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Printable Christmas gift tags & wrapping paper set

Christmas is only a month away and in my books it means that it’s about time to start the preparations! I know there’s still time for the cooking and baking, but when you’re an usually busy adult then during the holiday season ( full of activities, obligations, parties and extra magic- and much more parenting effort then usually!) then you’re basically on the edge of a breakdown! Unless of course your start early, get your gifts ahead of time, wrap them and tag them right away and hide away before the real holiday rush starts!

So this year I decided to make my own printable Christmas gift tags- and some wrapping paper that goes with it, in an effort to :

  • always be ready to wrap a gift ( just press print and voila)
  • be more eco friendly ( I already have lots of paper at home, and I don’t need to buy any new wrapping paper or tags!)

I couldn’t be happier with this little printable set I created- it’s cheerful, joyful and perfect to mix an match! I made two shapes of tags for you, 9 different designs of tags, and 4 different wrapping paper sheets!

I printed everything on regular paper, and I just love how it turned out! My girls where helping me cut out the gift tags, we have put on some holiday music and with the snow outside it felt like christmas is only days away!

Clearly I’m obsessed with red, white and blue this season- also, everything hand lettered and cute! I hope you’ll like my little wrapping set as much as me and my girls we love it!

You can get the PDF file HERE – simply download it, print at home, cut out the tags and get wrapping with the wrapping paper sheets!

And make sure to share with me how you wrapped your gifts with my set – just tag me on your Instagram photos ( @joanna.anastasia_ ) I can’t wait to see how you’ll be using them!

Last minute DIY gifts

 3 Last minute DIY gift ideas that take less than 5 minutes to to make each

If you feel like you don’t have time for DIY gifts, but you would love to make something hand-made for a family member that has everything, then I actually have an answer for you: these three super simple last-minute DIY gift ideas that each take less than 5 minutes to make!

Every year I try to make at least one simple DIY gift because we all like to receive mindful gifts right? But since I’m a busy working from home mom, well you won’t see me embedding anytime soon! Instead, I have made a simple coffee mug cozy, an all natural pink grapefruit sugar scrub, and a festive holiday chocolate bark!

First off, the coffee ( or tea) mug cozy: all you need is a pair of scissors, and an old sweater !

Simply cut out the sleeve, pull it on the mug, roll on top and wrap with a pretty festive string.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can cut out a ‘pocket” for a tea bag!

My second easy last-minute DIY gift idea is chocolate bark!

I’m, sure you have some leftover chocolate chips in your pantry – why won’t you put them in the good use? I do however suggest you using the best quality chocolate, since this is main ingredient. Melt it in batches, pour on the parchment paper, and top with whatever you have on hands!

  • Here’s what I’ve used:milk chocolate chips
  • dark chocolate chips
  • white chocolate chips
  • dulce de leche chips
  • popkorn
  • sprinkles
  • crushed candy cane

last minute DIY gifts

After pouring the chocolate on the parchment paper I’ve let my kids to take care of the rest – aka sprinkle half of toppings on the chocolate bark and eat half.

last minute DIY gifts

last minute DIY gifts

last minute DIY gifts

Once it’s all set and hardened simply pack it in festive christmas cookie cans and offer as a thoughtful gift!

And the last of my ultimate easy DIY gifts, is sugar scrub. I’ve been making them for year now, and they make for a great gift to any lady in your life!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil
  • an essential oil ( I used grapefruit oil)
  • couple of drops of beet juice for the pink colour

last minute DIY gifts

Mix it all together, and pack up in a metal tin or a mason jar.

last minute DIY gifts

And that’s it, your last minte DIY gifts are al done! Now you can sit down with a mug of hot chocolate and rest !

Hello Holliday is here!

The Holliday countdown is finally on and what better way to get in the mood then by getting inspired by real life bloggers festive ideas? The Hello Holliday lookbook 2017 is finally here! I can’t even describe how amazing this issue is, and how inspired I feel by all these amazing creatives I got a pleasure to work alongside!

