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Clay Christmas ornaments

 Easy Christmas ornaments

I’m really holding my self from listening to x-mas music , my all time favorite :Last x-mas.. and all the others. I usually try to stick to 1 of December rule: no Christmas fever before that date. But since we had first snow 2 days ago, I just couldn’t stand the temptation any more, and I started making some clay Christmas ornaments, that are also great as a Christmas gift.

 Easy Christmas ornaments

All you need is some cornstarch, baking soda and water, and it gives you this great, easy to handle, even by the little hands clay-like mixture. We had a great activity together with my daughter, and now I can’t wait to decorate our Christmas tree :).

2 cups baking soda
1 cup cornstarch
1 1/4 cup water

Mix it all, and put on the stove , on medium heat, just keep on stirring until it boils. When it’ll get thick , take it of the heat, and let cool down before manipulating. I used some cookie cutters and earnings 🙂 After I cut my forms, I pressed gently with an earning to add this extra texture that you see in the corner. But you could also use stamps. Cut your forms on the surface dusted with cornstarch, so it doesn’t stick. When you’ll be done let them air dry, it should take around 24 h.

Clay Christmas ornament

And then, I packed them in little boxes, and they made for a lovely hand made gift :).

Clay Christmas ornament

Just don’t forget that this is a very delicate clay, so for storage, wrap them very carefully!

 Easy Christmas ornaments

Honey and chocolate lip gloss

Chocolate lip gloss

If you love chocolate, and if you hate having your lips cracked in the winter, then this chocolate lip gloss is an easy and yummy solution for you 🙂 And since honey is the natural remedy for skin problems, and everyone has it in there cupboards, then all you need is some white petroleum jelly (Vaseline) , and you are ready to mix your own , sweet and moisturizing lip gloss !

2 spoons of Vaseline
1 spoon honey
1/2 spoon melted dark chocolate chips

Place all of the above in the small bowl, and microwave it for around 40 seconds, stir, microwave some more, strir again, and so on until it’s all homogeneous and nicely mixed. Purr in to small containers. Let it cool. Your lips will love it !

Enjoy the little things


I truly believe that happiness depends on our attitude towards the life events, our positive or negative interpretation of what happens around us, and of our appreciation of the little things. Like a cup of coffee in the old and lovely cup, my child laughing out of some silly joke she made that nobody but her understands, pretty sky above us, my cats cuddling and purring, and a nice and big cup of tea in the afternoon. I made this cozy out of an old sweater, just by cutting the age of the slave last fall. This fall I added a little personal message. I guess you could use a sharpie pen, but I used pebeo paint for porcelain and my favorite IKEA cup. I took 30 minutes plus another 60 in the oven. You could either do that, or go on ETSY, and for sure you’ll find your cup with a message.


Easy vase makeover


So I bought this lovely little vase at Indigo, perfect for wild flowers or just standing there and adding some character to my dining room.But I decided that plain white is a bit boring, and inspired by the west elm’s new ceramic line i simply added some blue indigo dots. That’s what i like: a 15 minutes easy project!

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