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I’ve searched for weeks to bring to you this ultimate, shop small gift guide. I love getting gifts for my family, and usually by the first of December I’m ready to wrap them all up. Sometimes though it’s thought to find just the right gift, and the big shops look-alike objects just don’t cut it.

That’s why I suggest you to make it easy this year. Put your kids to sleep. Get yourself a nice cup of tea, or an even nicer glass of vine. Get on the couch, and open your laptop, tablet, iPod, whichever you like. Shop small, online, and get everything shipped at your front door. Sometimes even you can get your gifts already wrapped up! You’re saving yourself time, stress, and you’re getting original, made with love gifts, while supporting and encouraging local business! So let’s get started!

Let’s start with babies. If it’s your first baby ( or your friends, or sisters or sisters in law) then it’s kind of obvious, you need everything. But what if it’s the second, third or fourth? Don’t the baby and the mama deserve something lovely too? These beautiful and hand made gifts will be perfect, even if you don’t know the baby’s sex just yet!

Unisex baby gifts

1. Organic cotton lion print baby leggings
2. Wooden toys set
3. Baby quilt
4. Children’s art print
5. Personalized bookplates
6. Organic baby romper

Bigger kids usually get plenty of toys, but instead of getting the plastic, china made toy, why won’t you get them something that will stand the test of time, educate them and inspire? Here is a collection of great educative and creative toys:

Educative gift guide

1. Camping DIY craft kit
2. Felt doorway puppet theatre
3. Travel kit
4. Space rubber stamps set
5. Felt campfire set
6. Kindergarten toolkit

If like me, you’re a girl mom, or you have a niece that you’d like to spoil with something more girly, here are some lovely ideas that girls will love, both cute and practical:

Gifts for girls

1. Merino wool hoodie
2. Hand knit dolly
3. Dress
4. Clara, the fairy doll
5. Fairytale blocks
6. Fox socks
7. Tiger cape
8. Doll house
9. Black and white softie doll

Are you’re scared that your hubby won’t know what to get you? You can just show him this list, or get yourself inspired while looking for a gift for all the ladies in your life:

Gifts for her

1. Spa kit in a box
2. Chunky headband
3. Ceramic candle holder
4. Colourful earrings
5. Rose gold personalized necklace
6. Coffee mug
7. Leather bag

And if you’re stuck looking for a perfect gift for him, just have a look here :

Gifts for him

1. Logs original print
2. BBQ rub set
3. T-shirt
4. MacBook felt bag
5. iPhone stand
6. Apron

I hope this gift guide have inspired you to shop small, and that you’ll have a stress-free-online-gift-shopping-this year!

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