First, let me tell you, the spaces featured are so relatable: these are homes lived by families, with real life mess and real love. Homes featured in this look book are full of kids, pets and all that chaos that we all know. So finally you can find real holiday inspiration for real life. Second, the DIY ideas are totally doable, easy and all so festive that I myself can’t decide what else should I do this Holliday season.

I’m so exited to finally share my small kitchen remodel in collaboration with Kitchen Aid! Also, I had a pleasure to makeover our small playroom and turn it in to a pastel and multifunctional guest room/playroom/homework-space, and the result is so cute! Here are some sneak peeks from this transformation! Can you belive that in this small space there’s enough room to sleep two adults comfortably and to host a play date too? 

Hello Holiday

Hello Holiday

Helo Holiday

You can see more of this makeover in the lookbook and get the full tutorial on the simple but oh so lovely room spray I made to make my guests feel at home while visiting!

Hello Holiday

Come see the full catalog, with plenty of Christmas styling ideas, home decor, festive recipes and DIY ideas from amazing Canadian Bloggers that I was lucky enough to work with, HERE!

Or, go visit your local LCBQ and grab a copy of Food and Vine magazine, and the Hello Holiday will be right at the back!

And make sure to follow me on Instagram, as I’ll be sharing more sneak peeks from my makeovers there!

disclosure : this post was created in collaboration with Leon’s furniture, all opinions remain entirely my own.


Waiting for The Gingerbread Cake

this gingerbread cake is a perfect winter dessert,so easy to make with this one simple hack!

One of my most important family traditions that I want to pass on my kids, is the importance of festive food that you do only for the special occasions and the holidays. So every year for Christmas I bake the traditional Polish cake: Piernink. And every year right before Christmas Eve, my daughters and I cuddle in my bed while reading Christmas stories and waiting for our gingerbread cake to bake.

Except that I’ve “upgraded” my grandma’s recipe, by using a cake mix and some spices! Now it’s so easy to make, that it leaves me more time for doing what’s most important; reading about Santa.

Because let’s face it, even though baking is a great winter pastime, sometimes in the mists of last-minute Christmas preparations its good to have a shortcut recipe, as I like to call them. And with a couple of tricks, a boxed cake can taste just like a secret grandma’s recipe!

gingerbread cake

And if you’ve never heard of ” Piernik” aka, The Gingerbread Cake, it’s a traditional Polish Xmas cake, made with lots of spices and dark honey. In some families, it’s filled with a sweet prune filling, and in others it’s covered with chocolate ganache. My version is easier, and it involves much less preparation. Which is perfect with these little monkeys.

Now, I don’t use the prune filling ( although it’s pretty good) and I don’t make a chocolate ganache, instead I choose the simplest solution, that my kids love, which is decorating my cake with melted milk chocolate. Honestly, the reason why they can’t wait for the Piernik to be baked, is because they can’t wait to help me decorate it: that is, lick all the chocolate!

waiting for the gingerbread cake

That’s why we read and play in my bed. Because it’s their second favorite thing to do, on a snowy afternoon, after they’ve already played outside, and right after licking spoons fool of chocolate! Actually, to be completely honest, they always love playing in my bed, gathering their stuffed animals and pretending it’s their little vet clinic! Ever since my bedroom makeover, my bedroom is more of a mom sanctuary, but when I do let them in, they’re making the most of it!

You can find the recipe in our Hello Holidays look-book here, on page 81, just click on “make it”!

I’m not saying you have to curl up in your bed while you’re making your Piernik, but then again, why wouldn’t you?

gingerbread cake

Photos in this post where captured by Donna Griffith.

Gift wrapping station

Gift wrapping station

One of the little things that eases up my holiday stress in making sure that all of my wrapping papers are all in one place and ready to be used! That’s why every year I try to set myself a gift wrapping station! It’s a real life saver during the busy holiday season!

