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shared bedroom

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

With baby Julien joining our family this earlier this summer, it was time for a change – we needed that upstairs bedroom that girls used to share, for a nursery. And so there was no other option then to turn the downstairs playroom/ occasional guest room in to an all in one girls shared bedroom!

However, the biggest challenge was the tight space and the absence of build in closet! Not to mention the amount of toys that it had to fit in (since our basement is still in construction , there’s no other playroom for now!).

But, I knew that with a bit of an effort, this could be a perfect European style, sleep-and play room for my girls!

Here’s how this space used to look only two weeks ago:

girls bedroom makeover- before

And here’s how it looks now:


New shared bedroom reveal


New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom revealNew shared bedroom reveal

And here are the changes I made:

  • I sold all of their bedroom furniture, and some playroom once too, and with that money I got new. No, not because I like shopping that much, but simply because instead of trying to fit in too big furniture in a tight space, I decided to go for the most ergonomic solution possible.
  • And that leads us to bunk beds! A piece of furniture I never thought I’d get, as I used to think they are too bulky and heavy for our small space. But it was really the only solution, and in the end I love it here! And that leads us to..
  • All white furniture! This is not a surprise, since I have a lot of white furniture in our home –  that’s because, again, our space is small, and with white furniture and colorful accents it feels bigger!
  • A low six drawer dresser instead of a high one that we had – that as you might notice has not much going on on top of it- that’s because in reality it serves as a space to play with playmobil and figurines – my girls favourite play! Plus, I found these zebras knobs that has instantly added character to the simple dresser.
  • New reading nook. We have a big collection of kids books, that didn’t fit in this room, so why I decided to re-use the long thin shelves that used to be hanging above their beds in their old bedroom, for the “Books of the month” display. That way every month we’ll be switching the books that we read before bed time, and they’ll actually get to see better what we have ( in stead of reading over and over the same onse!) . And I think this will encourage them even more to sit ( on that adorable donut pillow) and read alone!
  • Baskets for larger stiffies and dolls – my girls are nowhere close of getting rid of their stuffies collection (that used to just hang out on the guest sofa in here before- aka being a huge mess) Now, with colorful baskets it looks so much more cleaner and is a breeze to clean up!
  • Big IKEA bookshelf with all the toys hid in baskets. I decided to move it from sunroom here, and boy what a difference it made! They used to have more than half of their toys on display here, that resulted both mess, and them saying “I’m bored” why too often. Because since I stopped with the toy rotation ( the basement renovation made me do it –  had no more space to store toys anymore) they would see all their toys at once, and feel overwhelmed. So now, they are all stored and hidden. And it makes clean up easier too.

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

See, this room is definitely not big, but I think it responds perfectly to their needs: there’s place to sleep, space to read, and space to play. And they still get to be close, which if you ask them, is the best part!

And if you’re curious about the resources then here they are:

  1. Bunk bed, dresser and pink rug- Wayfair
  2. The bookshelf with it’s baskets, shelves, frames and the play kitchen- Ikea
  3. Wall hanging and blue basket- Homesense 
  4. Baskets – the yellow one: Lorena Canal rugs; the gold one -Souris Mini
  5. The doughnut pillow :Souris Mini
  6. Prints- mix of free printables ( pinned here) my own printables ( here and here) and my paintings.


How to organize kid’s shared bedroom

how to organize a room for a kids shared bedroom

I believe that when young children share one bedroom, they become closer together. Though sometimes the space is so small that it seems challenging to transform it in to a bedroom for two! But after almost two years of my two daughters sharing one tiny room, I have learned some tricks to make it work!

See, as soon as my younger daughter Rose started to sleep through the night, I’ve put my older’s daughter bed next to the baby crib. And that’s how they started sharing a bedroom together. Now, I think it has been one of the best parenting decisions that I had made so far. They became best friends. They sing each other lullabies before they fall asleep and they laugh and play first thing in the morning (which let’s me sleep longer!).

Though I know that organizing a cohesive, comfortable and practical space for two kids can be difficult. Here’s how you can make it work for your kids:

1. Choose a theme that’ll appeal to both of your children.

Decorating one room for two kids can be tricky, a specially if you’re trying to include their interests and characters.

That’s why instead of trying to match two different themes in one room, try something more general, like a color palette that’ll appeal to both of them. Then, using colours as your guide, add individual touches.

2. Pick furniture that’ll pass the test of time.

Choosing furniture that is good quality will save you money and time in a long run. Also while picking new beds, think about your kids needs in a couple of years : will they still fit in, will they be comfortable, will their style match their changing interests?

