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Fruit & yoghurt healthy Popsicles

Fruit & yoghurt healthy Popsicles

Recently I’ve been feeling like the unhealthy habits were taking over my routine (all the grilling and the store bought ice cream are to blame). So I decided that it’s time to replace the sugar loaded summer treats with these fruit & yoghurt healthy Popsicles. It’s already third time that I’ve been making them, and we’re not a tiny bit bored.

They are creamy, sweet and packed with only healthy ingredients! They take not more than five minutes to prepare, and I feel like I’m really saving money on top of it.

And I don’t know a kid who doesn’t beg for ice cream all summer long. So with these home-made Popsicles you can be the cool mom and the health orientated mom, all at once! And if you don’t have the Popsicle moulds, you can either get these here, or you could use small plastic yoghurt cups with a plastic spoon. Either way, I think that it’s really worth making Popsicles at home: so much better for your health and for your wallet!

Fruit & yoghurt healthy Popsicles

Ingredients :

1 cup Lemon Greek yoghurt
1 soft banana
1 cup raspberries

Mix it, and freeze of at least 6 hours. So simple.

Fruit & yoghurt healthy Popsicles

And I encourage you to explore different tastes too: vanilla yoghurt with strawberries, berry yoghurt and blueberries, or natural yogurt with honey and bananas.

Fruit & yoghurt healthy Popsicles

Is there any other fruit Popsicle that you make at home? I’d love to know your recipe !

Healthy berry&maple syrup smoothie


Another summer day, another way to enjoy seasonal fruits.I guess every one likes smoothies, and there is so many ways of doing them: with ice cream, milk, yogurt, just fruits, with added sugar.. Well my today’s version is actually on the super healthy side.But still so yummy and refreshing !

Organic natural yogurt
Maple syrup

I made it for two, so I had about a 1/4 of a cup of each fruit, plus 3 spoons of yogurt, and one of milk.Use as much maple syrup as you feel works best for you. Don’t worry, it hes some good micro-elements 🙂