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One mantel six ways

one mantel six ways

Every january after taking down all of the Christmas decorations, my home feels both fresh and a little bit empty. So this is the time when I like to redecorate and put some extra love in making our house a cozy home.

And since the fireplace mantel is the heart of the living room, and the first thing you’d see if you’d come over –  this is exactly where I start.

While everyone seems to be decluttering and throwing things away, I like to re organize and re decorate instead – because in my style, more is more and less is boring (  without being an actual hoarder of course) Because with some extra accessories ( stored away) you can easily re decorate, and re style, and make your home feel fresh and new!

So here’s my mantel six ways- as you’ll see, some elements are the same, some are different, but every time I was working with hat I already had at home.

one mantel 6 ways

My three simple tips for decorating a mantel:
1. Variety of heights, textures and forms:
I always add one element that’s higher than others ( like a vase with flowers, or a bigger print) I try mixing different materials – like glass, wood and metal, and differently shaped accessories- like vases and candles .
one mantel 6 ways
2. Add a natural element-
A potted plant, a vase with fresh flowers, a geod – all of these elements bring the nature in and make the space feel more alive!
one mantel 6 ways
3. Add art- I know not everyone adds prints and painting to their mantel, but for me it’s a must-
whether it’s an abstract print I got a Minted, or my own painting ( like Frida here) I think art adds interest and character, and sets the tone of the room.

one mantel 6 ways

In the end, it’s all about mixing and matching objects that make YOU smile and love your home more!

one mantel 6 ways

How to make electric fireplace look real

Winter is here, there’s no doubt about that. The days are shorter, sweater weather is in full swing and snow is slowly starting to fall. Some may rejoice, but for me it means one thing: it’s freezing outside so the sozy up season is starting! And what feels more cozy than curling up with a hot tea and a book in a comfy velvet chair in front of a fireplace? Nothing really. Unless of course it’s snuggling up with two little girls while looking at the fire!

make electric fireplace look real

So I wanted a fireplace since the day we decided to sell our old appartement and buy a house, that is four years ago. But of course, we couldn’t afford houses with a fireplace that also had a great location, so we settled on our little city cottage. Without a fireplace.

Fast forward four years and here I was, last month, facing another cold season and desperate for one. I was scrolling through Wayfair, when I discovered that they carry so many pretty electric fireplaces to choose from! . And I have literally made a happy dance because it was just too good to be true!

It comes in a box, doesn’t need any ventilation system, looks amazing and actually heats the space!

I love changing the decorations around it and I just love how it ads the charm and coziness to my living room!

make electric fireplace look real

Now, to make it look even more real I added two cabinets, on each side of it, and the prettiest affordable velvet chair I could have find,  I just love how it looks, and how much bigger my room actually feels.

And if you’re thinking about getting one too, but you’re worried it won’t look real, here are my tips:

  1. Pick an electric fireplace that is at least 40 inches high ( the higher the more realistic it looks).
  2. Add symmetrical cabinets on each side. ( they don’t need to be as high as mine though, but if they are lover then do hang art on each side) or hang 3 shelves on each side of the electric fireplace and put baskets on the floor and accessorize the shelves. .
  3. Decorate it! Add drama with a big mirror or a high piece of art. Just remember to keep it in scale and don’t hang anything on top that is wider then the fireplace itself.

make electric fireplace look real

make electric fireplace look real

And I think it looks really great in any season, even with fresh flowers around- it just adds instant interest to any room!

make electric fireplace look real

I couldn’t be happier with my electric fireplace: I love the look of it, how it warms up the room, and how realistic the flames are. And I love the fact that it’s actually more ecological and more economical choice than a real fireplace would be. Not to mention the fact that I can turn the flames on without the heat, and I don’t need to worry about kids and babies walking around it! I think it’s really perfect for families with kids!

Disclosure: this is a post in collaboration with Wayfair, all opinions remain my own.