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One room challenge week three- tiles, tiles, tiles!

This week is all about tiles – my contractors have installed the floor tiles and the showers tiles, and are currently working on vanity backsplash! And I have spend every other evening at Home Depot choosing my subway tile and I decided to prepare for you a little guide to the prettiest patterned tiles out there! .

So ever since I started imagining this bathroom project I knew that I wanted a floor with a blue pattern that would make a real statement while being classical enough to live with it for years to come. What I was worried about was that I won’t find the tiles I was imagining!

Because one thing that can make or break the bathroom design is tiles! The outdated and sad beige tiles will make you want to run away, the over the top pattern might give you a headache and the just right pretty pattern will make you want to smile! Not to forget the simple and clean lines of subway tiles and clean marble that make you feel calm and zen!

So I couldn’t be more superseded when one night I stumbled upon the pretties cement tiles while browsing online through tiles selection at Home Depot Canada ! I saved my favourites and it took me a couple of days to decide which one to choose – there are so many beautiful patterns to choose from! Finally I decided to go for this blue pattern, and I couldn’t love it more!

Disclosure- this post is in collaboration of my renovations partner Home Depot Canada, all opinions remain entirely my own.

Now, I know what you’re thinking- these tiles must cost a fortune! Well, they don’t really- they are cement tiles, and while they are as resistant they are a bit more affordable then regular ceramic tiles and there is so many gorgeous patterns to choose from! Home Depot are the only ones around selling those gorgeous Merola cement tiles, and while these above are my favourite patterns, there are many, many more!

Why choose Cement tiles :

  • They are very resistant and durable
  • They are a great choice for both flooring and backsplash 
  • You can use them with heated flooring system 
  • They are more affordable 

Now to be honest my contractors where a bit surprised when the tiles arrived- they are thicker then ceramic tiles and you need to coat them with a sealer before applying grout – but once they have installed them, they admitted that this was the prettiest floor they have ever installed !

As for the shower I decided to go with this classical subway tile from Home Depot Canada, and I couldn’t be happier!

So here’s our progress of last week’s One room Challenge

  • floor tile is up ( with heated floor system)
  • shower tile installation finished
  • first coat of primer is up
  • lighting was installed
  • the vanity furniture has been moved in!

Stay tuned for next week! 

Disclosure- this post is in collaboration of my renovations partner Home Depot Canada, all opinions remain entirely my own.

One Room Challenge week 2- eclectic bathroom project

As you may remember we’re building a bathroom from scratch in our basement- and by we I mean the amazing contractors and my hubby. I am the master planner, official designer and cheerleader.

So lot have happened this week! Unfortunately none of it is really pretty, but it’s all pretty amazing:

  • the concrete floor was leveled
  • the windows where changed
  • the isolation was shoot
  • the shower base was installed
  • the walls where closed
  • the sub flooring was installed

We have been visiting Home Depot ( or partner for this project, Yay!) every other night too, choosing tiles, checking paint colours ( me) and picking up the missing materials (my hubby) and running around ( kids) . Someone might have been choosing certain parts for the plumbing for way too long (hubby ) and someone may have been getting impatient ( Julien) and so we might have got crazy with the Ig filters ( me) . But how cute are these little kittens?

Next week, the tiles are coming up ( with the heated floor system) the plumbery might get finished and maybe even all the walls will be painted with primer! Oh and if everything goes well my hubby might finish our DIY vanity! Yay! I’m starting to feel so excited!

Just to remind you where we were last week:

And here’s where we are now:

I can’t wait for next week ad all the pretty things ( finally) happening here! Stay tuned!