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Christmas living room makover

Simple ideas for Christmas living room decoration

As much as I love Christmas – I’m the first one to sing Christmas songs, and I don’t even get a tiny bit annoyed with festive decor just after Halloween – I also believe that Christmas is more than just a big Christmas tree and gift shopping. I believe that it’s simply about being close with the ones you love, making your own traditions and celebrating the season.

So for me, decorating for Christmas, is simply about adding comfort. It’s about a comfy chair for my guests, it’s about a sofa big enough for me, my hubby, our daughters, my cats and my daughters dolls and toys. It’s about feeling cozy and warm.

This year I was all about the white and red color scheme, simple Christmas tree and layering textures. I guess I’m equally inspired by Scandinavian simplicity as French elegance!

And Christmas is my favorite time, and as a homebody that I am, my home is my favorite gathering place! So making the room as inviting, cozy and comfortable as possible, is all that I wished for.

Simple ideas for Christmas living room decorating

Simple Christmas living room decorating ideas

That’s why while decorating for Christmas with the help of Leon’s furniture I opted for two small Xmas trees rather then one big. And since our space is rather small all I wanted for it, is t make it as cozy as possible.

And now, our living room is the real epicenter of our Christmas traditions. This is where we check on our DIY advent calendar in the morning. This is where we talk on Skype with our extended family that is back in Europe. This is where we entertain friends and family, where we unwrap gifts and sip hot chocolate.

You can see more of my Christmas Living room , along other great Christmas decorating and hosting ideas, in our Hello Holiday Guide here!

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Cozy room must haves.

 Cozy room must have , and gow to add layers and texture to any room

I believe that every space should be practical, comfortable and cohesive. Practical, because function is the most important part of well designed space. So while planing our living room I concentrated on our real life needs. We live with kids and pets, so this space should be little-creature-friendly. But living room is also a place to relax and unwind for us adults, so this space should be as relaxing and comforting as possible. And a cohesive space is the one where colors and textures compliment each other.

So with all that in mind, while transforming my living room I concentrated on varied textures, calming color palette and functional pieces. Then I topped it all up, with these key, cozy room must haves:

1. Textured pillows and throws.

They add instant element of warmth to any room, are easy to change within season, and make any place look and feel comfortable.

2. Soft area rug.

Area rugs are the piece that adds that polished and designer-planned look to any room, and depending from the colors and textures, rugs can make the space look bigger, more elegant or more cozy!

3. Wooden pieces.
Natural wood ( dark or light) is the element that instantly makes people feel cozy and at home. Sometimes all you need in a room is just one wooden furniture, to add that element of comfort and texture!

4. Scented candles.
A space that smells nice feels nice, and that’s as simple as that!

cozy room decor ideas

The most challenging of all was finding the right rug, as I wanted something cozy, light and extremely soft, while made out of natural fabrics and therefore easy to clean.

I wanted a rug soft enough to sit on the floor with my kids, since we all know that this is where kids like to play the most! I wanted a rug that would be a perfect canvas for changing seasonal decoration, a rug that would be classical enough to keep it for years, yet contemporary enough to match with my slightly modern style.

And that’s when I found Baba Souk, with their Moroccan hand-made Beni Ourain rugs!

I fallen in love in this modern print, and the moment I touched it I knew that I need it in my life!

The best part is that you can have it custom-made for you: white or cream, with black, brown or hot pink argyle color and in the size of your choice! You could choose it with or without a border, and you can even decide on your argyle lines sizing!

They are hand-made from virgin, undyed wool and extremely soft! Also, their quality is amazing, so they should last a lifetime, even with kids around!

 Cozy room must haves

 Cozy room must haves

 Cozy room must haves

 Cozy room must haves

Cozy room must haves, and how to add more texture to any room!

And I learned that sometimes it’s worth waiting awhile for that one perfect piece that’ll wrap up the space. I was looking everywhere for that perfect rug, and while most of my cozy room must haves might change ( like the seasonal pillows, throws and candles) my rug stays the same.

Because it’s just perfect to snuggle on the floor with my daughters, to sit and read with a nice cup of coffee while watching them play. It’s perfect for playing on the floor and for walking bear-feet. It’s warm and oh-so-cozy-and-soft! And it really transforms this room in to our cozy family place.

Sometimes it’s really all about texture and comfort.

And if you’d like to get one of these amazing custom made Beni Ourain rugs for yourself, I have a 15% off coupon code for you, that you can apply on any rug that’s in Baba Souk “carpets & rugs” section! Just use : “cozy” for 15% off !

 Cozy room must haves, and how to add more texture to any room!

Disclosure: I received this product free for review, all opinions remain my own.