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Cutest Back to School Cricut-made gear roundup

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you know I love creating things with my Cricut machines, and today I wanted to share with you a roundup of the best Back to School crafts made with Cricut! All of these projects are easy to make, and all are super cute!

Because while this school year may be different from others with all the uncertainty around, I know for sure that staying creating is the best way to deal with anxiety for us moms – and handmade school gear are a sure way to excite any kid for a back to school time ( in class or virtual!)

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

So let’s remember that the more we create the more we’re creative! And to spark your creativity here’s the round up of the cutest Cricut back to school projects !

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  1. The sweetest Homeschool Rules sign from Hello Creative Family
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2. The cutest ever first day of school pennant flags from At Home With Ashley

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3. Super fun DIY Back to school chalkboard sign from Mommyhood Life

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4. Adorable personalized name tags from Pineapple Paper Co

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5. Cutest narvals inspired school gear from Housewife Eclectic

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6. Thoughtful teachers gift tote bag with goodies from Play Party Plan

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7. The sweetest tee shirt for your little fifth grader from The Denver Housewife

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8. Super fun Harry Potter inspired school gear from Lovely Indeed

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9. Sweetest hedgehog school tote bag & pencil case kit from Must Have Mom

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10. The cutest back to school t shirts from the Cricut blog

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And the cutest school gear by yours truly – you can find the full tutorial here!

I hope these back to school Cricut crafts have inspired you just like me to keep on creating and to stay positive this September! I know for sure I can’t wait to make some more back to school inspired crafts with my Cricut!


This week of One Room Challenge was all about painting furniture and adding colour and interest to otherwise boring pieces. But before I’ll show you exactly what I did, let me just say that it’s really killing me to share these in progress photos with you! I’m really not used to posting the before shots, and the un-decorated and unfinished spaces!

But then I remind myself that this challenge is all about showing how transformations happen, that nothing happens overnight, and that in every makeover there’s a lot of effort and a lot of mess involved!

So I started by painting a little vintage side table that I had for years now. I used the Behr colour of the year Blueprint, that I think is a perfectly balanced moody blue. One layer and this table was all done!


Then I decided to add a touch of Blueprint to the gallery wall  too, since it looked a bit too dull for my taste. I painted the custom-made signed from Studio Noel on Etsy.  ( The sign was perfect alone, but on my gallery wall it was missing some contrast)

And the last piece that got two coats of fresh paint was the mid-century modern credenza that I scored on Etsy! It had been re finished, but the top had a different colour then the sides, and quite frankly the yellowish wood is not my favourite!

Now I’m just too excited for the next steps: installing the wallpaper and styling !

We just got the wallpaper yesterday, so I think next week it should be up! And then all that will be left is adding layers of texture and setting the nursing/reading corner!

Stay tuned for next week update!


This week of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE we started by doing what most of people would do at the very end. We hang the gallery wall.

Not because I usually start by the very last thing, but because I’m still waiting or my wall mural to come, and for the furniture to be put together.

However, I won’t show you how it looks from close just now, since we still want to paint a thing or two, and that way add more contract to the gallery wall – so you’ll have to wait a little to see how it turned out!

But what I will share with you is the watercolour print I painted for Julien’s nursery – a rainbow. No, he is not a rainbow baby – though I love this metaphor and I hope that a rainbow baby mama will use this print at her own home!

I painted it simply because a rainbow it’s a sweet and whimsical image for a boys room, that fits perfectly well with a Forces of Nature theme I have going on :  the waves, the cloud print, the colours of sun and the sea- ok it’s a very loose theme but a rainbow fits!:)

baby boy eclectic nursery PART 2

baby boy eclectic nursery

you can upload it HERE

Stay tuned for next week when i’ll show you what pieces of furniture I painted and how!


DIY calligraphy coffee mug

DIY calligraphy coffee mug

“All you need is love and a cup of coffee”

Are you a coffee lover like I am? Would you like to have a new coffee mug every month? I know I do! And with each season kicking in, I automatically feel the need for an adequate and new coffee mug. I’d love to have a different mug for a different state of mind, like the ” Hello gorgeous” and “Great things will happen” mugs for the days when I need encouragement, and the “Nope” for the days when I need to send out a clear message to the universe. Also, let’s not forget the monogrammed mugs, as they make for a great littlle gifts!

And with mothers day arunf the corner, I’m sure you started thinking about diy gift ideas, didn’t you?

So with a clear addiction to pretty mugs I needed to find a way to save my budget from this craziness. And here’s where the DIY sharpie coffee mug saves the day! They are really easy to make, and the possibilities are simply endless!

easy calligraphy style diy coffee mug

So I have made the “Hello”, “Bonjour” and a monogram “M” coffee mugs as gifts for my mom and my sweet friends, and a “#bosslady” and “sip” for me. Here’s how:

What you’ll need:

– white mug
– sharpie
– paper

For a more natural feel of your handwriting, try writing down your word on a paper a couple of times first. That way once you’ll start tracing on a mug, your hand will be more steady.

