Girls sheared bedroom reveal

If you’re following me on Instagram then you know that my daughters have been sharing a bedroom since last summer. It started as a one-night-at-grandmas-place kind of thing, and later became the best solution for putting them at the same time to sleep! Also, they love waking up together and cuddling in bed before breakfast, so sharing a bedroom for them was only natural. But since the change happened very spontaneously, I didn’t really have the time to change anything in Rose’s nursery. Quite frankly adding my hubby’s old childhood bed and hoping they’ll sleep through the night without waking each other up, was all I could have thought of. And here is how it looked:

The before photo

But what I really wanted for them is a space that would grow with them. A space comfortable and calming for the evening story time. A space colorful and inspiring for their morning laughs and giggles. So when Leon’s furniture approached me and proposed to make this makeover finally happen, I was beyond happy!

Pastel shared bedroom

And since I really believe in white as the perfect neutral, I decided to stick to all white furniture. I added some personal touches, the monogrammed prints, the pastel accessories, and the DIY shelves for some extra storage. I found the cutest free printables on Pinterest, that I’ve printed at home (you can find them here), the sweetest pastel tassel garland and matching cloud pillows from my favorite small Etsy stores.

Hello sunshine

And since Lili’s room downstairs became their shared playroom, I could have really concentrated on making this space all about resting and relaxing, with as little toys as possible. ( Although if you’ll look carefully, you’ll see a couple of boxes underneath the bed with little figurines and some wooden blocks for quiet play! )

Pastel shared bedroom

And because this room is really small, I decided to take out the closet doors, paint the inside purple ( yes, it’s Lili’s favorite color) and put in there our new dresser! With another free flamingo print from Pinterest, it sure makes for a cute little corner in their bedroom!

Pastel shared bedroom

It’s definitely one of my favorite rooms in our home now, and if you’d ask my daughters what is it that they like the most about it, it would probably be their matching white beds, big enough to snuggle and read together!

Pastel shared bedroom

You can read more about it in Leon’s Hello Sunshine Lookbook , where I share more photos, tried and tested tips for making bedroom-sharing work and the full story behind putting them together in one bedroom!

shared bedroom

And of course, the picture wouldn’t be complete without the cat claiming the space! Honestly, I don’t blame her..

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  1. What color did you use for their wall? It looks like a light purple silver of sort and I love it!

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