Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

I’m a huge kale fun, it’s so crunchy and full of character, and since it cooks so well, it’s a great replacement for spinach. If you don’t like the taste of it you can put it in a smoothie, but I think that with a bit of cheese and pastry it becomes the perfect winter comfort food !

Kale is super healthy and it boost your immune system, so it’s worth incomporating it in to your winter diet. And because cheese, eggs and milk are sources of calcium, and tomato is full of potassium and vitamin C, this kale & tomato cheesy quiche is a perfect, nutritious weekday dinner! If you’ll use ready made pastry it’ll be ready in less than an hour, and it’ll require only 10 minutes of preparation :).

Kale& tomato chcesz quiche

Ready made pastry
Bunch of kale
3 tomatoes
2 kinds of shredded cheese: cheddar and goat (or any other of your choice)1 cup.
4 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup flour

Kale& tomato cheesy quiche

Mix eggs with milk and cheese, add salt, pepper and slowly flour. Set aside.
Cut kale, and stir fry it on medium heat with olive oil, until it looses a bit it’s volume. About 4 minutes should do.

Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

Add kale to your egg mixture. Cut tomatoes in slices, and place some on the bottom of your pastry dish, than pour the egg mixture on top. Add some more tomato slices on top, sprinkle them with olive oil, and bake it all on 350F for around 45 minutes.

Kale & tomato cheesy quiche

Serve hot or cold, with a cup of hot soup or with a small salad. Bonne appetite!

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