imagine how exited I got when I discovered bObi Pet from bObsweep ? Alas, the robotic vacuum cleaner also known as mommy-sanity-saver and marriage-enchanter!

How to make cleaning with kids easier

Starting in the morning, while my girls finish eating their breakfast ( aka -throwing-pieces-of-food-on-the-floor) and I finish my coffee, I get my bObi to swipe the floor. I set him on “waffle” and he cleans all that horrible mess of bread crumbs, dry cereal, fruit pieces and so on.

how to make cleaning with kids easier

Later, while I help my girls getting dressed and I brush their hair, I set him to clean more through fully and he goes all around the sun-room and the kitchen, wiping, mopping and uv-light disinfecting.

how to make cleaning with kids easier

In the afternoon, while we play together or read in the living room, I set him on “go”, and bObi goes all around the house, getting the dust from underneath the sofa, and from behind the chairs.

And on the days when I send my daughters to their part-time kindergarten, while I work and my cats nap in peace, he’ll do all the pet hair cleaning and all the vacuuming all alone.

how to make cleaning with kids easier

I can even program him to go and clean in the hallway on Wednesdays after our play date, and in the dining room on Sundays after our family dinner! And he ” sees” the stars so I don’t have to worry about him falling in to the basement!

how to make cleaning with kids easier

Now, you can’t blame me I love my bObi Pet do you? Because seriously, who wouldn’t?

how to make cleaning with kids easier

Disclosure : I received this product from bObsweep free for review, all opinions remain my own.