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Baked salmon and kale creamy pasta

This is the most delicious creamy salmon pasta ever! Also, it's really easy to make ! #pasta #salmon

While my kids love pasta and could eat all day, every day, I really love my greens! And so this baked salmon and kale creamy pasta is probably one of the most loved meals around here, perfectly marring together the oh-so-creamy pasta with the lovely green crunch!

Also, it’s a perfect busy weekday meal. I usually bake my salmon the night before, and then I put it all together in less then 30 minutes!

And while my kids are still not very keen on kale and leek alone, they’ll eat it if it’s a part of a delicious pasta.

Baked salmon and kale creamy pasta

What you,ll need:

1 package of spaghetti or linguine

1 big leek
kale (1 package of pre-washed kale, or a big bunch)
3 garlic cloves
1 cup cream

salmon (a portion for two)
1/2 teaspoon olive oil

Bake the salmon ( you could do it the night before, or you could even grill it), drizzled with olive oil, on 400F for around 20 minutes.

Cook pasta.

Over a big pan, heat olive oil, add leek cut in pieces, and cook it through. Add kale, and after around 3 minutes garlic. Add cream, and let it simmer on a low heat. Add salmon chunks, and pasta. Stir it all together and serve.

Baked salmon and kale creamy pasta

So simple, yet so delicious! Perfect weekday dinner. Enjoy!

Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

I’m a huge kale fun, it’s so crunchy and full of character, and since it cooks so well, it’s a great replacement for spinach. If you don’t like the taste of it you can put it in a smoothie, but I think that with a bit of cheese and pastry it becomes the perfect winter comfort food !

Kale is super healthy and it boost your immune system, so it’s worth incomporating it in to your winter diet. And because cheese, eggs and milk are sources of calcium, and tomato is full of potassium and vitamin C, this kale & tomato cheesy quiche is a perfect, nutritious weekday dinner! If you’ll use ready made pastry it’ll be ready in less than an hour, and it’ll require only 10 minutes of preparation :).

Kale& tomato chcesz quiche

Ready made pastry
Bunch of kale
3 tomatoes
2 kinds of shredded cheese: cheddar and goat (or any other of your choice)1 cup.
4 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup flour

Kale& tomato cheesy quiche

Mix eggs with milk and cheese, add salt, pepper and slowly flour. Set aside.
Cut kale, and stir fry it on medium heat with olive oil, until it looses a bit it’s volume. About 4 minutes should do.

Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

Add kale to your egg mixture. Cut tomatoes in slices, and place some on the bottom of your pastry dish, than pour the egg mixture on top. Add some more tomato slices on top, sprinkle them with olive oil, and bake it all on 350F for around 45 minutes.

Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

Serve hot or cold, with a cup of hot soup or with a small salad. Bonne appetite!

Comforting cabbage casserole

I made this comforting cabbage casserole twice recently: once with European smoked sausages and once with pancetta. I bet you didn’t realize that cabbage is super healthy, full of fibre and vitamins, and is supposed to be cancer preventive. Yes, good old plain cabbage! This forgotten, and not as trendy as for example kale veggie, is also very versatile and cheap. Our grandmothers used to use it quite a lot, and when I was little we ate a lot of cabbage dishes during our cold winer months.

Cabbage and sausage casserole

The first version of this comforting meal features European smoked sausages and apples, but if you don’t like sausages that much try the second one with pancetta and kale.
I assure you, they are both healthy, delicious and comforting!

Cabbage casserole

Savoy cabbage
3 smoked sausages ( or 1 cup pancetta)
1 cup dill
1 cup apples cut in pieces ( or 1 cup cooked potatoes )
Salt& pepper
Olive oil

Heat olive oil in a large casserole and cook cut cabbage for around 5 minutes, than add the meat of your choice and dill, and let it cook together for around 20 minutes. Than add apples ( or potatoes and kale). Stir from time to time.

Enjoy this rustic and comforting cabbage casserole with a piece of fresh bread and real country style butter :). Or on it’s own. It’s delicious both ways !

Mushrooms and kale skinny vegetarian lasagna

Mash rooms and kale skinny vegetarian lasagna

My dear readers, here is a secret : this vegetarian skinny lasagna, with mushrooms and kale, is as good as a regular one, but so much healthier! Just don’t say so to any toddler, because they don’t need to know. Although I assure you, they’ll love it! My little girl, who usually isn’t the biggest kale fan (she says it’s to difficult to chew on) didn’t even noticed that this vegetarian skinny lasagna, is loaded with kale.

Mash rooms and kale skinny vegetarian lasagna

Pasta for lasagna
2 cups kale cut in pieces
1 cup leek
3 garlic cloves, crushed
1 cup low fat cottage cheese

2 cups mushrooms

1 cup of low fat cheddar

3 cups crushed tomatoes
Pinch of cumin
Pinch of chilli powder
Salt & green pepper
Olive oil

1/4 cup Parmesan

Cook the lasagna pasta until it’s al dente, and set aside. Stir fry leek with kale and garlic on olive oil, until leek starts to soften. Put aside and add cottage cheese. Cook crushed tomatoes with all the spices, for around 15 minutes. Meanwhile stir fry the mushrooms until soft.

Now it’s the time to assemble this mushroom and kale lasagna: pour some tomato sauce on the bottom of your dish, and then place stripes of lasagna. Now pour the kale and cottage cheese mixture on the lasagna stripes. Top it with more lasagna stripes, a bit of tomato sauce, all of the mushrooms, a bit of cheddar. Top with remaining lasagna pasta, the rest of tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.

mushrooms and kale skinny lasagna

Cook in the oven heated on 350F for around 20 minutes. Since everything was already almost cooked all you need is the flavones to mix together and the cheese to melt.

I’m sure you’ll love this healthier, kale version of a classic lasagna!

Orange, rasberry and kale salad


I got totally inspired by Aly GarlicHands and his Crunchy Kale Salad. I never made kale at home, I only had it at the fancy bistros and I thought that it requires some fancy preparation.. Well, it doesn’t ! So as much as his version looks delicious, I had a craving for something sweet, a bit acid and juicy. So mixing fruits of the season with my ultimate avocado oil and lime dressing turned kale in to a super treat, that not only us adults, but also our toddler loved!


Avocado oil
Lime juice
Maple syrup

Cut your fruits, mix with kale. Add dressing, let it stand for 10 min. Enjoy!