how to make cleaning with kids easier, even if they aways make mess, and even when you don't feel like cleaning all the time!

If you ever wondered why do I call myself a Lazy Mom here it is: I’m not good in housekeeping work. Actually, let me tell it as it really is: I simply don’t like it. And we all know that with kids the amount of housework triples! The laundry, the toys everywhere, and the crumbs.. Oh the crumbs, they where always driving me crazy! I even considered getting a dog at some point, only so he’d eat the crumbs ( I now, it’s not a good reason. No, we’re not getting a dog, don’t worry). So I’m sure you can imagine how exited I got when I discovered bObi Pet from bObsweep ? Alas, the robotic vacuum cleaner also known as mommy-sanity-saver and marriage-enchanter!

How to make cleaning with kids easier

Starting in the morning, while my girls finish eating their breakfast ( aka -throwing-pieces-of-food-on-the-floor) and I finish my coffee, I get my bObi to swipe the floor. I set him on “waffle” and he cleans all that horrible mess of bread crumbs, dry cereal, fruit pieces and so on.

how to make cleaning with kids easier

Later, while I help my girls getting dressed and I brush their hair, I set him to clean more through fully and he goes all around the sun-room and the kitchen, wiping, mopping and uv-light disinfecting.

how to make cleaning with kids easier

In the afternoon, while we play together or read in the living room, I set him on “go”, and bObi goes all around the house, getting the dust from underneath the sofa, and from behind the chairs.

And on the days when I send my daughters to their part-time kindergarten, while I work and my cats nap in peace, he’ll do all the pet hair cleaning and all the vacuuming all alone.

how to make cleaning with kids easier

I can even program him to go and clean in the hallway on Wednesdays after our play date, and in the dining room on Sundays after our family dinner! And he ” sees” the stars so I don’t have to worry about him falling in to the basement!

how to make cleaning with kids easier

Now, you can’t blame me I love my bObi Pet do you? Because seriously, who wouldn’t?

how to make cleaning with kids easier

Disclosure : I received this product from bObsweep free for review, all opinions remain my own.

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