The story behind two girl’s knitting passion

It’s been a while since I wanted to share this particular passion of mine with you: Etsy. Yes, I’m an Etsy addictive: I love that you can find so many creative people who put their talents in to life in one place. I love that wherever you live, you can dream, create and sell your hand made items all over the world. Things made with love. Items made while the kids are asleep. Items made by real artists or SAHM like me.

That’s why, one day me too I’d love to open my small little Etsy boutique (it’s a secret, so shh!). Until then, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite creators and their passions.


So today I want you to meet Petite Laine
aka hand-knitted-with-love-luxury-items-for-kids. Their work is beautiful, detail orientated and so well adjusted for delicate little clients!

Geneviève and Marie-Christine are two old friends from high school who discovered knitting each on their own but around the same time. They shared their tricks and techniques to perfect their art and thrived creating together.

Both of them wanted to develop a new entrepreneurship project and they decided to put their skills to use, confectioning a luxurious line of babies and toddlers accessories. They have a passion for soft and all-natural fibers, choosing merino, alpaca and cashmere yarns for warmest and most comfortable knits.

Where do you live and create?
We both live near one another in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal. We work mostly in the warmth of our homes but you can spot us knitting in various coffeeshop and teahouses in the neighbourhood.


Why did you start knitting?
We both began knitting around 5 years ago for different reasons.
Geneviève was taught knitting and crocheting when she was a child by her late grand-mother but did not pursue this hobby at that time. Later in life, for nostalgia of her “mamie” ‘s favorite hobby, and of a time when women created beauty with their skilled fingers, she self-learned to knit again.

Marie-Christine, an avid do-it-yourselfer, taught herself knitting with books and videos, fascinated and excited by the prospect of creating and wearing her own knitted items. Wearing hand-knitted pieces feels to her like an act of resistance in a world of ready-made cheap clothing.

What inspires you ?
We get our inspiration from the children around us, mostly Marie-Christine’s two amazing kids aged 3 months and 3 years old. Discussions with other mothers has helped us better understand their expectations towards knitting accessories: warmth, practicality and every-day wearing.


We created an infinity circled scarf for kids, that’s easier to put on a squirming 2 year old than a regular scarf, and is reducing choking hazards.


We are drawn to classical looking knits, which can become family heirlooms and be durable enough to be passed from one kid his younger siblings.


We get inspired by the splendid variety of yarns available in Montreal. We feel like visiting a candy shop when we browse through gorgeous displays of wool! .

And if, like me, you’d like to dress your kids in one of these hand made hats, you can now use code LazyMoms15 for a 15% off until the end of February! Click here to have a look at all of their work.
And if you’d like to see what they are up to, you can follow them on Facebook!

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  1. those two ladies are proof that when there’s a will, there’s a way. They can combine motherhood with success through their art.

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