Comforting cabbage casserole

I made this comforting cabbage casserole twice recently: once with European smoked sausages and once with pancetta. I bet you didn’t realize that cabbage is super healthy, full of fibre and vitamins, and is supposed to be cancer preventive. Yes, good old plain cabbage! This forgotten, and not as trendy as for example kale veggie, is also very versatile and cheap. Our grandmothers used to use it quite a lot, and when I was little we ate a lot of cabbage dishes during our cold winer months.

Cabbage and sausage casserole

The first version of this comforting meal features European smoked sausages and apples, but if you don’t like sausages that much try the second one with pancetta and kale.
I assure you, they are both healthy, delicious and comforting!

Cabbage casserole

Savoy cabbage
3 smoked sausages ( or 1 cup pancetta)
1 cup dill
1 cup apples cut in pieces ( or 1 cup cooked potatoes )
Salt& pepper
Olive oil

Heat olive oil in a large casserole and cook cut cabbage for around 5 minutes, than add the meat of your choice and dill, and let it cook together for around 20 minutes. Than add apples ( or potatoes and kale). Stir from time to time.

Enjoy this rustic and comforting cabbage casserole with a piece of fresh bread and real country style butter :). Or on it’s own. It’s delicious both ways !

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