One mantel six ways

one mantel six ways

Every january after taking down all of the Christmas decorations, my home feels both fresh and a little bit empty. So this is the time when I like to redecorate and put some extra love in making our house a cozy home.

And since the fireplace mantel is the heart of the living room, and the first thing you’d see if you’d come over –  this is exactly where I start.

While everyone seems to be decluttering and throwing things away, I like to re organize and re decorate instead – because in my style, more is more and less is boring (  without being an actual hoarder of course) Because with some extra accessories ( stored away) you can easily re decorate, and re style, and make your home feel fresh and new!

So here’s my mantel six ways- as you’ll see, some elements are the same, some are different, but every time I was working with hat I already had at home.

one mantel 6 ways

My three simple tips for decorating a mantel:
1. Variety of heights, textures and forms:
I always add one element that’s higher than others ( like a vase with flowers, or a bigger print) I try mixing different materials – like glass, wood and metal, and differently shaped accessories- like vases and candles .
one mantel 6 ways
2. Add a natural element-
A potted plant, a vase with fresh flowers, a geod – all of these elements bring the nature in and make the space feel more alive!
one mantel 6 ways
3. Add art- I know not everyone adds prints and painting to their mantel, but for me it’s a must-
whether it’s an abstract print I got a Minted, or my own painting ( like Frida here) I think art adds interest and character, and sets the tone of the room.

one mantel 6 ways

In the end, it’s all about mixing and matching objects that make YOU smile and love your home more!

one mantel 6 ways

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