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Shop small gift guide

I’ve searched for weeks to bring to you this ultimate, shop small gift guide. I love getting gifts for my family, and usually by the first of December I’m ready to wrap them all up. Sometimes though it’s thought to find just the right gift, and the big shops look-alike objects just don’t cut it.

That’s why I suggest you to make it easy this year. Put your kids to sleep. Get yourself a nice cup of tea, or an even nicer glass of vine. Get on the couch, and open your laptop, tablet, iPod, whichever you like. Shop small, online, and get everything shipped at your front door. Sometimes even you can get your gifts already wrapped up! You’re saving yourself time, stress, and you’re getting original, made with love gifts, while supporting and encouraging local business! So let’s get started!

Let’s start with babies. If it’s your first baby ( or your friends, or sisters or sisters in law) then it’s kind of obvious, you need everything. But what if it’s the second, third or fourth? Don’t the baby and the mama deserve something lovely too? These beautiful and hand made gifts will be perfect, even if you don’t know the baby’s sex just yet!

Unisex baby gifts

1. Organic cotton lion print baby leggings
2. Wooden toys set
3. Baby quilt
4. Children’s art print
5. Personalized bookplates
6. Organic baby romper

Bigger kids usually get plenty of toys, but instead of getting the plastic, china made toy, why won’t you get them something that will stand the test of time, educate them and inspire? Here is a collection of great educative and creative toys:

Educative gift guide

1. Camping DIY craft kit
2. Felt doorway puppet theatre
3. Travel kit
4. Space rubber stamps set
5. Felt campfire set
6. Kindergarten toolkit

If like me, you’re a girl mom, or you have a niece that you’d like to spoil with something more girly, here are some lovely ideas that girls will love, both cute and practical:

Gifts for girls

1. Merino wool hoodie
2. Hand knit dolly
3. Dress
4. Clara, the fairy doll
5. Fairytale blocks
6. Fox socks
7. Tiger cape
8. Doll house
9. Black and white softie doll

Are you’re scared that your hubby won’t know what to get you? You can just show him this list, or get yourself inspired while looking for a gift for all the ladies in your life:

Gifts for her

1. Spa kit in a box
2. Chunky headband
3. Ceramic candle holder
4. Colourful earrings
5. Rose gold personalized necklace
6. Coffee mug
7. Leather bag

And if you’re stuck looking for a perfect gift for him, just have a look here :

Gifts for him

1. Logs original print
2. BBQ rub set
3. T-shirt
4. MacBook felt bag
5. iPhone stand
6. Apron

I hope this gift guide have inspired you to shop small, and that you’ll have a stress-free-online-gift-shopping-this year!

Beautiful quilts for everyday use

Baby quilt

When I was little I had a friend whose mother was making beautiful quilts and patchworks. I remember that I always wanted one, but I was too shy to ask. And although my taste have slightly changed (I remember that the quilt that I really loved back then, was red, green and blue with lots and lots of flowers!), I still find them so beautiful. The thickness of the material, the texture, the notion of someone putting their heart in their work. Can you tell I love handmade things? I do.

And for a long time now I wanted to update my baby’s comforter to something nicer. Being specific, my baby it’s really a baby anymore, she’s a toddler. But at 20 moths she’s rather small, and so I believe she’ll be staying in her baby bed for a year still. And so, for the upcoming winter months I wanted something that I can layer on top of her blanket, that would keep her warm and cozy.


So I started looking for hand-made, good quality quilts on Etsy, and I found the NotSewStrange, with gorgeous hand-made nursery decor. I love her choice of fabric, cheerful, simple and modern. Everything is made from Eco-friendly cotton, printed with water based eco- friendly dyes and made right here in Montreal, Canada. And I don’t know about you, but I love knowing that the items at my home were locally and ethically made!

Baby quilt

I really couldn’t be happier, seeing how warm and cozy my daughter is! And I love how it adds a bright pop of colour to her bed, while not overwhelming the decor!

Baby quilt

Also, we’ve been using it as a play mat in their playroom, since this quilt is nicely thick and resistant, (and between you and me, I might have used it to calm down a tantrum, while serving them snacks on the floor..) perfect for a picnic inside on a rainy day when kids are driving you crazy When everyone is slightly impatient and you need a change 🙂 .


( Somehow sitting on a bright and warm mat makes everything better in a life of a toddler. )


And just when I started to ask myself, do we really need a baby quilt, when there’s no small baby in the house, my four-year old Lili decided that it’s now her favourite blanket for “reading” books! She must have seen me wrapped in a blanket on the sofa, and now she wants to do the same. So I guess that even without a little baby around, we’ll be still using this quilt quite a lot!


Disclosure : I received this product free for review, all opinions remain my own.

The story behind two girl’s knitting passion

It’s been a while since I wanted to share this particular passion of mine with you: Etsy. Yes, I’m an Etsy addictive: I love that you can find so many creative people who put their talents in to life in one place. I love that wherever you live, you can dream, create and sell your hand made items all over the world. Things made with love. Items made while the kids are asleep. Items made by real artists or SAHM like me.

That’s why, one day me too I’d love to open my small little Etsy boutique (it’s a secret, so shh!). Until then, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite creators and their passions.


So today I want you to meet Petite Laine
aka hand-knitted-with-love-luxury-items-for-kids. Their work is beautiful, detail orientated and so well adjusted for delicate little clients!

Geneviève and Marie-Christine are two old friends from high school who discovered knitting each on their own but around the same time. They shared their tricks and techniques to perfect their art and thrived creating together.

Both of them wanted to develop a new entrepreneurship project and they decided to put their skills to use, confectioning a luxurious line of babies and toddlers accessories. They have a passion for soft and all-natural fibers, choosing merino, alpaca and cashmere yarns for warmest and most comfortable knits.

Where do you live and create?
We both live near one another in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal. We work mostly in the warmth of our homes but you can spot us knitting in various coffeeshop and teahouses in the neighbourhood.


Why did you start knitting?
We both began knitting around 5 years ago for different reasons.
Geneviève was taught knitting and crocheting when she was a child by her late grand-mother but did not pursue this hobby at that time. Later in life, for nostalgia of her “mamie” ‘s favorite hobby, and of a time when women created beauty with their skilled fingers, she self-learned to knit again.

Marie-Christine, an avid do-it-yourselfer, taught herself knitting with books and videos, fascinated and excited by the prospect of creating and wearing her own knitted items. Wearing hand-knitted pieces feels to her like an act of resistance in a world of ready-made cheap clothing.

What inspires you ?
We get our inspiration from the children around us, mostly Marie-Christine’s two amazing kids aged 3 months and 3 years old. Discussions with other mothers has helped us better understand their expectations towards knitting accessories: warmth, practicality and every-day wearing.


We created an infinity circled scarf for kids, that’s easier to put on a squirming 2 year old than a regular scarf, and is reducing choking hazards.


We are drawn to classical looking knits, which can become family heirlooms and be durable enough to be passed from one kid his younger siblings.


We get inspired by the splendid variety of yarns available in Montreal. We feel like visiting a candy shop when we browse through gorgeous displays of wool! .

And if, like me, you’d like to dress your kids in one of these hand made hats, you can now use code LazyMoms15 for a 15% off until the end of February! Click here to have a look at all of their work.
And if you’d like to see what they are up to, you can follow them on Facebook!