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Tea time cherry muffins with cream cheese frosting

Tea time cherry muffins with cream cheese icing

Some days a playdate calls for something special – like sending the kids to eat separately and preparing tea and cherry muffins with pink cream cheese frosting for moms! Ok, you can share the muffins with the kids too, especially that they are really delicious – just keep the tea for moms.

Why tea time though? Because its easy to set up, makes moms feel special and is perfect with a homemade treat. And this cute little treats are actually simple muffins dressed up to look more fancy – with the easiest cream cheese frosting ever.

Here’s how to set the cutest and easiest tea time for your mom friends – or for your mom and aunties! Mother’s day is approaching remember!

  1. Prepare pretty teacups – thrift shops and yard sales are where I got mine from!
  2. Make two or three sorts of tea: I suggest one black for the tired mom, one green for the crunchy mom and one sweet tisane for the I-already-had-three-coffees-today mom.
  3. Serve home bake treats.
  4. Add flowers – place a couple of blooms in the teacups and spread them around the table- a minimum effort for the maximum effect!

Tea time cherry muffins with cream cheese icing

And here’s what you” need to bake your own Cherry Muffins With Pink Cheese Frosting:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 cup frozen cherries ( plus a teaspoon of sugar)

In a small bowl mix the frozen cherries with one teaspoon of sugar. Set aside. Now mix all the dry ingredients together, and then combine butter, eggs and milk. Now mix it all together, and once its all smooth add cherries, pour into muffin molds and bake for around 25-35 minutes on 350F.

How to make the cream cheese frosting:

  • 1 cup soft ( at room temperature) cream cheese
  • 1 cup icing sugar
  • pink food colouring

Mix them together until smooth. Depending from how saturated you want your colour to be, add one to 3 drops of food colouring.

Tea time cherry muffins with cream cheese icing

Now next time it’s your time to host a playdate, make it special and turn it in to a fancy afternoon tea! Who knows, maybe you’ll actually feel more relaxed after?

Everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

I believe in the beauty of the simple everyday moments. I really think that instead of searching for happiness far away, sometimes we just need to look around us with gratitude. And while life is full of ups and downs, and my life with young kids is definitively far from picture perfect, our happiness is right here, in the everyday simple moments.

It’s about time spent with family and friends. It’s about nurturing your senses with colors and textures. It’s about choosing the right glass, and changing your mind three times. It’s having a three year old cook-in-training,  following your steps wherever you go, and washing your herbs with the biggest commitment ever seen. My everyday moments of happiness are about simple, real ingredients and discovering new tastes. It’s my afternoon tea with a friend during a play date – while the kids have their tea time with dolls. And it’s listing to their giggles taking over the house.

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

And this Pure Leaf Peach Tea is perfect for those exact moments. It’s a bit sweet but not too sweet. It’s peachy and refreshing. Made from simple ingredients, and brewed with real tea leaves. And it’s finally available in the large 1.75 L bottle, perfect to share with friends and family!  And If you ask me, I think it’s simply amazing served with some fresh mint and mixed berries!

All you need to make it at home is;

– Peach Pure Leaf Tea

– Fresh mint

– Frozen mixed berries

Wash mint leaves, place frozen berries, mint and ice cubes in the glass, and pour over the Pure Leaf Peach tea. And share it with a friend or two!

everyday moments of happiness

So next time when you’ll feel like all you do is rush and stress, try slowing down a little, remind yourself what is it that you’re grateful for today, and have some tea. I’m sure you’ll feel better and happier right away!

Disclaimer: this post was brought to you by Pure Leaf, all opinions remain my own.

Perfect summer series : drinks to keep you hydrated and your kids happy

Perfect summer tips : drinks to keep you hydrated and your kids happy

Since we have switched to the summer lifestyle , I have literally to many summer ideas to share with you then the time to type. So I decided to wrap up a Perfect Summer Series for you all to enjoy! ( I know, I know, that’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for).

After recently posting summer dinner inspirations, and healthy Popsicles, it’s time for drinks to keep you hydrated and your kids happy! Because let’s face it, even though we all know how water is good and healthy, it also gets rather boring after a while ( I know, I may sound like a second grader here, but this is the truth).

So these are my three recent favourite summer ice teas, all easy, all healthy and all deliciously refreshing !

Mint lemonade

Mint lemonade :

3 cups cold water
4 lemons
1 cup fresh mint
1 teaspoon sugar ( optional)

Mix it all together, and put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Add ice cubes before serving.

Mint lemonade

And if like me you love a good cup of herbal tea, here is a great way to enjoy it even during the hot summer days :

Red tea & fruit ice tea

Red tea & fruits ice tea:

Red tea of your choice ( I used my recent discovery Zyo)
2 cups water
Frozen blueberries

Prepare the tea as the instructions indicate. Let it brew, and then add a a cup of ice cubes, frozen blueberries and raspberries. And I’ll tell you just one more secret : this ice tea is good with any kind of red tea, but with this Carmel & pear Zyo tea that I had on hand it’s amazing!

Red tea & fruit ice tea

As you can see, my kids totally loved this one!

How to deal with heat

And now the watermelon. (Yes, I may be using it a lot lately.) It’s healthy, delicious, and not only for kids ( oh, the good old times when vodka induced watermelon was a summer party must..and now if you’d pay me, I wouldn’t have I getting old? Hmm.. )

Easy watermelon lemonade

Watermelon lemonade :

2 cups watermelon cubes
1 cup cold water
Juice from 1 lime

Mix it all together, add ice ( I use ice cubes with blueberries inside, because it’s my summer obsession to add blueberries to everything. Yes. And it’s a superfood, so why not?)


So now, pick your favourite ice tea, grab some frozen Popsicles, and go make a picnic in a garden!

Sharpie painted tea set

Sharpie painted tea set

If you need to make a personalized and modern gift, for an artistic and tea loving family member, what do you do ? A sharpie painted tea set, of course ! And since I’m really in to this black and white decor trend going on right now, I decided to get slightly inspired by the Marimekko designs, and use simple dots and lines for the design.

I usually use special paint for porcelain, but it’s much more time consuming, and with a repetitive motive like this one, I decided to give sharpies a try. Honestly I wasn’t sure if it’s really a durable method, but if you bake ( yes, that’s right, just like a cake) your painted porcelain for a half an hour in 300F, after letting it dry for a day, it should stay resistant. I say should, because I still wouldn’t wash it repetitively in a dishwasher. Just in case.

Sharpie painted tea

I bought simple Ikea tea set. And regular black sharpies. You need some patience too, but unfortunately this one can’t be bought ;).

Sharpie painted tea

If you’re not an artist, that’s totally fine, just set on something simple ( dots are great!) and repeat it :).

After you’re done, put them aside to dry. It may look like they are dry after 30 minutes, but if you want your cups to resist water in the long run, let them dry for 24 hours!
I forgot mine for a week ;).

Sharpie painted tea

Now, put them in the oven, turn the heat on 300F, and when the temperature reaches 300F set the timer on for 30 minutes. After that time turn the oven off, but leave your cups in the oven so they cool down.

Sharpie painted tea

I would still suggest to hand wash your hand made tea set, that way it’ll last a while!

Sharpie painted tea