After writing down your word , try tracing it over to give it a more calligraphy-like feel. In real calligraphy the letters are a bit thicker on one side, so you can try imitating that.







So for my self, I wanted one mug with the bosslady hashtag on one side, and a set of closed eyelashes on the other side: seriously, closed eyelashes are the easiest to paint even if you have zero artistic skills! And my second mug got a “sip” on one side and ” coffee” on the other one.

Once you’re done, leave your mugs to dry for 24 hours. I know it seems like a long time, especially they feel dry almost right away, but that’ll make them more resistant after baking.

Bake them at 300F, for 30 minutes. After that time turn the oven off, but leave your mugs in the oven so they cool down gradually.

Don’t ever put them in the dishwasher, as that will wash down the sharpie. Wash them just like a delicate porcelain, by hand, and they’ll last that way!


diy calligraphy coffee mug

So, do you know what will you write on your mug?

DIY wrapping paper

diy wrapping paper

While I’m not always a DIY busy bee, I usually tend to get more crafty for the holidays! Of course I know that Christmas can be very busy , but for me it’s the excuse to actually slow down and craft a little more with my daughters. Because I really enjoy starting the preparation early, keeping things simple and listening to  Christmas music while doing so!

And when my daughter Lili was two years old, we started making wrapping paper together. It’s not perfect, shiny and detailed like the store-bought one. Honestly it’s a bit messy and rather imperfect. But we have so much fun making it! And now, when Lili is almost five, and Rose is approaching three, I have not one, but two little helpers to help me with my Christmas preparations!

diy wrapping paper

DIY wrapping paper

Also, I really love the Scandinavian Xmas vibes, with its nature inspired simplicity. So every year I make these simple stamps that we use to stamp white paper with. I find the result adorable, and my kids have a blast stamping along!

And I think that making a hand-made wrapping paper teaches kids a lot about the real joy of giving! I think that thanks to our little craft they actually look forward to give their gifts to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and they can’t wait to see the looks on their faces and to tell that it’s not only them who helped wrapping the gifts, but it’s also them who made the wrapping paper itself!

This potato stamp wrapping paper is a great and simple winter activity for kids, while the effect is both practical and festive! And now you can wrap all your gifts without spending extra money on wrapping paper!

You can find the full tutorial here, in our Hello Holiday Guide, among other simple festive DIY ideas!

Happy wrapping!

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The series that’ll inspire your kid to craft and create !

When a series is both amusing and educative, then it's a totall win in my books, and when it inspires my kids to sit down and craft, then I call it a success! And I'm sure you'll love swig your kids inspired and creative too!

Today I’d like to share with you my latest discovery, the new interactive Amazon Original Kids series, that’ll inspire your kid to craft and create. Because if you’re anything like me, then probably you love seeing your kids being creative and learning while playing and crafting, right? So I’ll assume, that just like me, you really appreciate series that are both educative as amusing? Oh, and also series that encourage kids to actually get up, play and do something fun, right? I thought so!

So I’m sure that you’ll love looking at your kids crafting and learning while following their favorite characters from the Creative Galaxy series, Arty and his silly side-kick Epiphany, as they travel around the galaxy to solve problems using many different forms of art. And because is a “make-along, create-along” animated art adventure, it really celebrates creative thinking through crafts, story, music, and dance! And each episode highlights a creative medium, like painting, music, sculpting, or cooking, to teach kids that art is all around us and that it exists in many different forms!

And my both my daughters and I , we are really exited for the new season, and so we decided to make one of the crafts featured in it, a tiger mask!

series that inspires kids to craft

Now, you know I’m not about perfection, but experience, fun and creativity! So this mask isn’t perfect. But you know what, it doesn’t have to be. Because what I want my kids to learn, is that creativity is an adventure and that the process is sometimes more important then the result. And that’s exactly what they’ll learning with Creative Galaxy!

If you’d like to make the same one with your kids, you can either print out my imperfect mask or draw your own and follow the instructions, or get creative and make it in a totally different way!

What you’ll need:

Pipe cleaners


1. Print out our imperfect mask / or draw your own.

If you’re crafting with a toddler, help them draw some tiger stripes and a nose!

Series that inspires your kid to craft !

2. Let your kids color and decorate it as they want.

Remember, it’s all about experiencing the creative process, and not necessary following the instructions, so if your child wan’t its tiger mask to be purple and green why not let him?

Series that inspires your kid to craft

3. Cut it out and pierce tiny holes with pipe cleaners and insert one on every edge.

Series that inspires your kid to craft !

4. Put them on and get ready for the all new season of creative ideas and adventures!

Now, next time it’s rainy outside and we can’t play in the garden, we’ll be right here watching our new favorite Creative Galaxy series and crafting along. And I hope you’ll join us too! And remember, the second season will be available starting this Friday, September 16!

When a series is both amusing and educative, then it's a totall win in my books, and when it inspires my kids to sit down and craft, then I call it a success! And I'm sure you'll love swig your kids inspired and creative too!

Disclosure:I was compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience!

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