So instead of changing from the baby crib to a toddler bed and then to big girls bed, I decided to switch my younger daughters crib for a big girls bed right away. The small room looks more cohesive with matching beds, and the nighttime reading is so much more comfortable now!

shared bedroom

3. Go for neutrals and simplicity and then add accessories.

Since you’re organizing a room for two kids, you have double the chances that they’ll get bored with a flashy wall color or a bed in a shape of a car. Why won’t invest in a simple furniture that’ll match their growing personalities and neutral painted walls that’ll match any changing bedding.

4. Make organization a priority.

Two kids in one room doesn’t need to mean twice as mess. Add baskets for toys underneath the beds, and make sure that their clothes are easy to reach. Use vertical space above kids beds for storing small toys.

5. Accentuate personal space.

Let each of your kids have something unique: like a special decoration on top of their bed, or a shelf with their favorite figurines, a basket with their favorite toys underneath their bed, or a different bedding arrangements. If your children are old enough to read alone make sure they have a night lamp each. Let them choose the accent colors and let them arrange their own toys the way they like it.

6. Unify the space.

However if your kids are in the age when they always want what the other one is having, then you might like to unify their sleeping area as much as possible: by getting the same bedding and accessories for their beds. My daughters are two years apart, so in my situation unifying their room is the only way to go!

7. Keep it simple.

If your children do have a separate playroom, then keeping their bedroom as calming as possible will help them fall asleep easier. While decorating the bedroom, keep in mind that anything that attracts attention during the day, will do so also while you want them to fall asleep. So if you have a restless toddler, go for calmer colors and less toys around.

And that’s why most of the decorations in by girls bedroom is above their bed’s, so when they fall asleep it doesn’t distract them!


Furniture: Leon’s

Unicorn and the tooth pillow : Brooklyn’s Room

Quilt: Not Sew Strange

Cloud Pillows: TwoLitlleTadpoles

Calligraphy print: Invited By Audriana

Unicorn in the purse: Endee Made

Dreamcatcher :Posh Pax Designs

Colorful prints on the shelf: free here on Pinterest

Rainbow/doughnut blankets : Little and Luxe Shop

Tassel garland : GenWoo

Great tips to help you organize a shared bedroom for yout kids: even in a very small space!

Girls sheared bedroom reveal

If you’re following me on Instagram then you know that my daughters have been sharing a bedroom since last summer. It started as a one-night-at-grandmas-place kind of thing, and later became the best solution for putting them at the same time to sleep! Also, they love waking up together and cuddling in bed before breakfast, so sharing a bedroom for them was only natural. But since the change happened very spontaneously, I didn’t really have the time to change anything in Rose’s nursery. Quite frankly adding my hubby’s old childhood bed and hoping they’ll sleep through the night without waking each other up, was all I could have thought of. And here is how it looked:

The before photo

But what I really wanted for them is a space that would grow with them. A space comfortable and calming for the evening story time. A space colorful and inspiring for their morning laughs and giggles. So when Leon’s furniture approached me and proposed to make this makeover finally happen, I was beyond happy!

Pastel shared bedroom

And since I really believe in white as the perfect neutral, I decided to stick to all white furniture. I added some personal touches, the monogrammed prints, the pastel accessories, and the DIY shelves for some extra storage. I found the cutest free printables on Pinterest, that I’ve printed at home (you can find them here), the sweetest pastel tassel garland and matching cloud pillows from my favorite small Etsy stores.

Hello sunshine

And since Lili’s room downstairs became their shared playroom, I could have really concentrated on making this space all about resting and relaxing, with as little toys as possible. ( Although if you’ll look carefully, you’ll see a couple of boxes underneath the bed with little figurines and some wooden blocks for quiet play! )

Pastel shared bedroom

And because this room is really small, I decided to take out the closet doors, paint the inside purple ( yes, it’s Lili’s favorite color) and put in there our new dresser! With another free flamingo print from Pinterest, it sure makes for a cute little corner in their bedroom!

Pastel shared bedroom

It’s definitely one of my favorite rooms in our home now, and if you’d ask my daughters what is it that they like the most about it, it would probably be their matching white beds, big enough to snuggle and read together!

Pastel shared bedroom

You can read more about it in Leon’s Hello Sunshine Lookbook , where I share more photos, tried and tested tips for making bedroom-sharing work and the full story behind putting them together in one bedroom!

shared bedroom

And of course, the picture wouldn’t be complete without the cat claiming the space! Honestly, I don’t blame her..