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Get your kids excited about bath time!

some kids just hate bath, but it doesn't have to be that way! This one app can help you get your kids exited about it once and for all! #parenting #toddler #motherhood
Some kids just love bath time, splashing in the water for hours, and playing with the rubber duck. Others on the other hand, need to be dragged to the bath, washed while they cry and scream, and bribed to get their hair washed. And I know both types very, very well, as each of my daughters is very different when it comes to bath time!

You see, my first baby hated water. Since the very first bath, she was always crying. She stopped when she was around a year old, but only to fight me terribly on washing her hair. I had to get very, very creative to manage keeping her clean!

And then, my second, this tme water-loving baby appeared, and things couldn’t be more different. She loved splashing in the water, and cried when it was time to leave! But one thing stayed the same: washing her hair is always a struggle.

sometimes getting kids to bath is such a struggle!  But sometimes a cute character can help!

So I assume there must be something about bath time that you struggle with your child as well. Some kids dislike taking bath and getting all wet, some hate the water in their eyes, some just can’t get to potty train, while others struggle with brushing their teeth and hair. Teaching kids to take care of their body is never easy!

get your kids exited about bath time

And that’s exactly why I got very exited when Olivia from Dr.Panda approached me and asked if I’d like to try their new Dr.Panda Bath Time game. Because I really did!

And what I learned from being a mom for almost five years now, is that sometimes kids change their perspective simply by seeing someone they like (like a friend, sibling or a carton character) doing something they themselves dislike and fear.

Get your kids exited about bath time.

So I’ve let my daughters explore this game, and I loved seeing their excitement over cleaning the teeth of the little panda bear, washing his face, making him go potty, and finally giving him a big bubble bath and washing his hair! They even got to wash his clothes!

They both played, and it’s no surprise that each of them concentrated on a different aspect of bath time!

As if re-living what they usually don’t like (with these cute animal characters) helped them see the other side of it. Helped them understand the necessity of it and see that it can be also fun! So my bath disliking Lili, bathed the panda three times in a row, and my bath loving toddler (potty trained this spring) have got the little panda to go potty and wash his clothes and then face over and over again.

get your kids exited about bath time

And in the evening, when it was their own bath time, we talked about the panda bear and his friends, and laughed that we’re washing, brushing and flushing just like he and his friends did! They really got exited about bath time all over again, and it made it so much more fun and easy then usually!

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, all opinions remain my own!

Educative screen time for kids

Kids , apps & screen time tips

I remember when I was pregnant first time around, and I was having this mental list of the-things-I-won’t-ever-do-as-a-mom. And believe me, it was a long one. And no screen time before the age of two was somewhere between the: my kids won’t eat fries, I’ll never raise my voice and I won’t let my daughter play with that skinny and unrealistic Barbie.. As you can imagine non if it is still on my list.

I learned to see screen time as a special mix of a cheap babysitter and an opportunity to learn and discover. And I think that it depends from us, parents, which component will be the dominating one.

As you might have read already here, I raise my kids bilingually, so if they watch kids shows, it’s only in Polish and usually on YouTube. It’s always me who’s choosing what they watch ( for now at least). And my three and a half-year old has different rights then my 18 months old. Actually, my baby turning in to toddler can watch a maximum of 30 minutes of animated songs and not more than 3 times a week. And my older one can watch a max of three hours of kids shows a week. And I do count playing on my iPad as screen time. ( And of course, event thought I try to stick to my rules as much as possible, sometimes we do have one of these days when you just let go the rules..)

And believe me, I’m really picky when it comes to choosing apps for my kids. I don’t like it when they don’t teach nothing , or when the illustrations aren’t pretty or when the music isn’t calm and nice ( as a parent I have to endure too much noise!). And being honest, I would like them to play only classical music because it’s stimulating the brain, and because I never get to listen no it anymore.

But I do have a couple of favourites, and DuckieDeck series is one of them. Funny illustrations, calm music and the educational aspect have totally win my heart.

Educational screen time

Playing bird houses was a great opportunity to explain how different birds live in different places, and what are the names of different trees. And then she got to create a bird house. A cute one, to be exact!


First she got to choose a tree and a bird house shape.


And then she got to paint it and decorate it. And she even cleaned her room to play it again!

Educative screen time

The Sharing app from DuckieDeck is another one that we played recently.

Educative screen time

There are 6 games to choose from,ball concentrating on equal sharing between kids, and my daughter really liked it!

Educative screen time

The last one that we enjoyed playing was the Collection app, with also 6 games to choose from.

Educative screen time

I think that this one is perfect for a toddler: they can feed animals ( and learn what they eat) clean, decorate cakes, create funny monsters and pick fruits and veggies to see if they have seed or maybe if you eat their or roots.

Educative screen time

What are your favourite children’s apps?

Disclosure : I revived this product free for review, all opinions remain my own.