Perfect summer series : drinks to keep you hydrated and your kids happy

Perfect summer tips : drinks to keep you hydrated and your kids happy

Since we have switched to the summer lifestyle , I have literally to many summer ideas to share with you then the time to type. So I decided to wrap up a Perfect Summer Series for you all to enjoy! ( I know, I know, that’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for).

After recently posting summer dinner inspirations, and healthy Popsicles, it’s time for drinks to keep you hydrated and your kids happy! Because let’s face it, even though we all know how water is good and healthy, it also gets rather boring after a while ( I know, I may sound like a second grader here, but this is the truth).

So these are my three recent favourite summer ice teas, all easy, all healthy and all deliciously refreshing !

Mint lemonade

Mint lemonade :

3 cups cold water
4 lemons
1 cup fresh mint
1 teaspoon sugar ( optional)

Mix it all together, and put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Add ice cubes before serving.

Mint lemonade

And if like me you love a good cup of herbal tea, here is a great way to enjoy it even during the hot summer days :

Red tea & fruit ice tea

Red tea & fruits ice tea:

Red tea of your choice ( I used my recent discovery Zyo)
2 cups water
Frozen blueberries

Prepare the tea as the instructions indicate. Let it brew, and then add a a cup of ice cubes, frozen blueberries and raspberries. And I’ll tell you just one more secret : this ice tea is good with any kind of red tea, but with this Carmel & pear Zyo tea that I had on hand it’s amazing!

Red tea & fruit ice tea

As you can see, my kids totally loved this one!

How to deal with heat

And now the watermelon. (Yes, I may be using it a lot lately.) It’s healthy, delicious, and not only for kids ( oh, the good old times when vodka induced watermelon was a summer party must..and now if you’d pay me, I wouldn’t have I getting old? Hmm.. )

Easy watermelon lemonade

Watermelon lemonade :

2 cups watermelon cubes
1 cup cold water
Juice from 1 lime

Mix it all together, add ice ( I use ice cubes with blueberries inside, because it’s my summer obsession to add blueberries to everything. Yes. And it’s a superfood, so why not?)


So now, pick your favourite ice tea, grab some frozen Popsicles, and go make a picnic in a garden!

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