And one of my early childhood memories, is sneaking on to my grandmother wrapping gifts, always last-minute on the Xmas eve, in her tiny little bedroom. She would keep all her gifts hidden there, underneath the bed, and the bed itself would be all covered in colorful papers, ribbons and gifts. And when she would spot me, hiding there behind the door, she would hush me out, saying she’s only helping Santa, since he’s so busy with everything else. And of course I would believe her.

So of curse, when my own kids became these little gift-searching creatures, me too I started hiding my gifts underneath my bed.

And this year, after may bedroom makeover, I decided to  to organize my gift wrapping station in my bedroom! Especially that not only I have space underneath my bed, for all those big and long wrapping paper rolls, but my new Leon’s bed has 6 drawers too! Perfect for all my wrapping essentials and all off the gifts!

Gift wrapping station

So starting in early November, I collect all of my wrapping papers in one place: the old and recycled, the new and freshly bought, and the hand-made and whimsical. I separate the ribbons, and keep all of that colorful mess in the drawers underneath my bed. And since I like dong my Xmas shopping ahead of time and I usually aim for having all of my gifts wrapped in early December (so I don’t stress about them any more) every time I get a new gift, I wrap it in my bedroom right away , and store in the drawers until Xmas!

I’m sharing even more tips on make Xmas shopping and gift wrapping easier in Hello Holiday guide! Just go the the page 107 and click on the photo to read more!

And where do you wrap your gifts?

<em>Photo of me in this post was captured by <a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Donna Griffith</a>.</em>

Boho gift guide

What you might not know about me, is that I have a bohemian soul. Seriously, I love all off the ethnic inspiration, the vibrant colors and the rich textures, and so this Christmas season I decided to help you with your Christmas shopping by creating this little boho gift guide. Because,I believe that the perfect gift is hand-made and one of a kind!

Also, you can find all of these gifts on-line, so within a couple of clicks you can have your Christmas shopping finished! You’ll find direct links underneath the mood boards!

So first, let me share my boho gift guide for her: aka, best gifts for your sister, BFF, mother in law, sister-in-law and your own mom!

Boho gift guide for her, great gift ideas for ladies on your list!

1. Ceramic ring dish 2. Colorful graphic pouch 3. Argan oil 4. Tasel necklace. 5. Ceramic ring holder 6. Wall hanging

I think all of these would make for sweet and thoughtful gifts, because I don’t know a lady who doesn’t like a pretty necklace, or a ring holder, or a pretty wall hanging! I know I’d like to get all of these!

And since I discovered Argan oil a month ago, I think it should be on every gift list to be honest! It’s an all natural, hypoallergenic moisturizing oil, that leaves skin hydrated like nothing else (I use it instead of my night cream and body lotion now, and I even use it on my kids sensitive skin after bath time!)

Now, let me share my boho gift guide for kids, aka best-gifts-for-kids-of-difficult-to-shop-for-parents!

I know, there’s a lot of pompoms here, but that’s because I love them for their playful and natural vibe, and I think they can add the whimsy charm to any kids space!

boho gift guide for kids, great finds for original gifts

1.Whimsy clips 2. Animal print 3. Pompom slingshot 4. Pompom garland 5. Pompom basket 6. Wooden balancing game

A pretty pompom basket for toy storage, a sweet print (there is many more to choose from on the site) wooden toys and a cute hand made garland, are just some of the gift ideas that’ll stand the test of time while making everyone happy!

And lastly, let me inspire you with some boho gifts for the home, aka, for all the homebodies in your life!

boho gift guide for the home

1. Black cat ceramic planter 2. Kilim pillow 3. Stripped pillow with pompoms 4. Handmade pendant lamp 5. Gold pouf 6. Pink pompom throw

Because in my opinion, everyone needs new pillows and throws! And a pretty cat planter or a hand made lamp makes for great conversation starters!

So grab yourself a mug of hot cocoa and go get these boho gifts for someone special on your list! I’m sure they’ll love how cheerful and unique they are!

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