One Room Challenge week 2- eclectic bathroom project

As you may remember we’re building a bathroom from scratch in our basement- and by we I mean the amazing contractors and my hubby. I am the master planner, official designer and cheerleader.

So lot have happened this week! Unfortunately none of it is really pretty, but it’s all pretty amazing:

  • the concrete floor was leveled
  • the windows where changed
  • the isolation was shoot
  • the shower base was installed
  • the walls where closed
  • the sub flooring was installed

We have been visiting Home Depot ( or partner for this project, Yay!) every other night too, choosing tiles, checking paint colours ( me) and picking up the missing materials (my hubby) and running around ( kids) . Someone might have been choosing certain parts for the plumbing for way too long (hubby ) and someone may have been getting impatient ( Julien) and so we might have got crazy with the Ig filters ( me) . But how cute are these little kittens?

Next week, the tiles are coming up ( with the heated floor system) the plumbery might get finished and maybe even all the walls will be painted with primer! Oh and if everything goes well my hubby might finish our DIY vanity! Yay! I’m starting to feel so excited!

Just to remind you where we were last week:

And here’s where we are now:

I can’t wait for next week ad all the pretty things ( finally) happening here! Stay tuned!

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